Meteorite Supplements


Temporal Novice
I am currenlty creating a more advanced form of supplement. I have always held to the theory that "The more diverse your dietary intake is, the more diverse of a person you become". Who knows maby, gradually, your thinking will also become diverse. The first meteorite supplements will include:
(List of Meteorite supplement source material)

1.)Dar Al Gani 476 (Mars Meteorite)- A known meteorite from Mars.
2.)Bilanga- Origin from a comet. Origional sample contains unknown white inclusion at the core.
3.)Tagish Lake Meteorite-From an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. This Meteorite material is likely to be even older than the solor system itself.

Current plans are under way to add the following (additional) Meteorites to the above.
ALH84001, NWA817 And A "CRYMS" containing material that was terrestially located below a cave in Mexico. This material is of extraterrestial origin is said to contain over 250 million year dormant genetic DNA.