"The future ain't what it used to be."

Just like in BTTF.....



How do you know that we can't travel back
or forth in time just like in Back To The
Future? I mean all we need is what the movie
has a flux capacitor a delorian and the
time in it so you can tell it where to
take you?
How do you know that dill pickles aren't an invasion by alien life forms disguised as ....ah you guessed it dill pickles. These pickles become activated at double digit time increments only when traveling in the back seat of your car at 88 miles per hour.

Do NOT open ANY pickles while in the passing lane.

How do you tell the alien pickles from the real thing? It is all in the crunch sound when you bite them. There is a positive corelation between crunch-osity and ginuine pickleness. If the pickle don't crunch spit it out IMMEDIATLY!

Also can also use a jar of pickles as an indicator of wether or not you have been alone too long. If your modest sized jar of pickles hangs around unfinished for a time period long enough for you to become emotionally attched to it, then you need to install a pickle tolerent signifcant other in your life.

You are probably wondering what on earth this has to do with the BTTF movies. Wonder no longer. The answer is "absolutely nothing".

Thank you and good night!