"The future ain't what it used to be."

John Titor ______________ AKA "JT" EXPOSED..


John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED..

With some help from this board i have found the infamous John Titor to be a FAKE.

I am working on the story now as i need a few more tacs to seal the deal!

3 long years of wondering if were all going to die in 2015 ? NOT!

For starters John is not his real name and he has been programing since 1969!

stay tuned....

JT if you read this come clean now or you and your partner are going to be exposed.
Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED..

hehe... want to hear the full story? Dial 1-800-JOHNTITOR tollfree (billed to your creditcard)

Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED..

Note Hertz has gone to Anomalies and ired the wrath of Rick Donaldson, site manager on the issue of brought forth proof, stating that John Titor is possibly a fraud.

I'm not here to contest any proof anti or for John Titor.
Keep in mind if Titor is real in one dimension or timeline, then he might as well be false in another.

So in reality what we are left with is a series of John Titor's possibly some being real and some being not.

Hertz also said that John Titor was a computer programmer with experience from the year 1969, programming older Legacy Machines.This was in supposed corperate buildings and in North Carolina based, possible?

Well there is the head of Echelon, which this would get close to his territory?

I won't venture forth any comment, other than so far, not only had Hertz rowed allot of people, but has also peaked the interests on whether or not John Titor may in-fact be real.

>See Japanese attempts at rewriting the story of the second world war, via movies contrary to how WW2 might have unfolded.

One thought is, is the John Titor saga, an overall attempted to expunge the conscious of the future of any genocide claims.

This would be so that a more pristine future opinion is thought of any survivors, of a future holocaust, saying that administrations were good, caring people, devoid of any evil intent toward the people that they presided over?

Well the next frontier, since technology must infact move followed, would be outer space.

It goes to say that not all of the occupants of other worlds would not necessarily be criminal in nature?This claim has already been intimated about the said current hidden guest of any underground based alien system on Earth...?

The ruse of John Titor being a carefully crafted play, does come to mind.

There is also the question of Pamela's emotionalism. Why she had bothered to post anything about the Ongs Hat web site, as the content was said so evil and possible affiliations to powers that be, that are supposed to have us all quaking in our boots.

Is it realm or is it Memorex, we may well never be able to discern this, unless this information said to be of value by Hertz, is very valid??

Edit note as per said on Anomalies.net.It seems that Hertz has been banned also please note at link given, that link http://www.anomalies.net/cgi-bin/bbs/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=9;t=000907;p=5

Link says there is also an accusation by another Anomalies board member, that both Darby and Rick Donaldson have held proof as to said Titor's verification, however it seems, that these two people have not combined their information's, for some reason?

Note in this thread, Rick does seem to be capitalizing, and exacerbating his dialog, to somewhat greater lengths.

Rick does this, when he's miffed.....

They might have not done so, so as to keep each others verification, free from circumstantial contamination??
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Well i'm waiting. I'm not quite sure why you couldn't come out and say it, because you have nothing to lose.
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Say forinstance what Hertz is saying is true??

Please note in the above said link, to Anomalies, that the actions by Hertz, has seemed to, at Anomalies to force both Rick Donaldson as well as possibly Darby, to tip their hands, for the content of what they know, as to proof of whether the John Titor appearance is real or not.

This is a very interesting development, as it forces the proof of burden now on either supposed Hertz who says that he's found something, and or Pamela, who says that she was given indubitable proof, by Titor himself.

The one adage that is not being looked into, is what if the appearance of Tirtor was a planned political move, for purpose of those who would want to stay behind the scene.

What if this ruse were made, actually using both time travel displace principles as well as dimensional displacement principles, however for political purposes, rather than verifying the principle of time travel at all?

This was an extremely shrewd move on Hertz part.

Hertz forced Donaldson, Darbyshire and Moore, all to show some of their proofs concerning said Titor.

What this also illuminates, is that since it seems by this thread that both Donaldson and Darbyshire hold considerably less proof that Moore.

This fact sites Moore as a now accept team player and both Rick and Darby must now make amends for her, as she by not revealing her proof, has comprised the other members of the team.

