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This reply, withion relative time only, to the showing of the saids of universe people, is not a rebuttal, however a definaition.

Please these facts concerning these appearances of postings, as the seem oppresive and bogarting.

There is no mention of the contacts by Bettey Andreasson Luca and the sub-Angelics known as the Elders within Universe People's postings.

The format as promiced in the George Adameski's contacts, as well as Menenger's contacts, of one on one personal encounters, within a freer base of conditions is not delt with.

There is no rebuttal to the pictured large rock, being accompanied by a Pleiadean beamship, headed towards Earth in order to effects Earths normal daily progress, told of within the postings of the Universe people postings?

The Universe people do not, explaine the full linneation of said Jeasus, nor his said later travels into India, nor that the concept of Jesus, was that of a freer of the masses, so encouraging indivdual rights.

The example of this said, is that, you don't see aliens per-say landing near private homes, then walking to their doorsteps, asking people what they think and like as far as their general taste are involved.

So if this is true, then more than likly the Universe Peoples, as they approch the equation of alien offworld life forms, does not and never will deal with the equation of indivduality?

Earth people, outside the said objections of the Universe People, by and large as I have observed, do have a spituality and this may involve biblical, or otherwise moral belifs, that parallel any materials put foward at this time mark by the said Universe People post.

If this is the case, then why is there a refusal for the said offworld contacts by the universe people, to recognize our current abilites as Earth people, to profess our own morality?

There are lots and lots of irregularities posted within the content of the Universe People's posts, at this time mark.

At this time mark, as they posts, it seems that these definiative questions, have had no straight or direct answers to the statments posed, by this historical heiarchy time marker?
YOU really can't trust any of them they could all be lying. I think the facts are that nobody came to help us until they realized we had nuclear weapons. this is because they didn't care until the threat was likely to effect there worlds. thats like saying who cares if Johnny plays russian rolette as long as he doesn't point the gun at me. that shows a lot of compassion. Did you read the part about the reptiles taking people for slave and to experiment on. They don't need to expose themselves for that. there are plenty of people on this planet who wouln't be missed if they showed up missing. If they need humans so bad they could simply abduct a few and take them to there planet and make them have babies or for that matter clone them . We do the save to cows for food and more then likely we will be cloning cows in the future. they sound like there appealing to people who have no sence and maybe that is just the people they like to make contact with so they won't question there stupid antics. the DNA thats being changed is actually being turned back on because our dear friends turned it off a long time ago in order to gain control. clara
There has been a remote scan done on the nature of your reporductive system.

This scan was done at a distance of two centimeters away from the surface of the skin, penitrating down into the nature of the placement and function of these items.

This scan was performed to verify who you are.

No published data will come forth of this scan and all data therefoth, has been relinquished.

Others, I will not discuss this toppic matrter any longer with you, you are to terminate your intrest in the forsaid toppic and discontinue this conversation.
ok creedo how in the hell did you get that information. what alien group is channeling you this. I know exactly what you are talking about the question is who told you . And why must this subject not be discussed. I have my ideas about it. But I would like to know who exactly the perpurtraters were. Spill the beans man cause you know I could search the world over and find no one to believe my story all because its been set up that way right. if it has to be between me and you then email me at [email protected]

Why are you so concerned about this?

Does it have anything to do with you daughter and the moon disk shape that you found on her?

Do you possibly think that you have one of these disc in you?


P.S. why did you leave sonofbabylon hanging? He has a strong argumentive point about this new age religion that your into.
Why dont you debate it with him. He seems to be up on its origin and true agenda.

