"The future ain't what it used to be."

KEO-The high-tech satellite/time capsule


"This satellite is made in conjunction with the United States, Europe/Britan, and Russia, is being built right now and will orbit our solar system for 50,000 years, in which time it will fall to Earth and tell the humans of that time period about how we were like today. You can give a 6,000 character message to send on this probe, for free. It will launch in the latter half of 2003."

Here's a direct link to the message page:

Hey, TTA here's your chance to warn people of the future about the dangers of Time Travel!

Hey this is really cool. It will be like dropping food on the Afgans only to have it kill them dead on impact. Are they going to put these messages in DVD movie format? Maybe they can throw in a few totally completly absoulty NON-hostile strains of gm bacteria too. Don't these people have ANYTHING to do?

You could take a pop bottle stuff a note in it and have the same effect, only they might be able to read that!

What if the last human dies 49,999 years from now for not having recieved their "package from heaven" in time? Why don't they just will them 50K people their 401Ks. Thay should be really valuable by then.

Better yet why not send them our freeze-dried brains, we anin't using them any way.