"The future ain't what it used to be."

Meeting men of the future



I`m a spanish girl, so I want to apologise if there are many mistakes in my writing.
I would like to know if someone is preparing an encounter with the men of the future.
I heard that someone tried it in 1982 for he thought in the future there would be time machines to travel to our age.
I would be very grateful if somone could give me any information of the kind.
Thank you,
Miss Caswell
Hello to you too Miss Caswell, welcome to the Time Travel boards. Allow me to introduce my self, I am a Spanish boy, I mean MAN
. You can call me TimeTravelActivist, Enforcer of Time, or J.C.

I am a harsh critic of those who accept Time Travel as all just something good (so let's all get on the bandwagon -1 sided supporters), or would support a Time Traveler.

In other words, manipulators and those that exploit situations/people for their selfish ways.

Now you made a very interesting request; and I'd just like to ask, why would you want to know if anyone knows any information about when to expect an encounter with a man from the future?

Why, you want to be there?

Don't think I'm going off base here with the subject of the thread, after all, it does state "Meeting men of the future."

It sounds to me, that what your really saying is that you want to "meet men of the future."

Is it just me, or do some women just have the weirdest fantasies? I can understand how they may be attracted to men in uniform, or would like to meet a spaceman to take them away.

But a man from the future?

That's a new one to me...

Meetings boys in the present can’t be all that bad. But then again, I wouldn’t know.

By the way, I was only playing around with you, welcome to the boards
. I hope you stick around, we need more Spanish people around here.

-Javier C.
Well don’t let me tell you better about what kind of men to date. I really wouldn’t know, so your right, I never been laid.

Being laid with woman on the other hand, is a different story
and a private one. A gentleman never tells.


P.S. I’m sure you’ll find a partner someday
My request was very serious and not in order to meet any kind of man.

I`m really very interested in this topic. I know that about 20 years ago it existed a society named "Crononautic society" which wanted to convoque an encounter with the men of the future. Their theory stood on the believe that in the future time machines would exist for it would be possible for the future men to turn up. In the future they woukd have notice of this encounter of the past, wouldn`t they?

Any piece of information about this matter would be gratefully received.

Thank you,

Miss Caswell