L-Shaped Dowsing Rods For Time Travel?


Temporal Novice
I just got two L-shaped dowsing rods with quartz crystal
tips in the mail today directly from Steve Gibbs at
HDR Enterprises.

The instructions say to hold one in each hand and let them
swing freely.

Then, the tips are supposed to cross one another and pull
downward towards the ground.

This only happens when you have discovered a grid point
or time vortex.

You mark the spot, and wait until the next full moon.

**That's on August 22 this month.

Early in the morning right as the sun rises, around the hours
of 5:00-6:30a.m. you can activate a time machine such as
James Catteral's Time Vortex Activator or Steven Gibbs
device the Hyper-Demensional Resonator?

I wonder if this has ever been done before.

What luck, I can't wait to activate my TVA.
It's about time.