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I'm sure you have considered the moral consequencies of time travel. When one thinks about it for a while it becomes clear that it would destroy the whole moral fabric of the society. Depending on who'd have it and what kind of time travel it'd be, it'd destroy about everything else as well.

So it's like atom fission in 1930s but worse. Luckily it's unlikely.

Please delete, if this has been discussed before.

<<When one thinks about it for a while it becomes clear that it would destroy the whole moral fabric of the society>>

I wish I could say that it is. But making things clear to some people, is an ongoing battle that we are going to lose if there is only a few of us speaking out and standing up to those that would allow for Time Travel, genetic engineering, cloning. The “Playing God” sciences. They must be regulated.

For one, we are not properly informed, safety measures won’t even be implemented until there is a disaster. That’s, the only way to get some peoples attention, it seems like.

Maybe then, they will realize that we were only watching out for them…

It’s good to hear another voice his opinion that Time Travel is wrong though

Welcome… I hope you can stay here, and keep posting.

But if you want my honest opinion, if you truly believe that Time Travel is wrong, be ready to defend your beliefs, principles, and morals. It can take it’s toll on you.

But it’s a lot calmer now then when I first came here. I took most of the hits, so it should be a walk through the park
. If not, I got your back. Another fellow Activist of Time, is just what this board could use more of.

Thanks TimeTravelActivist for the encouraging words
. I can't yet say what this forum is about, so let's see.

Now, I don't want to start a heated discussion particularly if you've been through it before. So I admid right away, that I can think of all kinds of time travel scenarios which would benefit mankind.

Perhaps you could make something out of nothing. For example you could send money back in time to yourself and do it again and again till you'd be richer than Bill Gates. Replace money with energy and, hey, sounds good!

On the other hand, what's particularly disturbing is the possibility that _people_ could travel back in time. THAT would mean the end of the civilization as we know it. We wouldn't have responsibility for our actions, when we could escape to a differnt time (or universe).

And what if this ability to "correct" things afterwards was given only to certain people, say, Nazis to make the point. They wouldn't have lost the war, because they'd have repeated history as long as needed to win. And what if Allies would have had the machine too? The war would have gone on to the end of the world (or perhaps till everybody were living in time machines).
ya know, i never thought about time travel in terms of morality and the like. and it brings up alot of thoughts.
I don't really see how morals could be effected by time travelers. I don't really understand the concept of someone changing the past also changing the nation's (or world's) morals and values. Could you explain it a little more for me?


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If I woke up one morning with this ability to travel back in time with no restrictions, what would I do? Here are some simple examples.

First I'd make some money with stocks. Perhaps a couple of billions would be enough to start with.

What vices do I have? Let's say I'm into very rough SM-sex. Now this wouldn't be any problem, because I could kidnap people, kill them, and return in time as if nothing had happened.

After a while I'd grow tired of this jumping back in time. Why wouldn't I change the world to my liking instead? Here I'd need some trial and error. Everytime I'd make a mistake I'd just go back and try a different path. But in the end I'd be the master of the world.

Things could get nasty, if it turned out that somebody else had this ability to go back as well. Seeing what I was doing he would probably try to kill me, and I'd try to kill him because he'd be the only person who could interfere in my plans. Now we'd keep jumping back in time ambushing each other.

If everybody had the ability to travel in time it would be the same but more complex.
Going back and perfecting time again and again? Hey, reminds me of 'Groundhog Day'. Man, that movies' a classic! It's not so much on the science side of the genre, but it's really clever to see how he relives each day (From trying to kill himself over and over to taking a turn-about and trying to do good for people until suddenly the time-loop stops and time continues with him the local hero).

But SM?!!.....Gotta admit thats one use of time travel I'd never have thought of *l*

I've seen the movie too, nice. As for the SM-thing, honesty is essential when educating people ... And now it's time to say good bye to everyone. There's so much to do and so little time. Well, at least until ...
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Hey man, I think the point of your post is sorta lost there... I'm struggling to see what the morals of time travel have to do with symphonies and 'Di and Britney'??!! Run us by that again, unless it has nothing to do with TT!

BTW That wasn't SM as in 'Symphony and Metallica' but still...

I read in the newspaper the other day about a murder case that happened years ago, and it made me wonder about the morals and 'paradoxes' of using a time machine to go back and 'save' someone from being murdered.

This is a noble thing to use time travel for right? Yes, but it does pose at least a couple of problems.

Firstly causing that person to live on will obviously change the flow of events up to and beyond the time you originally left. In particularly, if that victim is no longer killed and goes on to have a partner, someone who was originally to have children with another person but now instead has children with the 'ex-victim'. Consequentially this leads to the ceasure of existance of someone and the new existance of someone else.

Also, upon returning to your present time, there will already be another 'you' there because in this flow of time the murder that you originally set out to prevent never took place, so in this flow you never even went back to prevent it.

So, this therefore leaves you out of place as a lost relic of another flow of time, and you could never fit back in with this new flow of time unless the 'other' you has still got a time machine and travels into another flow of time, not to return, just as you did in the first place.