Molecular cohesion is the key

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Todays time travel theorist all present models that would require enormous amounts of energy to solicit even the slightest changes in time. Although these theories are very well founded and valid, I personally feel that these ridiculous amounts of energy are not necessary to move an object through space/time. If one were to look at this problem as though time were a mighty river and our position in space/time was a raft adrift in the current, modern theorist appear to be trying to stop and reverse the flow of the river in order to reverse time. This of course is not practical. The foundation of my space/time manipulation theories are based on the manipulation of molecular cohesion. So what does molecular cohesion have to do with space/time? Simply put, molecular cohesion is not only the "glue" that binds the universe together, I believe it to be the binding force of our reality or particular place in space/time. VIA the manipulation of the energy levels in molecular structures, I theorize that temporal "high" and "low" pressure's can be created. Moving an object through time, very simular to the way in which an aircraft's wings give it lift. Again using the "mighty river" analogy, the rivers force is molecular cohesion. Lower the molecular cohesion (mass density) around the raft and the raft would not flow with the rest of time. Events in the past would begin to flow by the raft. Increase molecular cohesion (mass density) around the raft and the raft would flow faster than normal, into the future.
This is a good idea but there is one question i have to ask. That is that there is a certain amount of matter in the univers and you cant create or destroy matter, so if you went back in time you would actualy add to the matter that is supposed to exist in the universe so would it matter if we added to the amount of matter the universe is supposed to have? I have a theory about a way to get around that. It is that when we would go back or forward in time our molecules and atoms stay in this time (by exploding or something) but when we would appear in the past or future, if we could find a way to take stray molcules and atoms from the matter around the area we were going to appear in (in the past or future) we could reconstruct ourselves and we would be in the designated time we wanted to go to without adding to the universal amount of mass.
Your thinking is correct to a point. In accordance with the "bucket principle", it is true that we can not add any mass without overflowing the bucket. Traveling to the past would not add (or subtract) any matter. It is not a different universe! Just a different energy state. The matter in the past, present and future are all the same, they coexist in different energy states. Just as a 1957 Chevy may now be a 2002 Honda. The exact same atoms, different time frames. It is only the energy states that change.

The further we go into the future, the less energy and mass density. The further we go into the past, the greater energy and mass density. This statement is not "my rule", it is just the way it is. Each molecule that makes up any event in time has it's own resonant frequency, relative to that time frame. That resonant frequency is a direct factor of the amount of energy that binds it. Manipulate the force that binds it together and you change it's density and thus it's resonant frequency.

To move an object back in time 20 years, you would have to match it's resonant frequency to the relative ambient frequencies of that time period. To do so, you would have to borrow energy from the surrounding area and add it to the object you wish to transport to the past. Simply put, you are increasing the molecular cohesion to the point that the object is almost crushed. As the object is shrinking (slightly) the molecules begin to resonate at a higher and higher frequency until it is forced into the past.

Travel to the future would be just the opposite.

Time travel to the future or past would not be without problems. There are also multiple time-lines. Traveling to the future to get tomorrows lottery number would not be that simple. For each possible combination of lottery numbers there is also a corresponding reality or time-line. You would have no way of knowing if this was the same time-line as you! Your odds of winning would not be increased. Travel to the past would be a little better because we know what happened in our time-line, so we would look for events that matched our known time-line as close as possible. There are still no guaranties. This is perhaps the biggest problem that time travelers would face. Learning techniques to map out time-lines is a critical part of time travel. Without it, the information gathered in time travel would be meaningless, because it represents only one possibility out of countless possibilities. Sliding, as it is called is an intricate part of time travel.

For the record, there is no such thing as a temporal paradox! Any interaction with the past would only result in alternate time-lines.

Would not each object need to contain its own internalized personal copy of its past? How else would it "know" what it is/was when it arrives at the new timic location?

Time travel as you describe it would be spherical expantion and contraction with no linear-spatial movement.
When you say "each object", I assume you mean object to be transported back in time. Why is it that an object to be transported to the past would need a temporal-molecular memory? Its presents in the past is totally artificial to begin with. It is not disassembled and then reassembled with atoms from that time period. This fact does not create a matter displacement problem, only a temporary shifting of energy in the form of a temporal bubble, which would also extend equally into our time frame. An isolated sphere in which the two time periods interact.

