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You may pass on this information. There is more, too. You may quote me if you wish.

Roosevelt also ordered the Radar to be shut off in Peal Harbor prior to the Japanese attack so that they were "radar blind" when the time for the attack came. It is also a fact that we had cracked the Japanese PURPLE CODE. Interestingly enought, Roosevelt has access to one of two machines required to crack this code. And, of course, they did not have one at Pearl Harbor. David Icke said at the Bay Area UFO Expo that whenever a covert operation like Pearl Harbor or the 9-11 or the JFK assasination is in the making, security is always removed. Hence, no radar in Pearl Harbor, dead radios in Dallas on Nov. 22, 1963 and all NASA Satellites shut off prior to the 9-11 "terrorist attacks" -



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Not much is new here. I will let you know when I have scheduled a interview with Al Bielek. I can say that he told us of how the Navy was ordered to line up all the ships
in neat rows prior to the Peal Harbor attack by the Japanese so they
would be better targets. I later found out that President Roosevelt
ordered all the airplanes in the Pearl Harbor area (is it Hickam
Field?) to be put into circles with the propellers facing inward so
they cannot take off quickly...more sitting ducks.

The Illuminati pulled a scam on us that time just like they did during the 9-11 "terrrorist attacks."

be well and stay in touch - Larry J.
Subject: "The war is on....Death the the ILLUMINATI, Killers of Tesla......"

A William J. Fogal, creator of the first functioning Phase Conjugate transistor, which has two patents, and decided to produce this device, known as a "Charge Barrier" Transistor, ie. CBT, which was based on a TESLAN theory, on "zero-point" energy release hyper-spacially. We have, that being , myself and other International TESLANs have developed new technologies, but a group, such as the "ILLUMINATI" have caused suprression of said scientific advancements, as Microsoft's Bill Gates' corporation tried to gethis hands on the CBT, but I defeated him.

As TESLA's history, shows that the Edisonians and Marconnians, lied and dis-credited our "long gone" mentor and Edison, himself,
personally attacked and insulted Tesla, by having the New York penial Authority use his God given technologies, his high voltage three phase power, to kill probably some "innocent" poor person, a legecy that causes my blood to boil.

So, to make my point , I worked in 1973, in Viet Nam SO project, "Project Shacker" which dealt with Tesla's earthquake machine, of which we have found a simpler way to produce "graviton resonation" with the CBT, of which I am in possession of one of Fogal's original six CBT, of which I have done 1000
plus experiments with, with the most incrediable technologigal
advancements in hyper-space gravitonics, that would be classed as something developed 100s of years hence.

You, as "free energy" advocate, would realize the potential
of said discoveries, but also realize the up-hill battle that Tesla and the "Children of Tesla", TESLANs have possitioned ourselves in
strategically sensitive control points, such as the United States Patent and Trademark Office, ie. USPTO.com, not .gov, as it was proitized by the Republican controlled US House of Representitives, by Bill H.R. 1507 and the US Senate
counterpart, S. 507, of which we are to start a legal RICO challenge, all the way to the US Supreme Court.

If you noticed, about two days ago, Alaska had a 6.5 Reichter scale earthquake, 350 miles circumfrence, a shallow type, with the
epi-center at 80 miles out side Fairbanks, which Alaska has not seen a major earthquake since 1963, the "Good Friday" quake, now determined to have been more powerful than originally thought, a whooping 9.1 Riechter scale, the most powerful earthquake we have ever experensed, on any place on this
planet ( Sun's gravitonic shifting effect ).

I have consulted with a colleague of mine, at the Navy, about this
type of earthquake intensity, not normal as their is not a direct plate totonic, as the original '63'quake was caused bu oceanic shear wave effect, with the epi-center originating in said ocean.

So, with that information, I have checked the activity on our Sun,
nuetrino emmisions, zero, x-class flares, zero, m-class flare, zero, so this quake was then syntheticly generated, a good possiblity TESLAN quake, as our great mentor did in New York, with his hand transmitted device reciever, of which I had studied and improved dramatically.

So this happens also to be where the HAARP Project base is located, which has been altering our weather alarmingly, especially here in the Texas gulf coast, Tropical Storm Allison, 41 inches, now about $ 14 Billion, $ 5 Billion alone in Mold and flood damage, and we have proof of said tampering.

So the alarm went out on a open form, not Yahoo, and the underground TESLANs attacked with TESLA's earthquake machine. Most of our 300,000 TESLANs operate in different parts of the world, as we dis-band more than 3 years ago, as I had stated earlier.

This is just the first salvo of the TESLAN's attack on the "so
called" non vulnerable "ILLUMINATI", the war has started, death the the ILLUMINATI, the killers of TESLA.....

HyTDRA Hacker, and International Teslan for 30 years.....

The war is on....Death the the ILLUMINATI, the Killers of Tesla......