"The future ain't what it used to be."

Messages from the future.

Only in dream state. I have seen things in my dreams that ended up actually happening an hour or even days later. In one dream my watch had fallen apart on me. After I awoke, and hour later I was adjusting the time on my watch and it fell apart on me!!! Freaked me out. What's worse, that wasn't the last time strange dreams became reality.


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Dear Doctor,
You have said before in your other posts that the feilds you were using for time displacement was having an effect on your dream state. I would like to know more about this. I also am dreaming of the future but I am not working with any feilds at all. but my dreams state is altered somehow. to the point where I am going to other dimensions in my dreams. The one time I went to 2003-I remeber it was 2000 with a three on the end of it. either that or 2023. I know this because I checked the calender that was hanging on the wall. Thinking they were just dreams I am now having doubts. This is not the only strange thing that is happening .
I am afraid if you keep it up your reality is going to be seriously altered.
My brother said he was on a Navy ship that was doing experiments and he said when he was sleeping on the ship all of a sudden he felt funny and he swears he went to another dimension in his dream.

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i have read a colection of books witten over 2000 years ago by many writers and it has told me the future but not dates. it is like some dreams that you know that you had them but you don't rember the dream. it does tell the furture events. and some of the writings are over 3000 years old.
some time you have to look at the past ot see into the future.
Pamela, I've had a dream of being in the year 2023 too. I remembered to write and summarized it once I woke up the day I dreamed it. And I have posted it up on my website if you'd like to read it.

Here is the link to it. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/9822/harveysdream2.html

And here's the link to my journal page of my website. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Atrium/9822/journalpage.html

I forgot to place the link it in my main page the last time I updated it. Please let me know what you think. It's truly weird, I think. Cause I went to the year 2004, just a year off from yours in the dream. Let me know if the dates are correct and what you think Pamela. This is just to much to call it coincidence... Again =). If you know what I mean. Thanks a lot Pamela. I'm glad someone doesn't think I'm crazy.

Yours Truly,
Javier C.
Javier-we definitely need to talk.
I also was in Arizona and I went through a portal when I was there.(in a dream) Infact ,I sent the information to Doc, the other guy that is on this board ,thinking maybe the technology I described could help him in his research.(he is a really nice guy.)
I will be writing you about the experience and sending you a picture of myself.

heck-maybe we know each other. who knows....stranger things have happened.
sincerely, pamela

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