The sphere itself would not have any linear-spatial movement, provided the field was balanced. Any imbalance would cause spatial movement in both time frames. The bubble that I just described has already been created in NY by:

Time Travel Research Center
PO Box 1047
Smithtown, NY 11787-8547


Although his approach does work, it has very limited capabilities. The temporal sphere appears to be totally isolated with no interaction with the past. A universe all to its own. They can put an object within the field and slow time to a crawl, but no interaction. His current reseach is focused on developing this system for commercial medical use. IE: Placing a patient within the field to slow the progression of illness.

His device creates this field by injecting rarified gases into open air. These gases are held in place by a powerful rotating magnetic field. The molecules are then excited with lasers, creating a spherical plasma field. The center of the field remains open unless to much energy is introduced in which case the field begins to implode in on the open area subjecting this area to dangerous radiation and then the field collapses. He is only able to slow time down by several hours behind that of "real time" before the field collapses.

My approach utilizes similar concepts, but a very different mechanism to create and support the field. The reason he looses the integrity of the field is because when the field reaches the point to actually transport matter back in time, The energy does start to flow backwards in time, but the equipment that supports the field is still here, in this time frame! My approach would bring all the equipment that supports the field with it.

I stumbled on how to change molecular cohesion many years ago when I was trying to duplicate a free energy device I had read about that was based on ion exchange. I did not have all of the equipment I needed so I made changes in the basic design. I could not get the device to work at all! However, it appears that I created a localized, randomly occurring changes in molecular cohesion that resulted in temporal distortions that started the next day and kept happening at random times. It lasted several weeks and moved around within a 20 foot radius. I can not give you more specific details without revealing details of my design and I am not ready to to that. I could not explain what had happened until years later. When I had learned about what was going on in NY, it all came together. I do not have the money to create my model, yet! But I hope to create a prototype within a year if all goes well. I can not say for certain that I will ever achieve the ultimate goal of time travel, but I know for a fact that I can duplicate what the people in NY have done because I have already done it.
"I created a localized, randomly occurring changes in molecular cohesion that resulted in temporal distortions that started the next day and kept happening at random times. It lasted several weeks and moved around within a 20 foot radius."

This is very interesting. I am very interested in David Andersons work.
I have some questions though.
when you say "started the next day.." does that mean when the machine was off or still on? why was there a delay in seeing results?
How did you know it moved around was it tested instrumentaly or were there just strange things happening in that area?

When you say happened at "random times" why do you think it would choose certain times over others to manifest in the area?

"My approach would bring all the equipment that supports the field with it."
please explain how you include the equipment within the feild.
"I can not give you more specific details without revealing details of my design and I am not ready to do that"

I have nothing more to say. Sorry...
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

ST-IC and Pamela,

For medicinal purposes is one thing!

But has anyone ever considered the implications that could reek havoc on humanity! Causing great destruction and devastation like what happend on September 11th.

As Joe said in his 10th thread here <<A puzzle that does not exist cannot be deciphered. It can only be solved by those who are desperate, or are mad. Those who wish to pursue the dream of "time travel" may be the end of us all.>>

Pamela, don't start your shananigans up again, we don't want another Titor Twit around here! Go fund your fantasies and money elsewhere!!!

RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!


Why are you so opposed to "time travel"? doesnt the many worlds interpretation calm your fears of "changing world lines"? it seems to me as if it is not possible to change a world line. as soon as an observation is made "on" one world line, it splits of into another direction. the future is never set, only probabalistic in nature.

RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

Now that was rude! Not to mention paranoid disillusions...

If time travel is at all possible, then it is already being done. The fact that we are still here should be proof enough that your dark fears are nothing more than fear.

To equate September 11th with time travel is totally absurd!

To tell Pamela to take her opinions elsewhere is a refection of your fascist nature. Maybe we should burn all free thinkers and stone time travelers?
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

I dont know CAT, ST-IC is makin a lot of sense...
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

To S-T, yes same thing, knew it was resonate fields, however the access key?

Have some parallel thoeries.
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

One of the "MANY" reasons why I am so against time travel is because anytime you merge into another dimention you are manipulating and steeling atoms! Do you have any idea what kind of malignant scar tissue this leaves on humanity? You MC square scientist never seem to sum that one up?

Much like our finantial banking institutions today when you take out a loan for money, the interest is just about enough to kill us.

Its all about robbing Peter to pay Paul. But in this case its more like robbing Peter and Paul! Pretty soon there will be no funds left and chapter 11 (Bankrupsy) will be knocking at your door! Or the Angel of death himself!

There are many other equally important reasons that I havent mentioned here in this post in regards to why Time Travel is a violent act commited against humanity and is morally and ethically wrong!


