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JT question


Hello. I am new on this board, new too John Titors story, and very UNadvanced in time travel theorys etc. But my question is a simple one.

During the time which John was posting, did no one do a simple search and confirm the area from which he claims he was posting? Its fairly easy to do this with an ip or other information and I would assume someone would have.

HI I'm new too, but i think I saw a thread or two about this, tracking IP's really won't tell you much. If the person is good with computers and internet they can block thier IP or ghost route it. ALso, as for searching for the moniker "John Titor" how do you know that is even his name? It's more than likely just a made up screen name heck his real name could be Harry Butts for all we know. I mean, Really..... would you post your real name on here? your FULL real name?
Other than my first name....... NO WAY
Finding someones location on the internet has nothing to do with what they call themselves. His name could be Bo Bo the Clown, but the computer which he uses to log on with can still be found

But yes I am sure he covered his tracks. Thanks.
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They used bounce i.ps and or most information letted though one trusted person, so the source of general information is what is of question here?

Boomer used multiple email accounts and (we assume) multiple proxy servers. IP traces were not much use.

He posted here and on Art Bell's old Post-2-Post BBS. On P2P IP's were not visible. Here they are. BUt, as I said, that's not of much use if the "real" IP is masked. For example, do a trace on my visible IP. I guarantee you that I'm at least 2,000 miles from Atlanta, Georgia.