"The future ain't what it used to be."

Line Changes



OK, two questions. Although both questions are directly related. In my experience, for time travel to exist, it would have to take different routes or else it would not be possible. Otherwise, if time was on a continuous line, we would know. Things would unexplicably change. Lets say you're looking at a box of Cheerios and the guy that developed Cheerios was killed by a "traveler", the box would vanish before your eyes. Nothing like this ever happens. This means either time travel is not possible or time takes different routes.
No big whoop. Not real deep. So assuming it's possible, if you travel back in time, which route will you end up in? Probably the same. However, when returning, you will now be faced with several options. Will the option be available, or will you just be shipped down whichever route fate chooses? And if you can choose, how will this be accomplished?