"The future ain't what it used to be."




One of the principles laid down as a fundamental in these Teachings is that man is a microcosm, that is, epitome of the Macrocosm.

There is no process in this external plane of being which is not a representation in subordinate mode of its prototype functioning in presidential order in higher, inner modes of being. There can not possibly be any process in the subordinate which is not already in the transcendent and Supreme. this representation is an accurate reproduction from the highest, the Infinite Self down through all creation to man-woman.

Man-woman is a finite expression of the Infinite Self, manifesting him-herself in the outer, giving self-Consciousness to that Divine Idea, and becomes angelic by returning through higher modes of being.

Therefore, man-woman is the key by which to interpret the law of the Infinite Self, consequently by studying man-woman we may get some insight into the process of the Universal, "Man, know thyself and thou shalt know all things, as above so below," is not only true in fact but in substance.

A study of the conscious mental action of man-woman reveals that the process of his conscious perception flows through his nervous system in an efferent and afferent flux associated with his brain centre, while his life or vitality flows through him in a continuous flux by means of his arteries and veins, afferent and efferent also, associated with his heart as centre.

The dual unity indicated in the Infinite Self-Consciousness Life is thus represented in its finite units. In both cases the process is associated with a permanent flux. It will be seen that it is a subordinate representation of an antecedent Cosmic process pertaining to the becoming of the Macrocosm.

I am told that the Life process of the Infinite Self flows through the non-Self-Conscious Life in boundless space from Solar System to Solar System throughout the Universe, uniting all these in one unity.

This flux, or river of life, does not flow from physical suns to physical suns but from the great Beings and mighty Selves who dwell in the Solar Spheres or states, in the highest inmost and central state of each particular Solar System. It is evident that the Life process of the Infinite-Self flows through the boundless ocean of Eternal Life from Selves as units, and anterior in Cosmic order, to selves who are successive or following in Cosmic order, relating these in one transcendent unity.

From these Mighty Selves or Angels who receive this inflow of the Life Current of the Infinite Self, it is then mediated by them to the finite selves who are their offspring in the subordinate states of each of these Solar Systems, so in this way the finite selves in lower states remain connected with their own particular centre whence they emanated as finite units of the Infinite Self, in like manner as the great Beings remain connected with their antecedent centre. Thus all finite selves remain inseparably connected with the Infinite Self which is immanent in all, yet transcends all. This process is illustrated in man in a subordinate manner which enables us to form some conception of the Universe. The tiny yet powerful atom, invisible to the eye, is the exact replica of the Universe in miniature. This reveals the microcosm and the macrocosm of the non-Self-Conscious Life in action, formed by the Divine Will of the Absolute.

Further information reveals that the circulation of the blood in the external organism, which carries the Life quality to every part of the various functions and organs of the embodied man, corresponds to the ethereal Life Current in its circulation through illimitable space in which our Universe revolves, which absorbs the Life quality.

This Life Current is received from these inner spheres and gives off to the external globes what is required for the development of the forms of life embodied there; thence it returns again through the inner spheres to the central Fount to be sent forth again, renewed by that Infinite quality that is the Inscrutable, Indescribable and Unknowable, containing its omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent qualities. Were it not for this circulating current conveyed to us, we could not have self-Consciousness of our own.

This vast current of Life, I am told, is an actuality, and the future scientist and philosopher of Spirit will be able in some measure to trace its action so far as it affects the earths of our system. The question will no longer be what is truth, but what is Life? Even then, until the finite can gauge the Infinite, and until man can compass the Angel in whom Life is apparently differentiated forms is a manifestation, yes, even then Life will forever remain the inscrutable and incomprehensible as to what it really is. It will ever remain transcendent although living in its finite creation. It will be seen that the eternal flux of the Life of the Infinite Self, flowing through the Cosmos from Solar System to Solar System and thus connecting these up, flows to Mighty Beings dwelling in the Central States of these systems, and through them is mediated similarly by them to finite selves-their offspring-men and women in the subordinate states of these systems. This all finite selves are held in connection with the Infinite Self, each unit receiving and giving off this Life current to creation below it, and as each finite self enters the inner states of being, they evolve and expand into greater selves, uniting with Solar Angels in the formation of further expansion of the Universe in boundless space.

