Missing Time!


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Where did I go? :
*Missing Time - Contactees, Abductees & Experiencers
Do you have Missing Time Events? Ever needed to come forward and share your experiences and have them validated? We have an online group meeting the last friday each month getting together and processing together.
The Missing Times
*Parallel Universes *Sources of Silence *A Brief History of Lies *Perception Management *Editing History *Creating the Pseudo-environment *New Media, Old Methods *A Journalist's Guide to Covering the UFO Controversy - News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-up is the story of how elements of the U.S. government, using standard methods of censorship and propaganda, as well as covert ties to well-known news organizations, attempted to hide the existence and activities of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) from the American public. It is based on hundreds of sources, including original interviews, news accounts, books, magazine articles, television and radio broadcasts, academic studies, and government documents. The Missing Times is 376 pages long including end notes and the cross-referenced index.
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soon we shall all discover the truth."
I had asked you to keep quiet about this, as this is a secret boit boit matter and not for public consumption?
wow! that is so cool. Is this what is refered to as a plasma ship. I have never seen a picture that looks so real. I love it.
could be a fake though . Lets hope not. I'd love to fly one of these. clara
To me it looks like some piece of jewelry, on a black background and magnifiyed til it is distorted, no offense to you of course, just sharing my view.
Doesn't anybody know the BAD YEAR BLIMP when the see it?

Oooh, thats bad. Let me try to give you your clicks' worth...

For information leading to the where-abouts of my missing time. It was lost some where between 9 pm and 5 am. The last thing I remember was telling this big black dude to "Kiss my_______" He must have thought I said "KICK my______".

Well when I woke up I was fightin mad. I told his friends that I was about to sue the pants off the whole bunch of them. Thats when they very kindly explained to me that what really happened was that I had been abducted by aliens. They searched for hours and finally rescued me just before day break. Day break! Heck I thought it was still last night. Like I say thats 8 missing hours. Ooo, it just gives me the creeps wondering where that missing time went to, and more so WHAT IS THAT TIME DOING RIGHT NOW IN MY ABSENCE?

What do you >say< to your long lost missing time when it finally comes back? I'm sorry I beat you? (What you beat YOUR OWN TIME?) Oh hey I've got a pretty full schedual these days and can't fit you in? On second thought just keep the 50 bucks and the time too. Maybe I could pass off 20 or so years of my miserable life this way hmmm.

I know your affraid of the spooks and all, but next time try not to sleep with the blankets over your head!

It causes hallucinogenic nightmares with loss of oxygen to the noggin!

So pay up Mister! $50 smackeroos please!!!

That picture kinda reminds me of someone who might have left their chiken pot pie in the microwave a bit too long.