"The future ain't what it used to be."

john titor ............radio drama ?????

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With this new information, I think things have gone far enough and I want to disclose a confidence.

I was told by a female who was part of this Titor expose, at the beginning of this case, the phrase, "Why are you trying to ruin everything"?

This was in regards to information that I was picking apart when this John Titor affair just started to rise.

I was after receiving this information making plans for my own family, due to the possibility of dieing from radiation poisoning.

I also have water and other items stored.

*Not going to do this now, as I feel that this Titor affair, is all bunk.

I'm sorry, but it's out of the bag, if this is a faked affair, as the well being of my family was potentially affected.

As far as I'm concerned, if this is a ruse and or a fake, they ought to turn the makers of this fake over to homeland security.

I could not sleep with myself, if I did something this rotten which affected people so.
wow i mean wow.

creedo of all the things ive read i cant believe it. you seem like a smart logical person, you believed this nonsense enough to actually plan for nuclear war.

if it seems like im trying to insult you, trust me im not. i think all people should think whatever they want.

but after knowing the facts their is no way to believe anything john had to say.

just the fact you were worried about nuclear war, john said over and over he didnt want to WARN anyone so they would change their lives. but then he goes and tells everyone that 3 billion die. and if you wanted to survive go live it up in south america. after reading evrything he said its obvious he lied, he makes predictions, shows us a object that is at least 50 years old, makes so many mistakes in his story.

im glad that the people behind this hoax are trying to make a profit from it, seems only now when moneys involved people are finally saying "MAYBE IT WAS A LIE"
This entire affair is similar to chafe, which is emitted by high flying airplanes during an attack.

This is according to the bible, the time of tribulation.

So items like this, would be prevalent, which would trip people's self defense systems on?

Yes, I think that the person who brought most of this forward, was an actress, and this is all a ruse.
I wanted to say, that the reason things seem to be getting so bad, is a nonvisionary government.

There were many who warned government long ago, that it should adopt a more aggressive stance on space colonization, so that some of Earth's populations could be transferred, so alleviating population stresses here on Earth.

These letters were sent to government.

There is now the Steven Greer disclosure, which is a very large say about the potential involvement of government itself in extraterrestrial affairs.

Even with this information, government has taken a footdragging attitude on the welfare of the population.

This is why it seems that we are all in a mess as of current times. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
OK creedo. Here's the deal.

If I were your clinician... and you told me some crazy story like that:

was after receiving this information making plans for my own family, due to the possibility of dieing from radiation poisoning.

I WOULD BE OBLIGATED *BY LAW* to report you to the authorities, for fear that you were a DANGER TO YOURSELF AND TO YOUR FAMILY.

That being the case, I AM SERIOUSLY CONSIDERING REPORTING THIS POST AND YOUR IP ADDRESS TO THE WA STATE POLICE, AND YOUR ISP, as I now seriously believe there is a possibility that you might harm yourself or others.
Dear siegmund,

If your gonna trash Creedo, at least do it with a pm, I don't think any one else wants to read

about your little school yard spat with Creedo, I know I don't. If you don't like him, don't read

it, or leave the forum and find a less mature one, perhaps one where the people are less serious

about TT or somthing, where the people have time to deal with your bull [censored] attention grabbing

schemes. Honeslty I don't think he's going to change his whole writing style just because one

pissant dislikes him, I don't think he's looseing any sleep over it, why should you? just let it

Re Sigmund's comment:It was not just me, however all of the people who saw the early Titor disclosures that felt this way.

It was just the way I had felt.

But any action would be dependent upon a marked degradation of our situation.

You Sigmund' have not offered anything substaniacal in any commentary, nor support or anything constructive that has made people fell good in this posting board.

I also suspect you of calling my residence and or sending me e-mails which are of a badgering nature.

My feelings are your comments are more safely relegated to your lab rats, rather than anything human, as you yourself show many signs of not only being mentally ill, but criminally dangerous as well.

I have had to report you to the MOP many times and still you persist on this badgering me.This was with your false accusations that I am in need of psychiatric care, when the new move, according to the Dave Goodwin controversy in Washington State, is to give people Prozac, without needed psychotherapy.

I feel you are the type of person who is devoid of personal emotion, also a dangerous individual and would not trust you with a dog, let alone a person who would ever be in need of psychological mental assessments.

You have also stated that you do not understand the physics of what is going on here at TTI.

So if this is the case, why are you even here, to badger people who post on topics or in ways not to your liking?

Pamela Moore also said that she was depressed at the said Titor disclosures.

Not only her, but many others as well.

Are you going to report them all as well too?

I still have a phone number recorded on my memory dial.

Should I post this number here for all to see?
Uh... Creedo...

Let's get something straight- And there's really no dispute over this. You *ARE* suffering from psychological and neurological disorders. It's as clear as day. Furthermore, you posted for the ENTIRE BOARD to READ that you *HAD PLANS TO KILL YOU FAMILY IN A MURDER SUICIDE!!!!!

