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Life on other than earth, does exist, tho i doubt we have been visited by them



The will to live and evolve is universal. Therefor, where conditions permit, life will develop. I believe that the universe is infinate. Disagree? then try to imagine what in theory would be the end, or edge of the universe. You can't can you! If life is simply limited to planets with the same or similar envoronment to our own, then in an infinate universe there will still be infinate planets on which life will develop. The possibility of 'aliens' reaching our solar system is slim to nil. Not because they have not tried, but because of the distances involved. There will be alien races somewhere infinately more advanced than ourselves, but technology will only go so far. And if they were here already, we would know for sure. no one would travel the distances involved just to hover around.
Im inclined to agree, if an aliens race had taken all the trouble of getting to our little planet, they would either
Make themsleves known, through actual contact, or through domination. Do we consider anthills and how many we destroy when we build a house? Why would an alien care if some second rate hairless ape already occopied the planet.
Though its been shown that the universe is not inifnte, in the same way that the earth is not infinite. You could go around and around and never hit the end, but eventually youd arrive back at the same spot. The universe is similar to this, though on a greatly more complex scale. We could never it comprehend visually, for we simply dont exist inall 13 (or was it 11) dimensions. In fact, i think the universe is saddle shaped....
Im afraid im going to have to disagree on the chances of "aliens" not being able to reach our solar system. many years ago when the atom was not fully discovered, the world all believed aristotles theories over dalton's, who were right, he was just not as popular. Therefore we could be some 2000 years more advanced than we are now. If another race could have discovered this at an earlier time, they could have knowledge now we won't have until the year 4002. As for technology only going so far...it seems logical, but i really dont see how you can tell.. /ttiforum/images/graemlins/yum.gif
i sent this in a PM but maybe i didnt do it right, i doubt you got it...anyway...i went to yahoo and searched, wasnt sure what to look for...i went to a few sites though...but please let me know...
Yes, I CAN imagine the edge of the universe.

But never-the-less, The Fermi Theory, submits that maybe our "Sagan-like" suppositions about the possible quantities of life in the universe is a bit off.

Fermi looked at our galaxy, and found there was a thin band of "habitable" region of our galaxy, in which the planet Earth resides. And doing the math, figured that since the universe is not homogenous, like our galaxy is not homogenous, the numbers really add up much more skeptically that Carl Sagan proposed.

Still, this is in the supposition that other life forms require our specific needs to originate life. Which I personally find a bit arrogant, scientifically. Especially considering that scientists found a silicon based lifeform on Earth. In the mid eighties, there was the discovery in the scientific news about the silicon based life form found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, where the platetectonic ridges coincided. Haven't heard much about it for years, but I do not doubt it's validity. Seems as though these creatures were thriving upon the warmth of the tectonic ridge (like underwater volcano heat).

So if a creature on earth can be silicon based instead of carbon based, why not extrapolate further, and imagine the unimaginable for worlds beyond our dreams?

"The appropriateness of chance is astounding"
Dear Medonis,

Saddle-shaped universe. How very intriguing. And I like your comment that the universe is like the Earth in that if you go around and around you end up back at the beginning.

The thing is, mustn't the universe be MORE than we can possibly conceive of in our simple three dimnsional terms?

A saddle IS three-dimensional, but isn't that just one perception of it's possible configurations?

It is kind of like Quantum Theory, in that whatever measuring tool we apply to it, the universe will explain itself within those terms, so to speak.

"Alien" life. I think I am becoming more and more bothered by the notion of terming anything as "alien".

Somewhere, I once heard the phrase, or maybe I made it up myself, but I think "Justice is blind, but sometimes it peeks".

And that is how I tend to approach all people and situations these days.

"The appropriateness of chance is astounding"
Friend Persephone

Yes to denominate something as alien is to invite prejudice into our already polluted minds. Yes you are correct, there should be another word, and there is, it is outsiders. It is a translation from the slatoian word Gedhe´ereth, meaning people from other places.

Until later comes now.
Dear Friend Transient,

"Gedhe´ereth" can you please give me a lexicon origin of this term. I am interested in such matters. Latin being my most familiar "base" language, I am curious to the meaning of the distinct parts of this term.

And of course the "religious" source of the word would be most helpful in my studies.

I like the word "visiters" or "travelers", but I sense you are implying a notion of historic importance by introducing this term. No?

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
RE: Life on other than ear, npot so fast..