I also did check out all those sites you suggested and I am now fully educated on Z. Sitchen. And those double digits still keep plagueing the world.
cat there is nothing in my daughter leg it is only where they extracted DNA. I have my thoughts about what this will be used for but that will only be proven in the future. I honestly do not know why you think I am new age. I have read alot about it and there are certainly things I do not agree with. It doesn't however prove that they are not true. Most of that stuff is simply goofy. I do beleive the mind is very powerful and what you tell it to believe can have a very positive or negitive effect on you. I think some of this new age stuff is just a way to train the mind. Believe me New agers are harmless they will never get everyone to believe there silliness but if it helps them to be more peaceful citizens then more power to them. I would never enter into duality with another group unless I had very reliable information. Now the dark forces are another thing altogether. If you choose to enter duality with them you had better be sure of who you are and have some means of protection besides your mouth. YOu see they don't speak, only think and what great thinkers they are . They will move in slowing while there presence builds and then when you realize they are there it will be hell trying to get rid of them. YOu msut become aware of there presence then gently send them on there way. force will not work and the madder or meaner you get will just reinforce the hold they have on you . It takes much training but eventually you will be successful. clara
RE: To Clara...

You want to know why I think your new age? Well I didn't readily forget that when you first came on this site you were preaching go sister go! and I love you brother and piece to our ancestors from the sky!

And Clara, you seem to forget, I know all about these dark forces, remember my story about me being a landlord to a Ghost!

I know their capabilities and thats why I stay clear of channeling. However I cannot deny that when I sleep the gate opens into my subconcious. In one of my dreams that I had there was an angel guiding and directing me. These dark forces have no power in my dreams they cannot interfere or hurt me because its under the clause that deters them of my free will.

However, I have a superior natural psysic intuition this could have been passed down to me from my parents as they exibit some of these psysic traits. And if you can remember my story of my sister being in the car accident.

This baffles me! I know its not wispering voices in my head. Somehow my body is connected to my head or vice versa. When I know something is wrong I have a gut feeling or I get real nervous or I get a calm serene feeling. But all this originates from me, there are no other forces that come into play here. This happens to me on a daily basis.

RE: To Clara...

Yes I use my intuition also. But to deny the space brothers their say in the matter is denying there right to speak with you. You may choose this if you like. however I have chosen to speak with them and what they tell me could very well be the truth. You say you dream and see being protecting you . How do you know they are protecting you and if so is that not going against your free will to experience all that may happen on this planet. Say they save you from a car accident are they not changing your reality. you see the space brothers as everyone refers to them have a right to speak with me and I with them. they have told me things that will happen in the future. not because their time travelers but because their scientist. they are up there so to speak and we are down here. They aren't better then us just more advanced on the evolutionary perspective. They can basically see better then myself simply because of there location. And yes I was the one who started the contact. Because of the ufo issue. Not to beleive other physical entities exist in the universe would be rediculas at this point in time also there must be a reason for the secrecy. That my friend is what you should be concerned about. Maybe they have something they can share with us but if this happens the dark forces will lose control and cease to exist. Could this be the real reason behind the secrecy.I will tell you later what the dark forces did to me and then maybe you will understand. the only way to stop them is to become aware that they exist not deny them but confront them .I observe them walking in and out of people all the time and like I said when they do this I simply go telepathic and let them know I am aware of their presense. they hate this because they love there secrecy. they usually flee because it startles them so. Now thaaat they know I sence them they have challenged me. later clara
RE: To Clara...

