"The future ain't what it used to be."

Making Dough (Just kidding!)



I think that moving from one dimension to another is like making a dough. From 0d to 1d, you have to take a point and pull it and stretch it to make it a line, and then you pull and stretch a line to make it a plane, and then you pull and stretch the plane to make it into a space, and then you pull and stretch the space into a ...


Guess what it is?
I do not believe in the alternate dimension theory. The alternete dimension theory suggests that IF TIME TRAVEL WERE POSSIBLE even the slightest change in history would cause reality to split into a seperate timeline.
Time can be slowed down to a crawl. Using applied philosophy I have settled on two ideas; ONE_ Time cannot be stopped or reversed. TWO_ Time must never be stopped or reversed, BECAUSE of the TIMELOOP EFFECT (where time circulates between the two points through infinite) and/or the TIMEBOMB EFFECT calculating other dimensions(where, for example, you go back in time to kill Hitler... you would immediately meet another version of yourself who didn't know Hitler yet is there to kill a different Nazi leader...and then the two of you would meet another version, and another, and another, and so on into infinite. Even if there was other dimensions, there would always be a single focal point they accend back to (CORRECT?).
I view time travel as the ultimate destruction. I would enjoy some dialogue. I am seeking persons with knowledge of particle ecceleration and/or nearest to light studies, yet not nessecarily physics studies.