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Theoretically, that is the sort of noise a time machine might make if it were to leave the present time and jump to the past or future.

Think about it: When the machine leaves this space/time, only a vacuum will be left behind. Assuming this translation out of present space/time is instant, this means an instant occurence of a vacuum.

Just like lightning causes instant heating and expansion of air (hence thunder) an instant vacuum would sort of result in the reverse, with a similar outcome - A sonic (and kinetic) energy wave due rapid implosion of air.

Which brings me to supposed UFO movement through the atmosphere (I know this bit belongs as a post in paranormal, but what the hell). I have seen home video recordings of supposed UFOs hovering in the air at a distance of about a mile, and they go from zero to mach who knows what, and on the video you can only 'just' make out on the video which direction it went.

Quite honestly, even seeing this *extreme* velocity change on television is sorta unnerving. I can only explain I get this sorta adrenaline rush seeing it, because it is unlike anything you could possibly imagine happening, but here it is, apparently happening on video! Whether it is genuine footage or not, I really do get a strange unnerving feeling when I see it. Perhaps someone may know the kind of footage I speak of.

But even if UFOs use gravity waves to maneuver, the space they leave behind should still leave a vacuum and hence a sonic boom, but there is no report I know of with UFOs that mentions this. Perhaps this is one overlooked evidence that points these documentations as fakery. Clever fakery!

Conclusion on the time machine leaving vacuum thesis: Don't try this in an enlosed area, like your backyard shed, especially with no windows and doors open to the outer air. You probably won't have a shed when you return..

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No boom, good point.

Perhaps the sound is so loud as to be 'deafening'.

But seriously, no sonic boom means the object (or light etc.) is not displacing air. Can we presume that it would not displace water either? If it doesn't then the water (or air) doesn't "know" the UFO is there. In which case the UFO has not only tricked out your mind but also the mind of the camera and the mind of the air its supposed to be in and displacing. It just doesn't make sense; in the same way a dream (usually) doesn't make sense.

Maybe UFOs are visitors from dream land.
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Raze, I agree it's odd that there is not a sound, though, here's a thought for you.

Could the sound of it be so low frequency or high, whichever the case may be, that human ears or equipment cannot pick it up?

Note to Shadow: I KNOW what you mean when you say "minds of the air", but just to say it, air has no brain, though we ALL know that lol, just wanted to throw that in. No offense!

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This is a good point - Hehe, imagine if the frequency of the atmospheric implosion was the 'brown noise' so whenever a UFO takes off, witnesses have *more* than one reason to change their pants :-D

But setting aside the noise aspect, the implosion would cause an inward-surging rush of air. We're talking a vacuum in Earth's atmosphere here! The surrounding air will cave in to fill the void like deep ocean pressure could cave in on a submarine not made to go that deep. Earths atmosphere is thin, but still dense compared to a vacuum.

The massive rush would cause a current of air in all directions, which one could argue may be felt from a distance of a mile or so, as a moderate breeze headed in that direction, as the air from the surrounding area races in to equal out the pressure.

This simple law of EQUILIBRIUM is one law of nature, despite being so simple in concept that intrigues me so much. All matter and energy in the universe is trying to find equilibrium with each other, thats the very reason why we have weather, and why the suns hydrogen continues to burn!

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You seem to be bypassing your own point. It's not the fact that there *should* be more sound thats important.

Whats important is WHY are UFOs often sound deficient?

I saw one the size of 3 box cars hit 'warp speed' in one second. No sonic boom. Why?

You might be able to trick-out inertia to accelerate very quickly but how do you convince the friggen air that you ain't really there?
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Yeah, that's my point too - I just went on a slight tangent over the issue of the resultant air currents as that and the sound all ties in with like you said - How can the conventional laws of nature be 'tricked' for lack of a better term?! No sonic boom, no air currents, therefore there must somehow be no vacuum left behind!

The only theory I can think of is that as the craft translates through air, the space its flying into has its air put where the craft was without motion or something.

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You all seem to be missing the most obvious explanation--THEY DON'T EXIST!! Again the Bible seems to have the only explanation. These are the "signs" of the miracle working power of the wickedness in high places. They do not exist in this dimension and therefore do not impact our physics. Every single abduction story talks of other-dimension qualities and demonic activities. In spite of all the "claims", there is not a single piece of evidence to prove that "they" are alien intelligences--including all the "supposed" disclosures, implant objects, crop circles, etc. etc. ad nauseum. I find it really ironic that people can so easily dismiss the idea of God yet fall head over heels in love with alien folklore. It's just the same old tired story of wanting someone else to lead us down the road to enlightenment instead of having to do the hard work ourselves.<hr size="1" width="80%" color="#000099" align="left">Zerubbabel--The Seed of Babylon
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Nice timing by the way… Have you checked out http://www.x-ppac.org/ yet?

Take a look and let me know what you think.

<<By the way TTA, I'm glad to see that you are finally stating your position which has always been somewhat vague>>

Thanks I think
. I had no idea you had taken such a keen interest in my stance with God.

Gotta run,

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I did not necessarily say 'I do believe' that these are UFOs, they may or may not be genuine occurences. As I said before, these documented occurences on film may just be clever fakery!

But all in all, I feel if they are genuine that it is more likely to be time travellers from the distant future, perhaps intending to be seen and interpreted as alien UFOs. I donot see what an alien life would acheive in travelling to Earth just to hover mysteriously in the air and never make 'public' appearances.

Besides, why do the typical images of aliens resemble our humanoid form so closely? Life is diverse enough on Earth alone, so the odds of life on distant planets being so similar to our form is extremely unlikely!

To be honest I believe most UFOs can be explained as mistaken identity, lies, fakery or hoaxes, if not all of them. But the possibility that future peoples will have the ability to visit our present time is a perfectly logical likeliness if time travel is possible. In fact, if time travel ever will become a mainstream technology then it is almost definite this will occur.

The point of this all is, *If* they are indeed aliens or future visitors and not fakes, then why and how is there no apparent displacement of the air around them?

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Ok if as sonof says UFOs are immaginary, then we must take the next step: Everything (else) is immaginary too.

Immagine that! and be carefull what you wish for!
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Hey Shad,

Oh go hide under your bed SCAAAAARDY PANTS and watch out for the Great Malenko (song by the Insane Clown Posse)