"The future ain't what it used to be."

Montauk...where's the beef?


Montauk...where\'s the beef?

I've read the Montauk books. I'm a sucker who will believe justs about any thing, but even I think the whole story lays between pure fiction and disinformation.

I don't exactly see anybody spilling their guts on this topic, oh but of course that could be the result of the giant conspiratorial cover up. One could learn more about the arcane arts in 7th grade math class.
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What strange unexplainable experiences have we had to question what is going on around us? Everyone has had something bizarre happen to them. For instance, I had a dream in which my watch had fallen apart in it. And, after I awoke, I went to wind my watch and it fell apart. Coincidence or something much more? What experiences have we had?

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Not so, the arcane arts are not even mentioned in 7th grade
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I knew one person who said he was on a supply ship. which at that time regularly would restock supplies on several ships that he understood would never be allowed to dock again because two of these ships were involved with a-bomb tests. which left the animals and men on board terrible disfigured for one. and the other he was told was in the montauk project. evidently, this ship had the same kind of accident. some people evidently rematerialized buried in the ship decking etc. badly burned. i think personaly a electrical barrier shield could of prevented that. who knows. i would like to find out what ever happened to these ships or at least the names of these vessals to investagate further on my own. ever heard this story.