Living your life over


Temporal Novice
If you could live you life over would you,and would you change anything? I would if I could change my mind ,and wake up in the present time. I hope this make sense. I would only make small changes. I know I would not get younger if I time travel in the past,and I know this post is not really time travel related. I hope you do not mind.I just thought of something.I might forget that Iam living my life over again,and can not change my mind,so my answer went from an yes to a maybe.
Yes, I am sure everybody wishes they could go back in time and change a small something. I certainly would like to back for just 5 minutes - that is all it would take to make my life better! If only there was a simple way!!
"If only there were a simple way"

Not was.

If the event or preposition is futuristic, against the odds or wishful, we use "were", not "was".

Geez... I have to correct everything round here

Yea well if I could change a few things rest assured I would NEVER have hooked up with that foo' woman that made my life a misery for 3 years of needless marriage! AY CARAMBA!

I would most definitely be working the conga line down in some tropical island! Sigh...

Time? Why have I wasted thou sweet nector?

If you like who you are today, you wouldn't want to change anything. Sometimes things are more complicated. 1998 was the best year of my life. The only thing that was not just about perfect was that the woman I loved had kidney failure. In 1997 she was given tainted blood which nearly eliminated any chance of a transplant. Her immune system cleared the antibodies in summer of 1999 about three weeks before she died. If I had a choice to go back in time, I would stop that transfusion and gamble that 1998 would still be a good year because without her no year in my future will ever be a good year again.

Living without the person who made your life worth living is not much of a life. When you lose someone who should have had many more years because a doctor made a mistake, it is especially hard.
Searcher and myself both want to go back because we want to prevent a person we love from dying - we really are genuine. Unfortunately there are many who want to go back for financial purposes or power. I even read someone wanted to go back to save his teeth!!!!

We are both determined and shall be looking long after many have stopped.