Miracles in the bible explained

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What was the burning bush? High-tech napalm on a wire "bush". What about the blind seeing, ask the doctor who invented eye implants. The crippled walk after undergoing surgery. How did nobody notice the treatments taking place? Simply put, the patient was knocked out and magicked away only to return after a time journey.
so your trying to tell me that they had a cure for blindness, coreective surgery for cripples, napalm, in that era? oh, no, that would be ridicoulus! They had time machines! of course! I cant belive in 2000 years nobody relalized it! Its ingeniuss!

i have to say you are one of the most stupid, ignorant, and worst critics of the bible IV EVER HEARD!!!! your "explanations" of miracles are just as far fetched as the miricle itself!!!!! how can you possibly think people will take you seriuosly?!?!?! you aught to be ashamed!
Pamela of the Anomaies.net and creedo299 probably had intercourse, however not within the biblical sence, as a result of their missing time, so making a child.

So this one peice of information give veracity to the claim, that there is more than one reality.

So creedo as looked at in the classical way of referencing to him, as a polyandrous bastard and has more than one wife and child.

What else is new in this space time dimension?

I still read and revier my bible, however listen to clara as she is a saving grace here at about Time Travel Inst.

I'm sorry, this is the truth.
I thought Mop was the only moderator in here.

Who are you?

So are they still talking about Titor over at that anomalies site?


They know if I could, I would have put a stop to them months ago.

I’m the TimeTravelActivist, it’s my JOB!

Their just lucky their moderator is biased and supports what they are doing.

It’s “Finding the truth” is what they said… More like putting a spin on being Titor worshipers, without having it come out sounding so bad

And if that’s not the truth, “prove me wrong”

What's going on here!?

I only knew Pamela via the internet and not in the physical sence.

Someone else has my handle and is publishing items that may not be true.

Role call, who is who here and as was said before on the Thomas Dehn web site, how can Mr. Dehn be both an occidential and oriential via photos published?
I read my name so I thought I would type in. do you think Jesus wants to be worshiped. the dictionary says worship means to pay homage or adoration to a god or gods,excessive admiration. We don't need that we need help, were dying down here. What good does paying homage do. Johovah wanted to be worshiped not Jesus. Who ever came up with the idea that Johovah was Jesus's father .He never said that. Jesus said he was God and thats why they killed him. Master ,claimed his power, not over others but over himself and was trying to teach us the same but of course us humans got it all screwed up. Maybe its Johovah who is doing the time traveling not Jesus .I'd watch out for him he's a shady character ya know. religion is a dead end invented to control the populace. We don't need to be controled we need education.
If you don't believe the statement released by Chris, then "God" has you right where he wants you. This man from the future has a great understanding of human psychology. He knows how to captivate audiences with his miracles that are merely surgical operations from the future. Even I, Satan, am a man from the future. There is no such thing as an exorcism. I simply control my victims! All I have to say is that if you don't even consider this statement, then you are not willing to open your mind to new ideas. After all, this is the Time Travel Institute, isn't it? BEHOLD THE ANTICHRIST!
As if we are suppose to take the advice of a dumb @$$ claiming to be Satan? We don't have to consider anything you have to say. Much less put up with your crap. Go back to Hell! Or else I'll make you wish you did when I told you to.

Bytheway, tell your daddy Satan Sr. that I'm coming after him, and that revenge will be mine!

Sign -TimeTravelActivist
Satan, I know how to make Holly Water!


You should be able to figure this one out, you do it with records.

Heres another on for you pal!


satan? you couldn't fight your way out of a paper bag. Dark forces do exist but it is more of a group energy. Yes people do bad things but it is usually because they are mentally ill. An evil spirit is usually your own. Evil energy usually comes from a group like the KKK or The part of your government that may act out of fear. All evil energy is based on fear . Lose the fear and you disband the energy. Would't you say that most KKK members are in actuality scared of black people, thats why they form groups because there is protection in numbers.

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