That's seriously deranged. Your delusions are to the point where I honestly *DO BELIEVE* that you are not only a DANGER to *yourself*, but also to others. And so I *am* going to mull over reporting you to the Washington State Police. At the very LEAST you need to be checked out by a court psychologist to see if you really do pose a threat.

As for *me* Prank calling your house?!?!?


You're nuts. You are truly delusional. Creedo man.. *IF* I had your number, you had better *believe* I'd be calling your nutty ass RIGHT now to tell you what a freak show you are. *IF* I had your number, you can be sure you'd be getting a call from not only a social worker, but a police officer.

*IF* I had your number, you can be sure that I would easily get your address, and send you Fed Ex packages with cat sh!t in them.

But UNFORTUNATELY, I don't. So no creedo-pranking-fun-time goodness for me.

PS. Oh, and Keven, you creedo-bootlicking sally boy... STFU


You clearly stated that you intended to kill your family first, and that you would be "the last to go", and then you edited it?!??

Afraid of something? hmmm?

Maybe Sieg's got a point? Perhaps that was just enough to have the authoities bring you in for evaluation? Here's the sad part: You know enough to know that posting delusional crap like that can get you committed to a nut house (at least for evaluation)-so you edit it, but you *DON'T* know enough to realize that you REALLY DO have a problem???

GET HELP, Creedo. You're sick. Accept that fact. Just because I speak the truth, just because I'm the fricken VOICE of REASON here- does NOT make me a bad guy without emotion that prank calls you and can't be trusted with a dog. Hey man! I'm just looking out for you at this point. GET HELP.
It was not just me, however all of the people who saw the early Titor disclosures that felt this way.
Creedo, that is a dangerous generalization. ALL other people were so terrified that they planned-out a murder/suicide scenario? I don't think so.

All joking aside now, Creedo. You may not like Siegmund's style, but his message is pertinent. I was also quite shocked when I read what you had posted....and have now tried to edit-away as if you never posted it. No telling how many other people read it.

I am not badgering you. But I do think it is important for you to seek some counseling. Editing your post to delete what you wrote does not address the issue within yourself that caused you to write it, or to conceive of such a plan.

Social responsibility, and looking out for one's fellow man, also extends to internet forums.

Rainman, you cannot possibly side with this moronic retard??

The way he types and argues rivals only that of a school boy, honestly I'm only 15 but I try not to type the way I talk, I don't use capitals and what not to signify yelling.

I do not understand how you can advise creedo of seeking medical help? Honestly where do you people get the balls to do somthing like that? it's none of your buisness so keep your nose out of it, thats like me offering to send Roel some male enhancement pills, it's just not proper (not alluding to anything just an example).

To siegmund,

why don't you just leave? honestly, I havn't seen one post from you that hasn't been whining about someone or something, suck it up. There are people I don't like but I don't accuse them of being insane or what ever. I'm trying to stay as netural as I can whilst still showing my opinion so why the personal attacks on me?? I'm just sticking up for a friend, who is being wrongfully attacked by a person who is only mad because his mom probally walked in on him wanking off or somthing and is now trying to vent it. just leave us alone and try to post somthing usuful.
Keven... you're cracking "Mom jokes" and *I'm* the moronic retard?!?

Ok listen kid:

I'm not cutting on creedo. Creedo either has a disease, or he is malingering. If he is *not* malingering, then he is suffering from a serious disorder, and *MAY* present a threat to himself and others. All my posts along this line are made out of concern for creedo and those whom he may harm.

Sorry if you don't like my posting style, but at least I stick to proper english and modern day conventions for the most part. I'm not a fluffy-wuffly-care-bear-type of person. So sorry if you you can't take it. I call 'em as I see 'em.

I may be blunt, but I'm not a bastard. Yeah, I might troll hippies and new age weirdos from time to time, but this business with creedo has transcended that. At first I thought he was just an idiot new age freak with no clue. But I have come to realize that he is suffering from a very serious and tragic disoder. I feel bad for him. And, truth be told, I'm being a better friend to him that you are right now by trying to get him to realize the seriousness of his condition.
Oh come off it you crazed egotist!

Stop trying to self inflatuate yourself and actually look at your past posts!

If your only trying to help creedo than what was up with those infamous pm's you sent to him a while back?

It would be good to remove emotion from this issue.
Rainman, you cannot possibly side with this moronic retard??
It is not a matter of "siding" with anyone, as this is not a personality contest. This is a matter of recognizing a possibility for danger and/or harm to come to one or more people. While it may be difficult to do, I would ask you to try hard to separate the ISSUE behind what Siegmund is talking about from the WAY IN WHICH he delivers his message. This is often best remembered by the phrase "don't shoot the messenger".

