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Mop, a question or two..



Is there any way that you can verify a poster's identification?

I hope that I've not opened a can of worms here, I do apologise for my part in the hostilities with Jon Formet. I guess it would have been best to try to ignore his offensive messages, but I'm afraid he really got on my nerves. I'm convinced that he's a child/teenager however and I'm under no illusions as to his intentions (note the unfriendly exchanges that he's had with others who have actually tried to be reasonably civil to him.)

This seems to be one of the drawbacks of the internet. With anonymity and without physical danger, any timid, reclusive, socially maladjusted individual has the means to make the kind of 'loud resentful noises' that they wouldn't dare whisper in the outside world. It's a haven for them, finally giving them the chance to get their own back on the cruel world that they perhaps feel has always snubbed them.

Jon has called a number of us regulars 'wankers', supposedly because we challenged rather than ignored his abusive, patronising messages.

Do I see this as our problem or his? His.

Would he dare say this face to face? I doubt it.

Anyway, congratulations on what you have achieved with this site. Do you have any plans to start up any other sci fi related discussion boards?

Bye for now..

A word about Mop...

"Mop", as we all know and love is, of course, a famous and renowned genious.

Damn right he can get your identity. As webmaster he will be able to get your IP address, and then that will probably automatically tell him your location.

If he traced this message, he'd trace me as "STATION22 bede.ac.uk", which is my college location, where I am now.

Likewise, Mop will get the name of your University or locations your IP hopped.

Still, unless you post your name he can't get that. He may, of course, access your ISP and request the information, but the ISP companies only do this for authorities, etc.


Hope this works:

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Re:A word about Mop...

So he can supposedly differentiate between genuine messages from someone and faked messages by imposters using their name.

That's good.
Re:The bottom bit was supposed to be a scrolling marquee (nm)

Close Peter, close.

Not bad at all in fact.
Pete\'s right (not the "GOD" part, though)

I can get IP addresses, but that's about it. SimonB, the same situation arose on another of my message board, where one person was spoofing another person's call name. I apologize for not catching that guy earlier (the guy who was posting under your name). But I promise to be more vigilant in the future.

Listen up, guys! No more impersonating other people! Unless, of course, it's famous people who don't visit the message board anyway, so it's not like they'd care (Hmmm... I wonder what opinions Brad Pitt has on time travel...).

It scrolls on my PC... But I\'m still not GOD.

I'm using IE. Marquee tag only works in IE (not Netscape - just in case you didn't know).

Mop (not GOD)
Re:It scrolls on my PC... But I\'m still not GOD.

Oh yeah I see now. I have got IE5 at home, and when I was at college I was using Netscape - it didn't scroll. It scrolls here at home. Cool.