"Meeting yourself " By Blair A.k.a Dj Tripper11:11


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\"Meeting yourself \" By Blair A.k.a Dj Tripper11:11

Meeting younger self aged 11.

I was between the ages of 7-11 in the lounge room of my perants home at 7 Sharrock drive Dingley Melbourne Australia the time was between 6am and 11 am on a Monday or Tuesday i was born 1967.

I remember the cleaning men were driving there truck down the street and they were making a loud noise.
As i was sitting in the lounge waiting for them to drive out the front of our house i remember the rubbish bin was not put out the front the night before, then a man dressed in black walked up the driveway and waved at me i thought it was the rubish man coming to get the bin and take it out the front.

But to my surprise he never showed up again the ribish bin men came and went and the rubish was still were my father had left it the night before.

Now im 36 and i feel it was me i meet that walked from the front waving to my younger self in the lounge waled to the back gate and jumped over the back gate and walked in the back yard jumped the other fence into the vacant lot and walked out the front again never to see him again.

The point to the story is make shaw the rubbish bins are put out the front so when the cleaners get up early to clean up our mess they dont feel like they are wasting there time when the ribbish bins are not out the front for them to clean.

Meeting older self.
Its a feeling i cannot descride. Its every emotion all at once.

Question? Am i a Time Traveller.
Answer. I do not know !!

Best Regards
Hope to time travel one day and help keep the universe clean.
Re: \"Meeting yourself \" By Blair A.k.a Dj Tripper1

Hi Blair,

What a fascinating experience! /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif

I am thinking that you perhaps miscaught the person's identity. He might be a different person who looked as you in some manners.

And, I somehow have a feeling that "Self-Paradox" will prevent such experience to happen. Probably it has to do with another dimension and ""Universal Law".

Cheers, mate.
Re: \"Meeting yourself \" By Blair A.k.a Dj Tripper1

You may be right but its the one event that has put me on my time travel time line that and a few other events.

I feel if you travel past you birth date you will just drop dead on the spot your body will become a missing person who cannot be adentified.
excuse my spelling and grammer

Till now become then.and my mined stops.