"The future ain't what it used to be."

"Just say no!" (to Universe.come-on) nm

RE: \"Just say no!\" (to Universe.come-on) hmmmm\' not that easy?

AT TAC' it's not that easy to say no to these people and I'll tell you why.

Go to their web site and key in on the scroll on the left.

Now go down to where you see picutres, good alright, go in there?

Enclosed within their pictures file, are photos of the Pleiadeans I never knew of.

They even have someone dressed in one of the silver space sutes, which is very, very, rare.

What I don't bargan for, is the one size fits all, that the space brothers are trying to foist our way.

Nor do I care for the hidden agreements with the Grays that they have with the Pleiadeans.

My opinion is, even though I'm relaited to their cosmonat Semjase, is that we humans are not a grown crop for E.T.s.

In this respect we're right, however in their want to harvest us, as one would harvest a bunch of dumb-bots into the bottom of a large flying saucer; I'm sorry Semjase my sister, "I don't know what's on the menue and as to whether or not it will be us or not"?

This is my opinion and I would call for honesty on their side as well.

Remember the personnas of the Ashtar High Command and The Pleiadeans Homeworlds, are by a lot of experts tellings, are not supposed to be joined?!

If this is so, then why all of a sudden, are they joined here?

Also know that according to both Menger and Adameski, in their writings and photos of what E.T.s want, they would meet us down here, socialize with us and try to make a meeting place here on Earth.

Why so all of a sudden the big change and now we have to all be evacuaited from Earth, as one would collect dumb cattle.

To the E.T.s invovled in this apparent ruse, "Don't you think that the thoughts of herding people into box cars, headed off to such places as Bergen Belsen, Dachau as well as other past Nazi gasing creamatoriums has not crossed our collective minds?

We want a right to travel into space on our own, not a subject puppits from either a manipulative government, or E.T.s that once were as a species are in capture, would use our genetic matter, for their own pourposes, against our collective wills.

I say NO too, AT TAC, however with much more definition.

Thank you the Creed.
RE: \"Just say no!\" (to Universe.come-on) hmmmm\' not that easy?

were not being taken over by aliens were being taken over by checs and slavs. I knew it would happen one day. WE all thought they were stupid but they fooled us . It seems they have conficated this stream well I guess we all need to run and hide the enemy has arrived clara
RE: \"Just say no!\" (to Universe.come-on) hmmmm\' not that easy?

No' I'm sorry to say that this is my fault Clara.

You see I'm Boheamian, which is now what Chezchslovocia is now, only I do not and never will recognize the term, Chezch.

I went to visit the site, under a time travel serch and they must have followed me here.

I'm sorry to all, maybe you should ban their i.p.s?

I do a number of serches on the subject of time travel.

What I said still holds though, they're trying to trojan horse on my personna, in order to get you!

The Pleiadeans are wonderfull, but they are also psychotic with dual identities as well as loyalities.

This would be like takeing your best loved sister out on a date and then afterwords takeing her to the park in order to club her to death with a metal pipe?

Clara, I could not help but notice, that your freind CAT has said aliens took a scoup out of your daughters leg?

Was this one scoup, or two scoups of what flavour?

Does this mean the same thing as a scoup of icecream?

Please forgive me for asking, however I don't understand this term?
RE: \"Just say no!\" (to Universe.come-on) hmmmm\' not that easy?

