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light speed



just as an aircraft has air speed relative to the air around it a boat has water speed relative to the speed of the water ie if a boat is travelling at 4 knots against a 4 knot current to an observer it is still would the same happen if a small craft was fired down a laser beam against the light? in a vacum? it would be travelling faster than light relative to the light around it.
as for other dimensions!!! your fooling your selves the same laws apply through out the universe matter does not dissapear it changes its composition and mass one day light speed will be achieved but the results wont be that amazing just expensive!!!!
Here exists one such craft that we may employ to travel at light speed.

The lightcraft is a revolutionary new type of transportation for use in earthbound transportation as well as space flight. The lightcraft takes advantage of beamed-energy technology, which allows the lightcraft to carry virtually no onboard propellant, greatly reducing its mass. Mass reduction allows the lightcraft to quickly and inexpensively reach speeds which are needed for modern space travel. Travel to the future with RPI's Lightcraft Design Class, and see how researchers are making the Lightcraft real today.
thanyou good site yes ive seen them being tested on a discovory channel but do you grasp my idea? it should be travelling the other way towards the laser perhaps in atube or tunnel or in space iether way it must be in a vacum the craft could then be said to have a light speeed relative to the light travelling towards it similar to airspeed