"The future ain't what it used to be."

John Titor Radio Drama

Its just audio, like a radio show, and the link and the demo is at Anomalies.
Although after today, and the soap opera and Court show on TV, it is not all that bad.

There were several copies of the video sent out to JT (BOOMER) friends/ PPL he was in close contact with. They were the ones that were supposed to supply the images and video feed. But due to paranoia or other out side influences they have not come out with them. Besides the mail service in america loses mail every day.

video and books will not quell the non believer.

Pammy if I can call you such. You are still a sweet girl and have the constitution of atlas.
Be Strong with the ones who do not understand and good luck with your move.

I'm here all week. Did I mention I also do Bah mitzphas? And there's half price drinks in the lounge, 4 till 7! Remember to tip you waitresses. GOod night!

Didn't I see you in Vegas? You're a riot! I highly recommend his show, folks. Worth every penny to get in!

Kind Regards,
my only question is "Pamela Why Do You Feel The Need To Be Johns Biographer?"

you seem to put in alot of effort for a guy who has been supposedly gone for 3 years.
every day more people bring forward real proof this guy lied, but people go on believing.

oh well....