P.S. ST-IC/Pamela in regards to September 11th you have to understand the double digit theory. Read some of my past posts in the Numeric Coincidenes thread and Time in perfect symmetry thread. Than you can voice your oppinions!
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

Actually CAT, Molecular manipulation has nothing to do with time travel. The leading theories dont transport matter from one place to the next, they manipulate ENERGY to "sink in" to the correct energy state, vibrational state, whatever you want to call it. Energy is infinite, so there is enough to go around. just in case you dont believe this, check into particle physics. it is well known (in that circle) that mass is made up of interactions between virtual particles, hence matter is energy compressed energy.
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

*Matter is compressed energy
*Molecular manipulation is not what I meant to say - actually, what I meant was that the addition or removal of mass from one universe to the next is not taking place.
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key

I stated that I was not ready to give "specific details". This is in part because I am still working on the design! The "key" if you have not already "read between the lines" is to use plasma as a mass density pump to literally suck the energy out of one point and deposit it in another. The trick in doing this is to create a circuit that acts as a massive "heat sink". By switching polarity you can control which side of the plasma field the energy will flow and thus the polarity of the temporal distortion. A heat sink circuit can be constructed by using a tesla coil wired in reverse or a "step down" circuit constructed of a large transformer and parallel capacitors and diodes. The step down version is what I used in my attempted free energy device.

Direction of ion flow ---->
HV Power --- Plasma Field --- Arc Tuning --- Heat Sink (Step Down) Circuit ---- Ground

This configuration creates a siphon of ions from the surrounding area because the electric potential exceeds the available power coming from the HV power supply. The principle behind the free energy applications was theorized that once the siphon action was started, you could turn off the HV power supply and the siphon action would still continue. The step down circuit would convert the HV charge to a more usable lower voltage with higher amperage. Every attempt I made, always resulted in the siphon action stopping when the HV power supply was shut off. As I already said, it failed as a free energy device. What I did not realize at the time, was the effects that this device had on the local mass density.... I can not tell you at this time exactly what that effect was because to do so would give specific details about my design that I have deliberately left out. I am doing this to protect my intellectual property rights. I am a poor man! The device that I am designing now, is NOT a time machine! It is a device that has many commercial applications and that is what I am trying to protect.
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

Let me see if I am perceiving this correctly and take it one step highter?

Oh, They are "HARMONIZING" the atoms! Tricking them into a state of remission! The atoms are now diversified shrunken atomic DNA! In the process you are steeling and cloning atoms!

Sounds racial and off key to me. In essense you are still robbing humanity of what was once rightfully hers!

Question Brandon Richar18? How do we know there is enough energy to go around? Should we call in the Atomic Auditor?


P.S. Try again Stink Pot!
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

I may stink of many things, but not pot! lol

I think i understand where your coming from though. Is it that you understand that all things have consciousness, and by controlling reality we are stepping on the life of the universe? That is actually a good point. but let me ask you this - do you drive a car? do you ride a bike? do you grocery shop anywhere but organic food stores? do you take medication of any kind? the list goes on... My point is that according to you we are invading the consciousness of matter in practically everything we do, because of our technological society. "forcing" consciousness to meld to our every whim. But heres the catch - unless we act with balance, our actions will ultimately lead to an embalanced result, a.k.a evil, correct? but whos to say what balance is, ultimately? It is my belief that good intentions will, in the end, direct one in the proper direction allowing one to understand what a harmonious action truly is. Therefore I heed your warning, but will not let it stop me in pursuing a drive, which comes frome deep within - not time travel per se, but simply lifting the limits of what we see as the physical. I truly believe that man (the collective conscious of this earth) will not discover the means to achieve the feat of time travel unless we are truly ready. have you ever wondered why "spontaneous discovery" always takes place before a thought revolution? I believe there is a guiding force that moderates our forward progress.
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!

Dear ST, I don't want any details.

All ya got to do is pick up Linda Howe's first book, and you'll find that E.T. use something like your saying, to bend light arounbd their UFOs.

Public information, so what?

I've got something along these lines and so does another guy who post here.

You don't own the world and if the govt knew of this, they would probably take it off you anyway?

These are time mass fields, so have a nice day.
RE: Molecular cohesion is the key for destruction!


This sounds like a very interesting device.
And I do understand the need to protect your inventions.

I love inventions myself. Popular science magazine is one of my favorite magazines. I especially like the "whats new" section.
Perhaps I shall see one of your devices there in the future.

Wishing you success! I would love to see some free energy devices out on the market. They have great potential but because of the greed of big bussiness the ideas are usually either destroyed or bought up and destroyed.

Your past postings ,as well as the present ones
are of no interest to me. And it doesn't look like the future ones are going to be either.


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