"The future ain't what it used to be."

Mind Power For Parallel Universe Travel


Try travelling to parallel time lines using mind power. Try some sort of dowsing
technique to try to travel through parallel time lines. After some weeks or years
you may get some results at night time when you are asleep. You may be
dreaming that you are waking up from sleep. You may seem to have travelled to
some other parallel time line or universe temporarily. Parallel universe travel or time
travel may happen at night when most people are asleep to minimize their affect
on reality. Once I tried pendulum dowsing techniques to obtain lucid dreaming.
Lucid dreaming is when you know that you are dreaming. By lucid dreaming
you can control your actions in a dream ans so possibly travel to other parallel
universes. Many years later I tough I was awakening from sleep. Then I saw or dreamed
of a green vortex column of light which was like a small tornado of smoke lit by a green light.
I looked out one window and saw that outside morning light was bright and I looked at another
window and saw my neighbors bright orange lamp. Later I realized that my neightbor
did not have a bright orange lamp at that particular location.
I was probably dreaming that I was waking up from
sleep and was still actually dreaming, or perhaps I was temporaily travelling to a parallel universe
due to dowsing.
When a very small mass like an electron has on it a small net force and very low
velocity or kinetic energy, the mind may have an affect on the small particle motion.
Maybe this motion can be amplifed with crystals for time travel. Experiments have been
done to try to affect the outcome of electronic dice or coin tosser with mind power. This may
work because of the small force required to change the outcome of the electronic coin toss.
Perhaps the mind can control a little of reality.

I'm usually pretty conservative when it comes to theories like this, but I agree that the "mind" must have some influence on reality or we would not be able to affect it.

I know of no reason why this ability to affect our path through time should have any limitations.


There are two possible views on this. We must be able to control some aspect of our physical being, or we must be mere observers of events. If we consider ourselves to be observers of events, then there would be no reason to try to predict or alter events, since alteration would be impossible. Therefore, to have any real discussion of ... well anything (the purpose of discussion is to exchange ideas that might help us better predict or alter events)... we need to assume we can affect reality, if only by minute alteration of the electrical activity of part of a single neuron in our brain.

This affecting of reality may be miniscule but it counts. It is odd that a single mind should be limitted to a single physical entity, and it makes me wonder if a "mind" might be a type of temporal phenomenon that attaches itself to a physical particle.
Re: timephasing my friend

Friend Leonard of EarthTR125.0121

What you explain is very similar to the timephasing technique. By timephasing the observer strives to arrive to the Prime Temporal Point from where it can achieve sixteenth dimensionality, from there on every reality is pretty much accessible. However to achieve this it represents many years of practice. For example if one where to timephase one would have to first understand what reality is. To the best of my knowledge reality is composed of two main variables. What is not and consistency. In one enormous universally expanding side you have all the possibilities that could may have been but were not. In the other infinitely curving over itself you have the consistency of the facts that were. When one compresses these notions and all that it pertains to it into coherent thought that person had achieved a clear understanding of what a particular reality is.
The funny thing is that the veils between realities are so thin yet almost unbreachable. But practice, practice, pratice.

Until later becomes now.
Re: timephasing my friend

I dont see how our mind could have such an effect, I feel that we can only have a physical effect on things?.....prove me wrong?