Friends Persephone and Transiet 001'

I see by your vestments, that you possably do not hail from terra familar.

As told both in text as well as the text of Wendelle C. Steven's UFO Contact From Itibi Rha, there have been offworld settlements placed here, from a very long time back.

These settlements in compairson to the formal history tellings, of what and how events should run, is not run of the mill knowlege.

These are data bases within both other worlds as well as ship's data banks, which are not privy to library resources, for the common man here place on Earth.

If there is the abilites that I imagine you both have, then in time this knowlege should be revieled?

Can you tell me, in the non-confidential sence of the word Tran 001, what was the mega or tetrabyte storrage, of pre or current hourglass ships, that were based as nonconfidential publically known materials, on your former world please?

By telling us this information, at this now rare forum, this information would giver the reader a general idea of what certain offworld socieites would want?

Say forinstance in tradeing, the crystal memory lattuses of Atlantian erra ships, is almost about the same as a new double hard-drived fully top of the line Micron Delux Computer system, office grade pluss.

So if you can, what would be the storrage capacity, memory banks as well as processing capabilites, of pre and actualy first generation hourglass vehicles?

This is in para question, I wish in honoring Tran 001s request to leave blanks about Hourglass go and will honor this request by Tran and ask no questions on the Hourglass.

Thank you so much, you kind posters.

RE: Life on other than ear, npot so fast..

Dear Friend Daniel (Creddo299x9),

I can assure you I am of this "terra firma". At least as far as I know. Much of my "knowledge", if you can call it that, is sought and reached intuitively. I will admit to feeling as though I have been "contacted". But, by what, I can not attest with reasonable certainty nor evidence. I believe we ALL are "reached out to", but some find their way more easily, or naturally, or organically. I am not quite explaining myself as I would like. I do think a great deal of study, and thought is also neccesary. And an openess as well.

For what it is worth.

But, I also do have theories (and I am not entirely convinced of thier credibility as well) about origins of all huamity that might make us "visiters" on our own homeworld (EARTH) anyways, so go figure.

The appropriateness of chance is astounding.
RE: Life on other than ear, npot so fast..

Hmmm, visitations from other races outside our own. Perhaps that we doubt the very issue, that we feel that we have not 'YET' been contactacted or given conformation, well..it is all sound thinking.
We exist in a vat ( whihc is really really big0 and it is apparent that aliens only prefer to visit small communities in the Southwest, and conduct some pretty odd experiments...sorry, my wit is runnig slow this evening. Honestly, the truth be told, the odds of another race finding us..are well...pretty low. Our signals of life (radio) have yet to bely far enough out there..and unless there is a really bright bunch of guys living close by, we are shooting blindly at present. Whihc is not a bad thing! Its a start.
On the other hand, as previously suggested...maybe we are not considered ready to be approached. We are in the stage of a new era in recorder history, that threatens to repeat some pretty yucky things from our not so distant past. What race..if they have the comprehension to travel so incredibly, would realy want to sit down and have coffee.
As to the thoery that perhaps we are transplated species on the planet..I could wrap my head around that one, especially with the ideas of religion througout history and some other pretty WHACK_A DOO things we have created in the attempts to exaplin our existence. It would sure solve the whole evolution/Genisis psycho bable I deal with every day. A rib..come on..really...and the dinosaurs...don't give me that mis intereptation of the revelation becuase of Hebrew nonsense. Oops..different discussion....
OK, so what I'd like to suggest is that somewhere in our recorder histroy is a pattern of thought that may point out to something like the fact we may be form else where, or we may have been visited, or we may be a phenomena in the universe. We know life exists on other planets, but to what degree is it comparative to our own? Waht if we have been contated, but we are no more to them as the bacteria we found from mars is to us? Hmmmm..lots to think about..over beer....
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Well, I think that the universe is infinite, but that the matter within isn't. In other words, the place is infinite but the planets are not. Sot of if we had to much place.
Since there's too much writing that I couldn't be bothered to read, here's my 2 cents. (Sorry guys!)

There defiently is life on other planets, we knew that there was water on Mars for a good amount of time (I don't know why they put it back in the newspapers this time), and if there is water, there is life. Therefore, at one point, martians did exsist, who knows how evolved they were, maybe plankton, but still.

The question is, do other planets have religion?
That's a good one. One philosopher said "Even if god did not exist, we would have created him anyway" I don't think that's true, I think that it's just us.