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Looking for Time Machine Diagrams / blueprints


Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone could perhaps steer me in the right direction (time zone) in which I could perhaps get a hold of actual documents showing the creation or detailing a possible Time Machine that someone was attempting to build?

Thanks for any help

I still fail to understand how any kind of device or machine is going to enable any form of time travel/temporal displacement!!!

All this talk of quantum physics, etc. is completely unnessesary, as any concepts constructable machine and indeed the laws of causality FORBID any TIME TRAVEL.

Please understand that any constuction of a "time machine" would probably electrically shock, totally annhialate or frazzle to bits the attempting time traveller. Ironically, this would of course, just like shooting oneself in the head, result in temporal displacment.


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Science Fiction has given us the idea of a 'Time Machine', and it is science fiction that keeps us there. I feel that it would very difficult to send matter including that of a person back in time (alive). An energy state is the most feasible way that I could see sending a person back in time...either electronicaly or Spiritually in the form of energy. Any physical matter would have to break the known laws of physics and the 'Time Barrier'. But, perhaps that is what it will take. "To re-invent physics and travel through time."

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Thank you all for your comments, they have been noted.

What it appears to me you also fail to see is the fact that I am not attempting to build a time machine but merely looking to obtain blue prints or any other diagrams detailing the building of one, or for the more fact-binded among us, the possible theoretical design of what one would look like. Yes, it may very well be science fiction that is KEEPING us here but if not for the FREE thinkers who are liberated to imagine such a machine the more enlightened ones among us would never even think or attempt to create new things, instead relying upon "chance" or "accidental discovery" for their findings. Twenty years ago I would never had imagined that "beaming" any matter let alone a human being from one location to the next would be possible, yet in a few back issues of Popular Science - there it is on the cover...the possibility...or shall I say "the reworking" of the laws of nature.

I am researching these matters merely for a story I am creating. Fiction as it was put...perhaps one day my story will be based on reality...after all if you believe in the bible...there IS mention of God turning back time in order for his people to win a battle. Strangely scientists at nasa can't explain why they have found a point in history where indeed TIME is missing by a day...

but then again the bible is fiction to some...go figure...

Very well stated! I only suggested my post not knowing your motives. But, what I should have included in my reply is that I would dare not ever say that a time machine is not possible. However I thought that if we tried
lesser or more practical methods available to
us here and now that it would indeed lead us to swift advancements as we better understand
the properties of time and our limitations if any in traveling through it. I do believe that this mystery of time will need to be solved in order to make any deep space travel
practical. And, you are correct in assessing that it is indeed Science Fiction that paves the way to Science Fact. I only suggest after greatly considering a statement made by another member that we should perhaps set aside at least some of our philosophies and start at the beginning. Very interesting statement about the missing day reference to the Bible. It's amazing that the more we may try to disprove God, the more He proves us wrong.
Have you had any luck finding a blue-print? I know that there are diagrams drawn up which date back to the late 1800's. We all know that they don't work but it's still interesting to view actual blue-prints of a time machine.
I'm sorry if I may have appeared a bit rude but I had just had a pip of a day and I guess this was the first place I vented.

As for finding actual blue prints etc, lamentably - no such luck.

If anyone happens to stumble upon anything of this nature (blue prints, diagrams, etc)please let me know. It would be greatly appreciated!

I have a few blueprints and now I am taking my own personal crash course in electronics/physics. I am an engineer, only in computers and when I built these, it was all modular. Since this is basically Tesla's Coil, I am trying to find a 6 amp neon transformer for the High Frequency Resonator or a core transformer for the High Voltage Resonator. I thought that I could modify a transformer that I had in the garage with a couple of rubbing plates and a witness well (dials too), unsure and I need the specs on this item as it is not printed on the case. The problem that I am having is determining the proper amount of volts out. The item that I have is 110 V which is what the schematic calls for in addition to 6 amp diodes. Any engineers here? I was getting help from someone in Copenhagan and I haven't heard from him, but I think that he was really looking for a girlfriend and I have a guy.

One last question that I had was how to add dials to select month, day and year.

For any gubbermint guys, leave me alone. I work for the DoD and have a life here. Get another victim. I only want to experiment. I could care less to change history.

OH well that's simple!
Just attach the whatsy to the hootsa and the thingymajiggy to the bobbinbajoggy. Careful though you don't want to ruin the voltimathangy by running too much current past it's wattamadosits...that would be plain silly...really..not to mention probably make your Guy leave and the gub'mint come after you!

hahaha....I'm sorry I tend to have a sense o' humor that some don't like. I'm just kidding with you because I have NO idea what all you've said means!....I'm just an artist...I like poetry and making 3d art...I'm basically researching some theories for my story I'm working on...but I'd love to see scans of your blueprints if you wouldn't mind! I would like to build a "Time Machine" in 3d if possible.

Cute! There it is again. I guess I get the veil act. As for art, I get inspired by early european traditional art (parents are european) and I am undertaking wood carving reminiscent of early russian/italian/french catholic symbolism.

Make a deal! I will give up the schematic if you get the engineer! Make it someone that knows what I am talking about. Just tell him that I am trying to modify a transformer (neon or core) with rubbing plates and a witness well and I will pick it up from there provided he knows his stuff.

EEK! Well, I guess that's the end of that! I don't know any engineers...sorry....sighhh...

Hmm...anyone out there know what she's referring to?

What is the true nature of time? When and how did time begin? Answer these questions correctly and a blueprint will be revealed to you. All you need to answer these questions is a free mind and a willingness to accept the truth.
Eh..who let the Quiz Master up in this mutha?...ok I'll bite you unregistered lil' dickens you..haha...here goes...

Time is a continnum made of smaller intervals between two points which are apparently unchangeable. That is what I believe to be it's nature, as for times beginning well for those that believe in the bible time may very well have ALWAYS existed just as God has always been..thus no beginning and no end to it. It simply has always been.

These are my final answers.

Yes...I am sure...these are my final answers.


Your answer are as good as any I have been getting, however, I am sad to say not correct. Had you answered correctly you would know that time travel is not and never will be possible. Therefore as an artist, any 3D image you create is as valid as any other. Feel free to let the artist in you explore the limits of your imagination. If you would like to keep your art within the accepted view. It only needs to reflect the ability to travel at the speed of light.

EINSTEIN was once ask, what is time, he replided: it is what your watch tell you!
Greentek and Time Master need to read Magi Physics
You may want to throw away your designs afterward because the physics behind them just isn't there to back them.


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