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Matter\antimatter paradox theory


Matter\\antimatter paradox theory

For every micron or so of antimatter in the universe there exists an equal amount of matter,and vice versa. by drawing a syllogisim which contains E=MC^2 one one side and Radical divided by m equals negative E we discovered that if we can displace either type of matter on one side of the equation then it will have an equal and opposite
effect on the other side.
Now here comes the tricky part, draw the two circles from the aforementioned syllogisim as
spheres with the two previous equations in the middle and chart an event such as dropping a pencil and the equation will show an equal and opposite displacement for either side of the equation.
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Whats a syllogsim?

How many microns does it take to make a gram of antimatter?
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Is a micron a quantity of mass or a distance?

Research the long-lived kaon reaction... CP symmetry is broken and more matter than antimatter is generated.
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This is kind of funny - "create a deductive scheme of argument, draw circles around it, and drop a pencil through it."

Draw a syllogism and then draw a circle. I like it.