Creedo had formerly posted about a "plan" he had laid out in case John Titor's Civil War scenarios came to pass. That plan involved murder/suicide. That is serious stuff, and ANY professional in the mental health field (ask someone OTHER THAN Siegmund if you don't trust him) will tell you this same thing. To help you understand, let's re-frame this to a situation that has already happened that you know about: The shootings at Columbine High School in Denver, Colorado. If the two kids who perpetrated this horrific event had, in several weeks prior to this event, been posting statements about their "plans" to kill people on the internet....would you not think it is SOMEONE'S responsibility to take that seriously? Doesn't it become EVERYONE'S business at that point? Should we ALL take on responsibility to make sure terrible things do not happen to innocent people? Most people who believe in the sanctity of human life would say "yes".

The way he types and argues rivals only that of a school boy, honestly I'm only 15 but I try not to type the way I talk, I don't use capitals and what not to signify yelling.
While his tone may enrage you, again I would encourage you to separate the MESSAGE from the TONE. Let me tell you something about Siegmund, and I don't want you to see this as "siding" with him. I want to tell you why I *know* he is an intelligent person, and thus why you should pay attention to his message (even if you disagree with the tone). Siegmund and I both graduated from the same college preparatory high school in Cleveland, OH. I was a couple years earlier than he was, but we were both subject to the same, hi-quality curriculum. This high school is quite well known for preparing young men for college, grad school, and to be major contributors to society. This school does not only stress academic excellence, but it teaches morality and ethics. At the heart of such topics is being able to recognize when people need help, and knowing how to help them.

My point here is that both Siegmund and I have been schooled in these important topics. Yet we have different styles in showing our concern. And despite our different means for showing our concern, we both agree that Creedo should seek some counseling....not only for his own good, but possibly for the good and safety of some people around him...like his family.

Without trying to demean you, Keven, you are still young and you still have a lot to learn. This might be a good situation for you to learn how to see BEYOND the way someone makes a point, and instead focus on the major implications of the point that person is making. Siegmund is making a point about something that Creedo willfully posted on this board as his "plan for his family." Dare I say that NONE OF US would ever want to see on the news a report that a "strange case of murder/suicide occurred in Washington State...the suicide note described an internet story surrounding a person by the name of John Titor and a civil war he predicted."

I would not want to see such a story in the headlines, ESPECIALLY if I were able to look back in time and realize that I, and others, had the ability to DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT BEFORE IT HAPPENED.

I am not yelling at you, Keven. I am not insulting you. I am speaking to you as a voice of reason. I am asking you to look deeply at this issue, and WHY Siegmund is recommending that Creedo get some counseling.

Kind Regards,
Re: Histroical correction note

Historical capture note, with no further reply:

Rainman said;Creedo had formerly posted about a "plan" he had laid out in case John Titor's Civil War scenarios came to pass. That plan involved murder/suicide. That is serious stuff, and ANY professional in the mental health \\

>Technically this is false and or made-up information.

The statement was, as held on another board, "What would you do if there was a full scale nuclear exchange and placed within a radioactive environment, with no hope for rescue"?

This statement was issued and is probably still in file, at Anomalies,.net.

The discussion was the after effect of a said nuclear exchange, after said Titor civil war, not as a result of the civil war.
Re: Histroical correction note


If you are so certain of being "right", then why did you go back and edit your original post under THIS thread, which contained the precise type of wording I refered to?

I am quite sure more people than just myself and Siegmund read the initial posting of this note, which you subsequently changed. (In fact, if you scroll up you will see a reply by "xdj". His reply was BEFORE you edited your response, and his "Wow" is a reference to the shock of seeing what you had posted.) The fact that you changed it, and that now you are further trying to cover your tracks, shows you are aware of the seriousness of what you posted.

Creedo, this is NOT harassment. We are concerned for the welfare of others, in addition to yourself!

Allright. SO Creedo299x9 is NOT an automated bot.

he is a human being....but wow. Seriously needs help. The way he speaks, I mean, the guy is obviously intelligent, but definitely has a mental disorder. The fact alone that he posted about about a family murder/suicide is horrific. The guy needs psychiatric treatment, he will most likely be taken as in-patient. Any psychiatrist will tell you he is not safe in the community right now...perhaps in the future, with proper medication and vigilance from a family member....but definitely someone should contact the authorities...and if you do, don't scare creedo. He might just go kill them now and commit suicide in fear of being taken away.
You all settle down.

With some people that I know, there are many people here in the U.S.A. that ought to see professional help, and they never do either.

Thinking something that may end up scarry, as in a event of Titor's kind, makes everyone perhaps say things that they do not mean.

There is always that time when people will scare him/her self, and that is all that it is.

Too many people run around with the attitude that they know everything, when they obviously do not.

So, like anything else, quit, and settle down, for if everyone acted the way that some people do, then there would be no U.S. Constitution, and that is called Nazi's, and you would be creating Titor's future.

So, regardless of whether anyone said anything or not, is usually not a concern of someone else, for many people have made threats, and usually the other people who are saying that they are concerned usually are not.

So, if needed, all can go and seek consuling!
It's not just what creedo's said in his latest posts. It's that combined with the clear manifestation of shizophrenic symptomology that I find suggestive of him presenting a clear and present danger to himself and those around him.
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