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Laser Photo Explaination - It is a Hoax

The supposed 'laser' photo with cigar smoke is not a 'laser beam' being bent by 'gravity'

It is a fiber optic cable. FOC Bends!

You can see the reflection points in the cable.

A laser beam would appear to be 'solid' in that dark lighting with smoke.
hey there ..

if u blow smoke thru a laser u wont get an even light ..due to the diff densitys of the smoke been blown /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

jus a thought

True.. but would appear much more solid to the eye than in the picture...

fiber optic cables have spaced refraction points that are very visible in the photo...
I not only believe this less likely to be a "Hoax" as you may have thought it to be, I am also inclined to believe the person may be my otherself from a paralell universe (perhaps) or linked to me in some peculiar way I am as of yet to be capable of explanation as of yet?

Just look at the facial features and compare that to my own picture, see any resemblence?
it does make me wonder, It still spooks me every "Time" I look at it!

My photo can be viewed at our TAP-TEN website at Yahoo! egroups.
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Time02112 From Down Under
Oshima Island, Japan, circa 1992
Posted: 20-Sep-2001 - Resolution: 480 x 361
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Noticed that Gary, maybe the key elements in this gig, are all double or ourselves in the fut?

Does this guy look ages progressed to you T12?
This is not the photo that I'm familiar with.

There are two of the laser bent by gravity jump films, I'm sure of it.

The grain on this photo excludes any exact definition, of just what the beam is.

The other pic that I saw, had shown an over left shoulder view of a man with a laser beam, which extended out, which was starting to bend.

Keep in mind, that the proposed shells of the double Kerrs, extends some eight feet out from the central point, of the G.E. Displacement device.

These Kerrs are only approximated and not true black holes.