"The future ain't what it used to be."

Meeting a preson of the past

I would like to meet Albert Einstein in person and shake hands with him, thanking him for the birth of the general relativity theory, which indeed, has given me much of thought.
by the way, can you tell me more about anne frank? i'm not quite familiar with her, you see. Thanks. :)
Anne Frank was a Jewish girl who hided from the Nazis for two years,before been found.Shw wrote a dairy about her life in hiding.It was publish some years after her death.She died in a Nazis camp,about a year after been found.

I would relish the opportunity to meet and spend a few days with members of the Continental Congress before July 4, 1776. To hear them talk of the country to come and their dreams for a future America. Most interestingly of all would be Ben Franklin, whom I would suspect might be a fun guy to kick around with Philly after sundown! Ü

Tempus Edax Rurum
I would just like to obviously meet the person I love most in the world again and save them - no one is more important to me.
I would try to save "Hopefuls" lost love. I wish one of us could my friend. If I had a second go round perhaps Elvis...ha, really!
Thanks KR - my lost love is in fact my little boy who died from being misdiagnosed. I have never felt pain quite like this and I will keep searching for now.
I would like to meet Albert Einstein and tell him the dangers of releasing his last theories to the scientific community. Telling him what happened with the Philadelphia Experiment and making a timeline where it never existed.
Albert Einstein was a man that greived over his Atomic weopon once he relized what it could do. He would listen and respond accordingly.
I would like to meet myself and save myself, I have been suffered for mistakes I have made. And of course if I have the second round back in time, I would love to help our friend, hopeful... I know how you feel