Did I say team?

Remember if this source is North Carolina, then this is where one of the heads of a very powerful government org. is, as said by Hertz, is located and by him continuing, he also risk himself?

The physics of black holes as singualities to the said G.E. time displace unit, does not adequately cover the said function of the supposed G.E. time travel unit.This said is as once both black holes are merged, then they form a nonspecific boundary.

This was never realized, or even discussed in the early physics projections by Moore, that she had presented at Anomalies.

There is also the question how does one get to electrons to hit the outside of the time displace unit?This postulate is, that the electrons would have had to be applied, in order to gain either forward or backwards in time movement?

This does seem to be an interesting ploy by Hertz, as this may be called both a bluff and a defining bluff.This is as Hertz had forced both Darby's and Rick's hand, in information that they should have let forth right away.

If what Hertz is saying is true, then there is someone, maybe someone even at a corporate of government or para-government level, that have defiantly greater information, than would even be held by Pamela Moore now.

The key question to the safety of Hertz would be, if Hertz is genuine, how much information would be exposed, before someone in high places says stop, don't go any further?

If might be that Pamela Moore, is what is known as a, (sealed end), or a player who has purposely been given only so much information and is ignorant of all the rest.

Her as being part of the Rick and Darby team, as it would seem at Rick Donaldson's latest outburst at Anomalies at Hertz over this issue, would be to say the least strange?

I think the busniesss term is referred to as strange bedfellows?
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Dude... Creedo... You make absolutely NO sense. Do you have schizophrenia? cuz a lot of what you write seems a lot like the symptomatic "word salads" characteristic of those with schizophrenia...
Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED..

RE;Sig, additionally what and how you are saying what you're saying, is indicative or a good marijuana habit?
Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED..

What one goal might be, as said by Hertz, as a reason for making up the John Titor exposé, is the following line of thought.

Has anyone looked at the suns past activity this past Summer?

The actions of the sun, have been to say the least grand and bizarre in actions.

Also there are biblical reports of events to come.

Has anyone read Michael Drosnins Bible Codes, concerning predicted geo-global catastrophes?

Lastly, there is this said Planet X thing, where a giant near Jupiter sized brown dwarf star, is supposed to be coming at Earths vicinity, now?

All of these condition represent probable catastrophes for Planet Earth.

So where would the powerful elite go, if these disaster events struck?

Right, they would go to underground bunkers, for safety, which have immense doors, which would seal all occupants in.

After this disaster passes, what of the people who were left on the surface?

Right, they would had suffered great casualties among their number and would not be in condition to service the people that were once in power.

Why is there a problem here?

Because the people left on Earth would need food in order to sustain themselves and in some instances, might have to go to offworld trade, in order to accomplish the act of trading selling and buying for the items that they need?

So this let's a problem with some of these said offworld beings, that may not want to buy trade or sell with Earth humans, who have committed genocide against their own people.

Some peaceful factions of aliens may be monitoring our history right now and be saying to themselves, well John Titor had said that the surface people before said conflagetation and or disasters said that Earth people were lazy.

So the aliens themselves would say, why worry about trade what is left with the Earth people from a moral standpoint after said probable disasters.

So you see, if Hertze's is saying the truth and John Tityor and this story has come from the powers that be, then this ruse would have been for the benefit, or their own future interests.

This is one possible explanation for the John Titor story as being made up by the powers that be.

Nobody seems to have caught this one line of logic and this is why I have mentioned this here?
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Or a hostile force could just take over the earth in it's weakened state?
Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED..

If you're still curious, dial 1-800-JOHNTITOR or order the Official John Titor® Debunking Kit, not available in any store. :)
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Yes Sieg, but this is all your doing is rolling on the floor laughing your a** off.

Your not contributing to the thread, so what's the points?
Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED..

Yes Sieg, but this is all your doing is rolling on the floor laughing your a** off.

Your not contributing to the thread, so what's the points?