sorry I had to leave to take my kids to school. YOu see the space brothers let me know of the dark forces presence. otherwise I would still be under there control. You see your government sold out to them back in the 50's. they exchanged some of us humans for technology. I was one of those humans who were turned over. I was very small and living on a military base as you will find out in the future most people who were abducted for dark purposes will turn out to be children of military personel. they used me as an incubater for there breeding schemes which is a long story and that is why creedo said something about my uterus. they implanted a tracking device on my ovarie which would signal when I was ready to be implanted. They could track me down anywhere . This went on for years with me being unaware of there presence you see they simply erase the memory. What I have found out is that they cannot erase it from your cellular memory. that can be accessed through hypnosis. That is what I found out when I went to the mountains for a year. they came and tried to do the same things again but I had been warned of there presence through the space brothers. the space brothers helped me bring up the memory and clear it from my system. the memories were just on the surface and they will cause terrrible post traumaic stress disorder if they are not cleared. The memories were horrendous and some I could not handle to well. I remembered them staring me in the face and that was probably the worst one. You see that is why I am aware of there presense because I have experienced them first hand . NOw I know there methods . I have reason to believe they are speaking at times through creedo. He basically told me to shut up about the uterus thing. they went through him because they can't tell me to shut up anymore because I am aware of there presence so they went through creedo. but guess what they don't tell me what to do. YOu can only fight them with your mind because that is what they are using. the problem with them is they have no idea what they are doing. they lost all emotion and they are trying to get it back by watching humans which will never work because emotion is not learned it is contained in the DNA of a species. They cannot have children and have been cloing themselves for eons. As you know when you clone something the material starts breaking down. Like a copy of a copy of a copy never is like the original. They are using human women in order to gain back the DNA. they are afraid to die and so they keep doing this. I am free from them now and have learned that once you gain your freedom you must not think of them anymore. If you focus on them it will bring the memories back to the surface . Its like viatnam veterns. Almost all of them have some form of post traumatic stress disorder. when they heal this they will have to relive it and release it from there system. They will have to forgive themselves and everyone invovled and move forward . They must train themselves not to let the thoughts reenter their minds. that is why it is so important for them to not drink or take drugs because this brings it all back to the surface. that is why I told leatherneck to ask for help. He has these issues and others that he may not know exist. Why do you think we have so many sick people in the world. Occasionally I will have a nitemare but it doesn't effect me as bad as it use to . YOu must be aware of them but absolutly do not focus on them. They will give you no peace and they will use you to try to gain back there emotions. being emotionally clear is the only way to stop them. think before you act watch your level of anger over anything. Watch your reaction to stimuli keep calm in all situations. Practice being in a calm state and they can't touch you. They will be here as long as we let them . they are desperate and will do anything to keep you in the dark about there presence. I do believe at this point they have taken over the government and are running the show. Like I said you will not stop them with your mouth . they will only be gone when we no longer harbor there thought patterns which are negitive. they also will not be stopped by brute force. You cannot reach them physicaly so you cannot kill them. Who better to tell you these things them someone who has dealt with them personally . If you still don't believe me well that is your choice. As for my children I have ask the forces of light to protect. I will give you a hint as to why they are refered to as being of light or why new agers use the term enlightment. It's as if a light bulb goes off in your mind illuminating anything that may be hidden there so you may bring it to the surface and discharge it knowing is very handy but not always pleasant.You see enlighment it not being perfect or getting to a perfect state. Enlighenment is knowing. And once you know you can never go back. yOu see no one can save you but yourself. the space brothers aren't here to save you only to help you to know in order that you may claim your powers over those that would manipulate you and use you under darkness ( meaning there presence is not known but held in secret). clara
RE: To Clara...


It's altimatly your choice if you choose to be this way in your relationship with aliens. But what I am openly against is their secrecy! what right do they have to invade our domain and privacy and have control over us hiding their true agenda!

I guese mainly what I am so upset about Clara, is the fact that weather good or bad entities, even the good ones that have manuvered and somehow altered my life in the name of protecting me, they ultimatly have control over me! I DONT LIKE THAT IN THE LEAST BIT! Come to think of it, I was a very rebelious child and I hated the fact that my parents hovered over me trying to protect me and monitoring everything I did! Do you know my mom made me carry a pager to a movie theatre when I was 28 years old!

Dont get me wrong I love my parents dearly! but what I have grown to dispise is the said control that had plagued me while residing in their house and even into my adult life away and outside their house, even up to now that I have found out that my life was changed and taking a new direction! a path that has controled me ever sinse involving a Time Traveler. Hense my name CAT-9 years. I fight constantly with a battle that is counterintuitive. This Time Traveler is wrong in so many ways but unfortunetly can not change the circomstances of how things came to be. Still knowing that it is wrong and is doing everything in known power to reverse it.

So where I am now I want to be left alone! I dont need anybodys juristictions. I am my own person, I make my own rules. My main purpose is to demote Time Travel and exsposing its control factor. Because I inevidably have seen the outcome in the eyes of this Time Traveler.

Who better to know than one who has seen?