Our Self-Consciousness is obtained from the quality of that Infinite Self-Conscious Life which we inherit and, although differentiated in appearance, remains undifferentiated as to the Life itself, and as we pass through the earthly spheres of experience, we are perfected by virtue of that experience and will arrive at the stage when we will be conscious of our oneness with the Universal Life. It will be observed that it is this Life flux flowing into mankind which is the healing power spoken of by all the prophets, sages and saviours. This Life unites us with the Infinite Source of all Power in a continual stream which flows through man from the top of his head and out at his feet. Man's soul is the receiver of this Life which is electromagnetic in nature.

I remember a lady who became blind through sorrow. I was told clairaudiently to make her walk in the wet dew every morning with her feet bare. On the third morning she regained her sight.

It is these facts that enable us to acquire an understanding of the ways of God. Healing to most people is a miraculous thing but to those who understand it, it is a law of Life. It is only when we believe in disease and fear it, we close off the flow of the Life Current, while we sustain our conditions by virtue of our belief in them. This is proof that we are just what we think we are.

But as we learn more about the Cosmos we gain that understanding of what Jesus meant when he said, "Anyone who drinks of this water will be thirsty again, but anyone who drinks the water that I shall give him will turn into a spring of water welling up to Life Eternal." (John IV: 13, 14)

Mankind has not originated from matter as some intellectuals would like you to believe. their theories are very wide of the mark because it is mere guesswork, but not so with us who are acquainted with the inner workings of the process of creation.

It will be seen that our Solar System was condensed by the great Artificers of the Supreme, from His diffuse formless ethereal Life occupying boundless space, and that our earth, with its world soul, was formed out of the Solar Nebula by the actions of the same operators.

But the world, once produced, could not be abandoned and left to itself. In its embryo stage it required nourishing to enable it to develop even as a human embryo develops and continues to require sustaining, even as the human body does in order to live, and it will be shown how this was accomplished.

The Current of Life, ever-flowing from the Central Font of the Infinite Self, ever-flowing outwards to the operational point in boundless space and, after being mediated through finite selves in the transcendent state who act as relays in every successive, outer state of being in the Universe, returns again to the source of all Life to be mediated out again. This example is seen in the life of the tree. The life force flows up the centre of the tree and after it reaches the outermost leaves it returns via the bark to the ground. This process is continued and with such accuracy that not one single leaf is left without the life required to sustain it.

The Infinite Self-Conscious Current of Life is transformed down in degrees as it passes through each successive relay till it reaches the physical worlds and becomes densified into states of matter. It is this descending current of Life, ever-flowing from the Central Fount, that supplies the sustaining nutriment to the earth for its development and growth.

This Current acts upon the world-Soul previously concentrated from the diffuse life in space. This soul structure interpenetrates and supports the world and every living thing that exists upon it, thus proving every living being has a soul structure that is primary to the physical and will remain after the physical is discarded by the Self-Conscious Units of Life that hold it together. For the Life is held in unity in the Solar Angels through which the ever-flowing Life is mediated, revealing the true significance and meaning of the Spirit, Soul and body, the trinity in man. Jesus said, "As the Father has Life in Himself so He grants the Son to have Life in himself." We see here that the one Infinite Life, ever-flowing from higher states, is differentiated into germic units by the process of differentiation, determined by the Infinite Conscious Self in the Celestial Beings of our Solar System. The Life by which we know ourselves to be alive is that Life that is being ever-mediated to us.