Perhaps Sieg is not contributing to the thread, but like Sieg I'm still waiting for Hertz to expose John Titor. And - with all due respect - I'm not sure what your contribution is to this thread.
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Interesting posts:

I sent a PM few messages out , 1 to a mod over there and "she" did not send a reply.

So your theory could be very well on target, although it does not go to the goverment level.

Things nowdays are motivated by monitary gains. so it is quite possible that the "JT"
idenity is being withheld for traffic reasons as mentioned by other board members.

Pamela wont share the "JT" e-mail that she says she has.. probally the same one i have.
read the above again,read the above again,read the above again,read the above again.

Also Pam is not to concerned and has stayed out of the posting
war and let the top mods handle the debates, well time will tell.
Soon as i posted that contest the heat was turned up 500 degrees!
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If Pamela is in cahoots on anything she would probably be silent, as she would have been paid by now?

If she too, is an agent, then she would have reaped a fiduciary for her actions.

If one looks a Darby's accusation of Pamela as being a traitor, lineally, for the outside, this at the time he said it, makes no sense what-so-ever.

If you look at it now, with the passing of the new Patriot act, inciting to conspire, does make ssense.

In other-words, at the time, what Pamela was saying, made no sense, as people were not under the full grip of the said powers that be, from 911?

The motivation for government doing anything in a dire way to the people that it is supposed to serve, in theory might have something to do with Satanism.

A while back, we had loads of Satanist, who tried to take the board over.

It was a mess, however here is the corresponding logic as to why government if it were evil at the core, would act as it would against its own people.

There is a current curse on this government from the American Indians.

This curse is the result of then President Grant giving the Indians inoculated surplus U.S. Army blankets, with small-pox in them.

This had devastated the Indian populations, with many deaths.

One of their chief medicine men, was so incensed at what President Grant did, that he placed a curse on the U.S. government that it should fall apart one day.

Sometimes, by those in power, Satanist will be employed as magicians to try and reverse a curse.

One way that the government might try to do this, if this link is all true?; would be to have government kill off its own children, which we the populace could be looked at, as being that?

However one thing that prevents this attempted curse reversing from ever being true or taking place in the spiritual, is the U.S. Constitution.

This is why under the latest interview with one of the top military men, he had suggested that the U.S. Constitution would take a beating.

In otherwords, what government would attempt to do, is own us and then euthanize us, as if we were its children.

This is Satanism, at its worst, as the founders had said, a government by and for the people?

If government would ever try to get out of this curse, due to its own original stupidity, this this would be the ultimate act of stupidity.

Another failure in the spiritual mode, is also the consecration or the attempted beatification of the war on terrorism as being a holy and sanctified war.They did this as of late, trying again to make this almost paracrusades war, a holy-war.*Source news reports, Army Chaplin claims war on terrorism, is now a holy war under God?

Logic follows, that the first war, was the crusades and this vast and costly war, was fought over the cup of the last supper and a spear-point that was said to have pierced Christ side.

There was an unspoken agreement with the Moors and Queen Isabella of Spain, that finally a cessation of hostilities would commence and properties would be respected, as the Spanish against the Moors War, is the last point of Christian Islamic contention.

They stayed on their side of the fence and we on ours.

The wars in Iraq and the middle-east have all changed this and the borders between Christian and Muslim have become clouded again.

Bush by promoting this war, has taken us all right smack dab back into the depth of the crusades again and it looks like there is no getting out.

We put allot of these dictators in power, through the CIA, however a holy war to preserve the oil rights; not likely?

These are only guesses in how the winds politically are shifting.

But yes, a motivation for the government killing its own people, well just look at false insincere motives, as well as the attempted alevement of a curse?
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Just take look at the contest posts at the other board.

You are very a smart person!

I can see where you are going with this!

the plot goes deeper..
Re: John Titor ______________ AKA \"JT\" EXPOSED..

Re, Hertz


and threads similar, could have been posted as a ruse?

Read this, however what has always bothered me, is why was there not a remote which was connected to the said time displament unit.

This feature would not have hurt security in the least?

I have said a number of times, that this device looks like the remote at length held to a power cable, launch control center, for a battlefield tactical nuclear missile.

I think it is the Pershing.