"The future ain't what it used to be."

Missing Time



I dont know where this information falls but I gotta get it out, so with out further ...

Back in 1994 I was discharged from the Navy, and I wont get into those details, thats another story. I was stationed in Lemoore, Ca NAS. I was a Yeoman for the Hospital on the base and I worked directly for the Captain with two superiors in my office. I was at the time what you would call the low man on the totem pole. I used to collect messages classified, & secret they wouldnt let me get TOP SECRET, but anyway I saw some with some well subjects with Extraterrestial Aircraft as the subject, enough said. Eventually they wouldnt let me collect or read them any more, but I still had to go while my superior walked with the brief case handcuffed to his wrist. But I'm just going to leave that alone, cause I dont know who's reading this. Well anyway after I got out of there, I had to drive back home ot Virginia cross country, now I had already drove cross country twice, and Im a damn good driver. But on this particular trip back I found my self getting pretty sleepy, usually when I drive and get sleepy I immediately pull over and get rest. Well this time I found myself gettin sleepy, but I distinctly remember never pulling over. I was awoken by a large mac truck, or rigg driving by literally shaking my car from its passing and the wind and all. I was perfectly asleep and I NEVER! pulled over! My window was slightly cracked, my seat belt was on, my doors were locked, and I had only been sleep for what had to be maybe 20 minutes. I would say this is just a lack of memory of pulling over or Something happened I dont remember. First of all there aint [censored] in New Mexico and I dont fall asleep in the middle of the day and park my car perfectly without remembering and go to sleep for 20 minutes, last but not least, which may be pretty stupid, I NEVER WEAR MY SEATBELT. Especially when I pull over to go to sleep! because its just too damn uncomfortable. Now I dont know what happen but that to this day is one of the wierdest days of my life, it happened 10 years ago! If it were nothing why do I still think about it. I thought about doing a regression to see what happen to me for real that day so I can get peace, what do you think, lost of time, aliens, or just some bullcrap. Im willing to take any possible ideas about what happened.Aliens? Lapse in memory? Foul Play? I dont know, should I get regressed to find out what happened. I'm kinda scared to find out for real. What should I do/ Chess_sess
Re: Missing Time and Bill Clinton

I very gladd that you had asked this question.So getting right to the point.....

Well you see how the said happening in the oval office had occured, is that Clinton was eating a German sausage and having a cup of coffie.

He was dictating at the time and the then President Clinton does get dramatic durring his dictation periods.

Well' anyway, what had happened was he was starting the sentance, "And more Americans should have..", swung around and with the verve that he was saying things, spilt his coffie on the oval office rug.

Ms. Lewensky was shocked at the puddle of coffie on the rug, immeaditly bent down to blot it up with some napkins that were on the president's desk.

Well you see, there were some of the secret service agents, who had been watching what was going on and at this moment precisley, a ray of sunlight came into the window and obscured Ms. Lewensky and the president, making it appear as if the german suasage he was eating, was something else.

At this time the presdient even has asked Ms. Lewensky, if she would care for a bite of his sausage.."You believe this don't you?

Kinda like any UFO sightinmg that you read or hear about, as there are no aliens, there is only republicans, deomcrats, independants and communist, wherever they hang out??

So nothing really ever happened in the oval office, that Ms. Lewenskie's Friend From Hell, Linda Tripp got all excited about, it was only the good president having the effects of his spilt coffie and sausage cleaned off.

"I personally don't understand where they get all these fasicist lies anyway"?

As for yourself, you probably got tired, pulled over and don't remember doing such.

I mean its like Pee Wee Herman going into a blue theather in Los Angeles, with a raincoat on and being arrested.

One can never be sure when it's going to rain in Los Angeles, when there's been a dry spell for God knows how long.

He was probably cold and wanted to wear the London Fog, in order to protect himself from the cold?

The other people attending the theather with ten gallon hats and hand lotion, well' were just western wear cloths officianados and took the hand lotion along to keep their hands moist, from a hard days work, ropping cattle and such?

These were art movies however and you know to this day, La Docea Vita has still never been sucessfully translaited?

Let me ask you one question, does Maple syrup, or frozen strawberries right out of the package frighten you so bad, that you have to run to another room and hide?

If this is your situation, then you were probably frightened by your breakfast, at an early age???

One last question before I tell you something absurde, such as attend the services of a regressive hyponosis psychiatrist, or hypnotist or something else in confidential stupidity.

You had said that bullcrap had or was involved with your missing time?

I very carefully have to ask you this now and this can be found out in the privacy of your own barn, are you absolutly sure, that this was bullcrap and not some other type of dung?

Please very carefully try to recall, as not all s**t is the same; I mean there is your cow pies, long turds, big and small plops, (I can't figure out what did that?, kind-a turd), litterly, there's all kinds of strange s**t put there and I would be supprise if some of it wasn't animaited.

You know, s**t that moves on its own power and attacks at night?!