I guess your not informed about the scoop marks creedo. A number of abductees have these indentions on there lower calves. bud hopkins and a few other researchers have documented these . Well my daughter has one that she recieved when she was about 10 years old. I did find a site on the internet that tried to explain why this was done . It involves intelligence that will be needed in the future. Only time will tell. I do not believe at this point it carries any evil intentions. If the inquisition was still being carried out she probably would be burned at the stake . I think the church is now on a slow ride down as you can see by the news stories. they have been covering stuff up for centuries. If my daughter was a nut case I would be concerned but she came home yesterdy with 1 c 1 b and the rest A's. She is very balanced and I know some force is protecting and guiding her. the best way to decern good forces is to be aware of what they are leading you to . Things that are good for your health and well being as well as others. things that promote the life force of the planet and the people and animals that live on it. if you are getting anything other then this I would question the motive . My daughter is interested in archeology, anthropology and she is very close to being able to speak spanish. We have a large hispanic population where we are and even before she took any spanish classes I had a vision while meditating that she would be working with hispanic children. So where all this will lead her I haven't a clue . My son is a whole different story . He dreams of having a rock band and moving to california , typical for a 15 year old male. so you see I'm pretty much normal except for my interest in Ufo , aliens , and a few other weird topics. I do think the universe guys have a few good things to say but I never put all my eggs in one basket. I like reading there stuff but that doesn't make me believe everything they say. the last post was just a little joke. so please don't be to hard on them ,good god can you imagine the hell there living in over there they must be desperate for space beings to come and rescue them. Oh yea woke up to those crazy numbers again last nite . Something must be up. clara
RE: \"Just say no!\' to clara.

What was bothering me, is something that AT-TAC had said about Catholics?

He said something to the effect that once being a Catholic was somehow dangerous and that if this is the case be carefull.

Does this mean everything is alright now, or to be carefull in certain parts of my home, or while at work?

How dangerous is this Catholic thing and what are the things that I should do now, in order to make my life safer somehow?
RE: \"Just say no!\' to clara.

Poor Creedo,

You quoted in your post above,

<The pleiadeans are wonderfull, but they are also psychotic with dual identities as well as loyalities>

Dosn't that pretty much sum you up? after all you are part pleidean so you say.


P.S. By the way my favorite ice cream is BLUE MOON!
RE: \"Just say .

I drank bad water in a resturant Catrina.
The waitress started to talk to me and a giant mouth grew out of her hip area, where her side is.
The mouth started to talk to me and asked me if I had wanted what stile of eggs?
I dont remember eating t breakfast, but tried to pay for the resturant meal, on my Union 76 gas card, which they would not take.
I remember touching the waitresses hip area with my finger, to see how she could talk like that.
She asked my if everything was alright?
I can remember seeing the plane in Baton Rouge, from the outside, but somehow I know that I was on the inside of this plane.
Do you still nurse you children and if so how do you feel about public breast feeding?
Your a model arnt you?!
RE: \"Just say .

Sounds like your on some phenobarbital acid trip!

Public breast feeding sickens me, why not just go live in a nudist camp or a third world country! Some women are very vain and not modest about it. I would not be caught dead exibiting this behavior in public!

As far as me being a model, I have been saught out by many men. But few have had the honor.

RE: \"Just say\' \"a quiet place\".

I am attimes a builder and designer.

In the social phase,I have always thought it proper that in most good resturants, that a special L-cove should be built.

This would be more a'kin to an aboritum, where mothers could go in seclusion, in order to feed their little ones.

This way their child gets fed, Mr. Johnson is not upset as he has to bear with this it seesm intrusion on his false image of his yamashite and everyone is happy.

This is how it should be Cat?Can I just call you Cat?

I don't take drugs or other substances that are harmfull to the body, where did you hear this nonsence?

Could you tell me, have you ever dated Fernando Lamas?

Is really as nice and as tallent as people say he is?

I like you..I like you an awlfull lot!

I bet Girl Scouts look up to you?!
RE: \"Just say\' \"ouch\".

Dearest Cat' could you tell me why when I went to the dentist down South, they had to go in through the top of my head to fix the tooth?

I have a scab ontop of my head, however I did not recive a bill and my tooth no longer hurts?
RE: \"Just say\' \"ouch\".


Thats the south for ya'll, they can't drive their cars right, let alone do denistry!

RE: \"Just say\' \"ouch\".

Thank you for your intrest, I'll have a salesmen contact you shortly.
RE: \"Just say\' \"ouch\".

Patron to bar tender:

"I'd rather have a free bottle in front of me than a prefrontal lobotomy."

(Hey, I don't have many opportunities to use that line, have to take them when they come up.)

Hap! Hap! ah been ducted be A-liens!

Shut up Chester fer ah soot ya in th'goood laig.

Some how I you just know they had better wisky back then.