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anybody familiar with the "hutchinson effect"? if not just put it in your search and you'll get tons of info.

if the rhetoric is true, he has evidently tapped into alternative hyperdimensional forces: melting metal-no heat, conjoining metal with wood, solid metal falling apart, levitation of objects with elecronic fields: non ferris objects and heavy objects (cannon ball).

can anyone tell me if this has any basis in fact or is john hutchinson just another con artist?
please come back at another date and respond to this post, the replys are coming so fast a furious i'm sure that the website will be overloaded because of the traffic on this thread alone, please stop there are way too many to read!
The United States government took some interest in the phenomenon that Hutchinson claimed to produce. A group of scientists went to him and asked for him to reproduce the phenomenon again so that they could be eye witness to what they had observed on video that Hutchinson had made of his "research". Hutchinson was incapable of reproducing the same phenomenon for them. They left disgusted and disappointed. Hutchinson could not produce his results when required on numerous occasions. There is a high probability that he is a con-artist. At the very least, he is an einstein wannabe.
Yes, I saw John Hutchinsons video on the Discovery Channel some time back with metal objects bending and heavy objects being thrown with exsteme force where deminstrated matter seems to defy gravity.

Maybe it was just a freek build up of static electomagnetic electricity? Its quit possible he did stumble accross some new form of undiscovered energy? Did you see all those generators he was hording in his house?

He probably stuck his finger in the electric socket because his hair didn't look any better!

He probably stuck his finger in the electric socket because his hair didn't look any better!

he does have that 60's hippy look going for him.;-)

the first time i saw his video it was of some items sitting on a box; plyers, can of paint, miscellanious stuff. the items just took off straight into the air. i noticed that in this particular video that it was happening is a very small room with plywood-looking walls, my theory was that the "room" was actually a box he made of plywood that you can mount a camera inside and then rotate the box. from the aspect of the camera lens view the room is not moving when actually it is rotating upside down. this camera effect was used in a fred astaire movie, n'sync, lional richie videos. the visual effect is of people dancing on the walls and ceilings. so i thought the guy had utilized this video trick and moved on. as the years went by, i saw other videos where stuff is just floating around, not "falling up". that is a video effect is one i'm not sure i could duplicate. hutchinson is retired on disability and has lot's of time to work on interesting video effects should he want to be a con man. trott, now that you mention it, i do remember hearing about him not being able to reproduce the effects for the scientists. who knows maybe that story is a "govenment cover-up" to discredit hutchinsons success. who knows?

So what your saying is that Hutchins sitting back and relaxing on disability was able to make movie magic? But how would that explain the metal spoon, utensils and tools that bent with lightning speed, maybe movie magic too?

Hmmmmm...What I'd like to know is where the heck did he get all the money for the huge generators that he possed in his house sitting back on disability? Maybe the junk yard hu?

Well with that hair do and all, it wouldnt surprise me if he had a lighting pole and a horse shoe up is @ss. Maybe he did discover some new form of energy? But its evident that his brains are just to fried to recipitate memory. Thats probably why he couldnt dupplicate it?

Probably right and just a hoax, you can never believe what you see on TV. Even the propaganda about war and whats going on in the middle east is distorted for security purposes!

cat, everything i'm sayin about this guy hutchinson is a wild guess. i'm saying i can duplicate the first of his videos i saw with the simple video trick i described above. for all i know, his may have been real effects, not special video effects.

his electronic equipment is scavanged off of decomissioned ships in a navel junk yard. the first show i saw about him showed him removing some parts from a cabinet in an old ship.

i don't know what to believe, perhaps the "scientists visit and he couldn't duplicate" story is a government disinformation scheme to discredit him. we can only process the info we receive and it's all over the place, not very consistant.