"The future ain't what it used to be."

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Since the people of this site refuse to take me seriusly and since tta happens to have his mind stuck on video games and cant stop insulting some one who isnt responding i am leaving this site to take my work somewhere else and all it means is that you wont have the benefit of informants in the government telling you what truly is going on and no this is not a video game or joke it is fact and i will no longer help you in your attempt to achieve time travel
what i have allready told you is enough but you will need someone who knows how and where to find the technology
neccesary for time travel but i will tell you one last thing: ufos are not time travel vehicles but an alien race working with the government to perfect time travel
they can travel through time now and have been able to for two months but dont believe me im just a messenger...
UFO's + Our governments...

Tell us something, we don't already know

UFO alien race working with the government on time travel? Any proof at all?

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Aside from what eyewitnesses and videotapes tell us. What more do you expect from a government that will hide the truth in the name of national security? Show me proof that they don't. And you would have already answered your own question

-Javier C.

P.S. Not a big fan of this sites founder, but check this website out- www.caus.org .
Nevermind, this person "already" said that these were words of departure, so do not expect a reply, moreover if we should receive any response from this person, although unlikley as implicated from their post, it would be a contradiction.
That IS interesting isn't it?
The majority of people involved in the Time Travel Projects usually have some memories
or suppressed memories of aliens or other beings that they cannot explain.
These people are usually implanted and watched over.
Most of them don't know what the hell is going on in their lives and find it hard to tell anyone about their missing time or time disturbances in their lives.
Employee, What about people that did not work for the govt. that experience the same things? Does just knowing them or dating them count? There are alot of people with Very strange things going on in their lives that did not work on time travel!????????????
Mokrie, maybe gov. empl. means some people are involved in time travel projects and dont know it.they have weird things happen to them and are clueless about what is happening.
Gov. Employee: Is that what you mean?????
True Time Traveler:
I feel if this is the case its been WAY longer than two months. please explain more.