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What kind of mathematics will be involved when we treat with the problem of time travel? I believe that there are bunches of equations and calculations involved like the lorentz transformation, entropy and some more. Could you guys tell me some more about it. Thanks! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif
Fung So,

How far along are with calculus and linear algebra? Quantum mechanics?

The best place to start is on USENET. Go to Google, Groups, sci.physics.research. You'll find a lot of useful information there to get you on your journey. Professors Toby Bartles (Cornell physics) and John Baez (University of California, Riverside math-physics) are the main moderators of the board.
time do not have a speed, time is speed!!so if any one can go as fast as speed will see us as unmoveable how could some one go as fast as SPEED it self?
But what kind of 'speed' does it refer to? speed of time?

Time is not 'speed'. I guess the 'speed' you meant in your previous message was not in the Physics definition of speed.

Maybe you thought that time was moving (i.e. it is now 2:44 pm then it will be 3:44 pm one hour later).

Many people who think that they are able to travel time will be crazy at some degree.

There are two ways of experiencing time travel:
1. Mind.
2. Physical.

With mind, you cannot touch the things in the future and in the past but you can see and maybe you can hear everything there in the future and in the past. The great example for this is Nostradamus.

With physical time travel, I do not believe people can do such thing although many dreamers wish they are able to do such thing.

Someone maybe able to come back to the past and go to the future but can they be in present time?
Would they like to be back in the dinosaurs era then they are not able to be back here in present?

Many people believe that Dead people can travel time (i.e. there is no time margin for these dead people). Hence if someone tries to stop their heartbeat for an acceptable time period (maybe 30 seconds) and subsequently someone else tries to electrocute the other person's heart so the person comes alive, then can the 'victim' tell us what he or she has experienced during his or her 30 seconds being dead?

Well time travel needs
matrix, partial diferental equation, bessel function. Fourrier or wavelet transform.
Diferental geometry, tensell.
And of course the simple algebre of the simple relativity.
But first you need to study realativity and quantum mechanincs at a high level. Alsa thermodinamics will be good to read. And in math a basic algebra book.

As for if time has a speed the anser is it has!!
Time speed is the same as light speed. Since time has the meaning of change and exchange of infos.
I realise that time-'speed' is the same as light-speed as in Astrophysics and Relativity.

However, that time 'speed' refers to a different 'speed'. When I wrote Time-Speed in my previous message, it meant the speed of time in the very common way. One single day means one full rotation of Earth on itself (24 hours). One single day maybe of 16 hours only in another planet. Hence, Time does not have speed! It depends which planet you live on. In another word, PEOPLE INVENTED THAT ONE SINGLE DAY SHOULD BE EQUAL TO ONE ROTATION OF A PLANET ON ITSELF. If I were able to come back somewhere in the past and told people there that ONE DAY IS EQUAL TO FIVE ROTATIONS OF EARTH, you then would in the time being say that one single day equals 120 hours, right? The 'Term' 'Time' did not come out itself naturally. Human beings invented that one single day should equal one rotation of a planet on itself.

With the idea, you may be able to faster the Earth rotation on itself in order to get into future but still, the date maybe different but you are neither older nor younger. But I do not think this idea will work.
Time speed is something diferent. There is a rate at wich time pass.
And that is the quanti of time that is. And is a function of quantum space and the max velocity that infos can be exchanged that is the speed o light c. The speed of time is around h(the plank constant with a good aproximation). The quatiazation of space is changed from place to place, so does time. All we see is n*(qt) where n is intiger or n E N, (qt) the quantum time unit. Of corse here it seem simple to see it but with strict maths is not that simple.