Make a meeting with yourself


Temporal Novice
Hi all,

I have had an idea:

Make/arrange a meeting with yourself, a meeting with a future self... literally.

If you are a soul, if you are eternal, then you have all time the world to try traveling in Time, and so to back from the future!

Did you understand?


Then... back!... return from the future!...

Think about it carefully.

Untill we meet again :),

"We must expand our imaginations to include the truth."
- Elia Wise
That reminds me of something humourous I remember hearing from my D.I. a long "Time" ago, while in boot camp.

We were all told to give our various reasons for joining the corps, and one private spoke up, and answered "To find direction sir!" and right after hearing this, the D.I. replied "Oh! thaaaaaat right, (pause) well priv, are you friken lost?"
Hello, I'm back trying to correct some mistakes.
I'm sorry, apparently my unhappy previous message was a whole disaster, hein?... Glup!:p
I think there was a problem of communication.
As I said before an another e-mail, I don't speak English very well (in fact very, very bad). So I think I didn't know to choose the correct 'words' to express the idea ("arrange", "meeting", "meet" or "encounter"?). I don't have a Teacher of English all day long.
I went somewhat precipitate for send that message without an appropriate verification of the word's signification.
So please don't take offence, okay? I'm not so bad after all... ;)

"I'm a good boy";-)

PS. But maybe the real problem be with the idea 'traveling back in time'(?). Maybe. I don't know... I think I'm going to edit the previous message.

"There is nothing so big nor so crazy that one out of a million technological societies may not feel itself driven to do, provided it is physically possible."
- Freeman J. Dyson
Marcelo, Your charming and truely Italian--they never stop talking wether they know the language or not! NO I'm not insulting you! That is the quality that makes women love Italian men and other men enjoy their company. As for meeting yourself in the future, If you did, the older you would remember the experience as a memory from youth and would expect the meeting so even though you thought you were saying origional things the older you would already remember them. Only the older you could offer some advise to you, such as don't forget to tie your showlace on september 12 of 2011 before you start to run down a staircase. It would also show you if you are exercising enough now or are you headed for a bad condition. One good thing, the older you could advise you where to invest your money now as he or she would know the future of the stock market. Did you ever see the Back to the Future movies?
Hi Mokrie dela, thank you for your kind message :)

]"Did you ever see the Back to the Future movies?"

Oh, yes, I did. That is a very, very good movie. It's a trilogy. And I am waiting for the next movie: Back to the Future IV...
Clik here, please:

Just some thoughts about time travel:

I think we usually think too linearly. If we are evolving till someday we transcend space and time, why wouldn't it be possible when this happens? Why wouldn't this be possible NOW, when we are free from this physical body in a state that time and space does not matter?
I guess time/space itself is an illusion. And if time/space is really an illusion, I do believe we can transcend this illusion sometimes and travel in time, even to meet ourselves in other times...
"Everything we don't know is to what we know at the same proportion of the oceon to a drop of water." (C. Flammarion, "Uranie"). So I do believe everything is possible. Indeed "the greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations."

Arrivederci ;),


"Believing is NOT enough. You need to KNOW. And if you INSIST that only crawling is possible you will NEVER FLY"
- Michel Desmarquet
Marcelo, I love what you said but I disagree that time is an illusion. I feel it is an intangable---that our perception of it is wrong. It is not linear as you said but a spiral of sorts, like a tight coil. Sort of shock absorbers in space. More then one, all side by side that some times touch at different points while contracting and expanding. Thus, dissappearing people once in awhile. They're alive someplace, just not here. And yes, I saw the Back to the Future trilogy and in re-runs too. Don't think Micheal J Fox is well enough for a 4th movie though. It's a real shame.