Just got this e-mail. It was funny so I'll share it with everyone

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Just got this e-mail. It was funny so I\'ll share it with everyone

From my mailbox:

-- snip --
YOU IDIOTS!!!! You really don't know what you're talking about. I would fill you in on my theories about time travel except judging from how pathetic your site on time travel is you probably couldn't even understand them. Your ideas are so old-fashioned. There are so many OBVIOUS things that are even implied by books about physics but no one seems to pick up. You have no idea how agravating seeing them when no one else does, can be!! You devise theories with so many impossibilities that aren't really impossible if you just put the last peice in the darned puzzle and stated the obvious theories implied by your own. What is the problem with these "genius" physicists who can't even recognize the implications of their own ideas.
-- snap --

Someone who clearly did not read the disclaimer at the bottom of the TTI webpage.

Re:Just got this e-mail. It was funny so I\'ll share it with everyone

Very good Mop.

There's an Organization at:


...that will send you some slick stuff in the snail mail if you give 'em an address to send it to. I did just for the fun of it, and sure enough, they want $$$ for research.

Surprise, suprise! Nothing in the very well 'produced' mail package however that explains any specifics on EXACTLY how they conduct this 'research' they're doing tho. (The hard core physical kind anyway.) Why am I not suprised, heh heh. Plenty of 'metaphysical' stuff but why would anyone pay $$$ for a bunch of OTHER folks to sit around and CONTEMPLATE Time Travel. Whoooopie! P. T. Barnum was right.

I like the 'hypothetical' nature of THIS board. That's the fun of it. Some of these sites take themselves WAY too seriously.

It's a jungle out there folks. Keep your 'temporal' lobes intact.