"The future ain't what it used to be."



As you may already know back in the early 50's I was serving in the united states army during the Korean war.I was nver shipped out of the United states and served most of my tenure with the army on Montauk island, Montauk island was a research base they were more famously know now adays a center for studying the effects of drugs on the human mind and also hypnotic suggestion.

During my tour of duty with the Montauk island naval guard , I was awoken late at night to a high pitched sound in my ears, when I tried to move I found I was strapped to a table and had a large helmet type thing on my head, not only was I bound to the table but I was on a I.V drip of some clear liquid into my arm named L.S.D . At the time I had no idea what was happening and was just confused about why I was being held down. Sometime later I blanked out...

When i achieved clarity I found I was listening to a repeated sound in my head, through the helmet, I was all bunched up on the floor of the room and apparently I was very scared. My clothing was wet and I kept hitting the floor , the helmet continued to repeat in english a continued sentence. I couldnt decipher what it was. I was really messed up on the L.S.D now that I think about it.I dont remember anything after that brief bit of clarity.

When I awoke I was in my room. A couple of months later I quit the army. I have never talked about that time with anyone.

I mention it because I believe I am a survivor of expirements with MK-Ultra, and my constructed reality of being visited by a being called XANADAR is a result of my post-hypnotic suggestion.

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