"The future ain't what it used to be."

Let's THINK outside the "Box"


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Let\'s THINK outside the \"Box\"

Let's just think out of the box for a minute, the Government has many, many secrets it keeps from "IT" citizens. Let's for this posting say that time travelers are true and the many warnings and predictions were ignored, and it's just a matter of time before a civil war breaks. The President has already shown he has no control over this nation as well as our Armed Forces in other nations. Sen. Kerry and Bush are running against each other, odd thay both are Skull & Bones and the true motives of Bush's campaign in Babylon will surface. The One who will rise from the ashes of Babylon will cause Christians to kill Christians and Muslims to kill Muslims (Antichrist)He wears a hat of worship and sleeps in the SUN OF DAN.

John Titor and other travelers have experienced the war and tell of ways to prevent it. Will this war happen? Sure, it will happen. The Modern Day Serphant is in office and his right hand will continue the plan to destroy Elohim's children. In our days of defeat in Babylon, the One will end the war of wars in the holy city with clear fire, the wishes of the Light will be fullfilled and his followers will drink and eat on rotten meat praising the empires victory. This will cause the war of Christians, we will fight again for our freedom and a new law, then there will be peace for 1000 years.

The signs are everywhere, listen and watch. This year's election will not change a thing for both men are born from the same blood. "MARA RABBI ALLARDI DINI ENDAVOUR ESA COUNS ALIM" is a mystery to some, but read in closer in the univeral language. "Isreal will withdraw from the great sea", "A man of holy will be assisinated, which will be revenged by clear fire". This will cause an uproar in our nation because we did nothing. The war will be swift, many will die. In the events of war, a sleeping giant will strike in the mist of confusion. We will respond and win, the heavens will be covered for 180 days, the world will become cold. A new land will be formed and the children will live in peace. Will this happen, it's basically already in progess, can you prevent it?

Osirus "Child of Elohim"
Re: Let\'s THINK outside the \"Box\"

Im so glad that you sold programs ahead of time.

You know sitting in these opera seats and not knowing whose going to sing or what's happening next, is a real bummer?
Re: ?

I have something weird that I read in the future, don't know if it is true though.

Bush and kerry are 16th cousins, twice removed.

Stop before you jump to conclusions. We probably are related to one another in some way. You could be your neighbour's 22nd cousin.
A really good read

There is a really good book called The Inner Circle, it's a good buy and clean up material for the mind. Like one great scholar stated, if we knew what the government was capable of; we would try our darnest to get off this planet. There are many, many operatives working for agencies covering the eyes of innocent citizens to protect their evil. O' No, the earth is not hollow, the moon is not a metal spaceship, and there are no such things as vampires. unfortunately, television has programmed many of us to be skeptic, not bad for a quick control instrument. Is John telling the truth? Who knows, but lets look at our timeline. The Government has tried to eliminate a group of people by creating a horrible virus and convinced the nation of a promo called "Bad Blood", another wonderful program was the ability to destroy the nuclear family. The male dominent figure is cast out, place in jail or hooked on a wonderful street drug, and the offsprings becomes a violent seed programmed to commit crimes, therefore creating a killer with no emotions. what is the program called? I can say millions of people are on it today, and those who are participates of this program never seem to advance any further in life (Welfare).

So, are we doomed to go to war? I would say yes, this planet needs to cleanse itself; and it will do so. We are so fragile, but so violent.

Osirus (Child of Elohim)
Re: A really good read

I don't agree with this guy, vampires from what I have learned from two key text, did and do now exist.

We also may in a short amount of time, have both trouble with asteroids and meteorites.

The government being tight lipped, does not help matters much?
Re: Let\'s THINK outside the \"Box\"

Hey Osirus,

I've got a TIN-FOIL hat for sale if you're interested. I helps block the alien cosmic rays that THE ONE is trying to broadcast directly into your brain.