There are inner states of being of which at present we know little because they are constituted in Life carrying more rapid vibrations that those pertaining to the Life of the external personality in which we at present have our being. Consequently, these inner states are transcendent to our perception at present.

As the units of Life of which we are, descend into incarnation in human parentage, so do we as units of life inseparable from the eternal stream of life, ascend after leaving our physical bodies, through the intermediate states to which I will refer later on. When Jesus on the Cross said to the thief beside him, "I tell you truly, you will be with me in Paradise this very day," he was referring to these intermediate states, for Jesus was born direct from the Christ Life incarnated in the Soul of the world, and knew the process of his incarnation as well as the process of his reincarnation back into the higher States of Being which to him had already been revealed; and it was this great truth he gave to the world but the world could not receive it, because of its belief in the things of the world. The world was unable to grasp the wonderful truth of the continuity of Life of which Jesus personally knew, because the Christ they did not know had revealed it unto Him, and it is the same power that is revealing the same truth again in a different form, but nevertheless the same continuity of Life.

Now these several states, or modes, or planes of being in our Solar System are constituted in Life carrying different intensities of vibration.

The more central or higher the state the more rapid and intense are the vibrations of the Life in that degree, the more external or lower the state the slower are the vibrations of the Life Substance in that mode of degree.

The differences in vibration entail that these states remain discrete (distinct) from each other, as consciousness is always correlated to the degree of Life to which it pertains; yet while consciousness functioning in the lower or outer modes of being can not see the forms of living beings in the higher states, except through certain conditions, they remain inaccessible. But the Life pertaining to the higher, through to the central state can interpenetrate the lower degrees of life and cognize it is that level. Consequently, our angel parents can know our life on this outer plane and, with this knowledge, we can co-operate with the higher, unseen forces waiting to help us at all times through a bond of Love that is not known to human experience.

This is a spiritual Law of which we have seen the effects without knowing the Cause.

We, who are living in the most external state, are confined to that state through our senses being a mechanism of perception built up of the Life Substance of that degree, and only responds to the stimuli that vibrate in unison with those of its own constitution.

We know that portion of the Universe to which our sense respond and as our senses respond to only an infinitesimal fraction of what really is, we recognize how limited our senses are.

When we realize the logical necessity of the Infinite Self as the basis and precondition of finite selves, as Self-Consciousness can have no beginning - time and process being in and for Self-Consciousness- we operate upon a law that reveals to us this higher power that we can use in our external existence.

We find ourselves as units of Self-Conscious Life, living here in this external world, and endowed with the faculty of identifying ourselves with the Universal, or of apprehending our unity as integral units of and in the Universe.

No human thinker has ever dared to formulate a theory with regard to the process by which the Infinite self particularizes Itself into finite unit selves. The leap from the Infinite to the finite has had to be left a blank and has remained an unbridged gulf.

But this information coming from entities who speak from actual experience of their descend and re-ascend, in the process of becoming, is therefore of the greatest advantage and of supreme interest to every living being upon the earth.

This information, I am told, has been relayed from one plane of Consciousness to another through finite selves operating on those planes until it is received on the outer in which we live.

I am told that there is no Law in this outer plane that has not its prototype in the inner archetypal state and plane. Our prototypal process occurs in the inner state of the universe in which our conception of separateness in space is transcended. The process in action is; as above so is it below, exactly the same; it is but a question of relativity.

The atom, tiny and invisible though it be, is really akin to the planetary system. In the centre is a positively charged electron, round it spins an innumerable number of negatively charged electrons. The same distance, relatively speaking, that separates the electrons, is in exact proportion to the distance that separates the sun and the planets. The same Law and action underlies both, the only difference is in degree. This shows that the Life Current, mediated from the Solar Angels to man on earth, is no more inconceivable as regards distance, than the action that occurs in the atom is identical to that which operates in our planetary system.

"I am Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end. I will give unto him that is athirst of the fountain of the water of Life freely." Revelation 21:6