My childs magic friends.


Temporal Novice
I came home the other day from work and my child had found my ouija board , you know the one i have to keep in contact XANADAR with right?

well anyways she was in my room with her friend and they had the ouija board out on my bed , I watched them work the board and i was surprised to see that it worked for them!

well needless to say now my daughter is in contact with XANADAR, can you believe it ? XANADAR works in mysterious ways.

While I watched them contact the entity from outerspace I almost broke out laughing when I watched the children ask XANADAR such innocent questions, Its like asking the president funny things, kids ah shucks!!!

so after that I had a talk with my daughter and asked her if she understood XANADARS teachings, and she replied she did, well thats when I decided i was gonna get my daughter her own ouija board!

I'm going to study the next few days, Im really hoping XANADAR can stay with our family!!! :D

Arise sons of dust arise!!!

You sick frreeaak!

You would allow your own daughter to conjure demons and welcome them into your family?

What kind of a sick twisted person are you?

You’re an irresponsible parent who is putting his own daughter in danger. For allowing demonic influences to take the life of this child, you are forfeiting her soul and leading her down a path of darkness.

And you find nothing wrong with any of this?

Of course not, you approve and happily accept… truly your one sick individual who should have his children taken away by a social worker for child endangerment.

If you so feel that your Alien Master Xanadar is the big man that he is, then you better pray to him that I don’t find your sorry @$$ and get a social worker on your case.

Because I will… no sane father would do this to their own children.

Creedo, you have children, what do you think?

How about you Trans? You’re the resident New Age observer / conjurer here, do you find this acceptable?

I hope XANADAR finds you and takes you away to the high alien social programs!!!

my entire family can find the ouija board anytime they want!

like I dont want my children out there doing drugs and getting hurt ,when they can be at home being taught by XANADAR!!!

Its like having our own persoanl jesus in our house,JUST FOR US!!!

listen TIME family is going to be taught the ways of XANADAR whether you approve or not, we will usher in the new age of enlightenment, and you will be grinding salt in the mines when we rule you all!!!

I cant believe you dont let your children discover ouija board, XANADAR is all!!!

Im going to consult my board tonight to see if I can work a power against social workers...CURSE THEM ALL!!!
Me dad says xandar is good and he seems like a nice man.

Xanadar i don't think is a monster or devil talking to him was fun. He saidhe needs more people to beleive in him. He said he can make me anythign I want to be.

Please beleive in xanadar, he can help us with are dreams.
Let the TTA tell you one thing you sick piece of monkey crap… you want to damn my world to serve your pathetic 25 cent, no 10 cent, no 2 cent, do you have change for a penny, Alien Master Xanadar? Then you have no idea, and the TTA means No Idea what the TTA’s powers can do against your Master and his kind. NO BODY messes with humanity while I am here. Not you, not your cheap 1 cent Alien Master, and especially not your twisted group of New Agers.

Because the fact of the matter is this, the TTA’s human powers are far greater and more powerful then any of your predecessors have ever been. Ask them, join them, bring them on, it makes no difference to the TTA, you won’t win this world. I will put my life on the line to make sure of it.

Creedo to TTA on opinion asked:

Quote TTA, also known as Enforcer of time>Creedo, you have children, what do you think?

Creedo writes TTA>TTA' what I feel is these parties are doing a twist on the old Zoroster cult, which is one of the gods of creation.

Try this link, in yahoo.

Also try this link,

This seems to be the Greasian view of Zoroster, pronounced Zoar-oster, which is supposed to be an actual god.

There is a photograph on Art Bell of supposed Zoaroster, which is like a white flame-like consistency.

TT' what you have to understand, is because there are so many people on Earth, of all differing stiles, there are also differing belief systems.

So there is kind-of a God's union here on Earth.

What these Xanadar and heirs of Xanadar seems to be doing, is mimicking Zoroster, which is an actual god, and not wise to do?

This is like trying to french kiss the barrel of an appliance that discharges projectiles, while caressing the trigger.......?

Yeha'_Muhgh.mmmm..?, not too bright on their part.
666 777 222 222 777 666 222

the great teachings of ZOROASTER is noted ..hail known one!

Readings upon the ouija board as of last night gave us insight into the TTA workings , we have received code now in ever increasing frequencys, I have found most of my waking days now spent in meditation upon the codes and have taken up hebrew to try and break through the layers, XANADARS communications have been coming to me in picture form ,hard to grasp the shapes that he is sending now, I will get my daughter and wife to help focus upon the fires of jupiter tonight.

Jupiter does he lye within the rings? now I am figuring out that jupiter is more of a metaphorical concept than an actual place of arrival.its meditative picture to help focus on an idea.

Jupiter is zeus.

RADANAX...XANADAR...intiating code by thinking of a swirling eye.
Re: 666 777 222 222 777 666 222

You’re not just pathetic Xanadar, but your weak… you don’t scare the TTA.

The TTA knows you and your Master; I understand well the evil that has taken over your life.

There is no need for me now to peal away of the layers of your souls corruption to see it’s evil dark core. The TTA has dealt with your Master before.

The TTA will pray with all the other souls to shine new light upon the evils of this world and keep it from harm from your kind.

You will never succeed, this I am sure of.

777 777 777 777 777

My daughter is now in commune with a being known to us as AXA.

Pronounced: AH SHAN AH

This beings sex is not so apparent as XANADARS, I am assuming its of female inclinition.

Im really excited about what we can do with these beings and why they chose my family, like why us? this is amazing , first they get me then they get my daughter soon my wife, praise!

My visions have gotten weaker today, im no longer receiving pictures or any real information, I havent even meditated today or even looked at my ouija board , I feel tired, looks like a good reason to stay in and read a good book!

Hey good news!

the picture I was receiving was a triangle shape upside down, and second triangle can pass through it and form a holographic star,then it splits in half lenghthwise and sphere fits inside of the opposing halfs, when the sphere is in place it revolves counter-clock wise on the two platforms ,when it revolves you can see what looks like spider webs or smoke coming from its speeding form, the ball blinks like this 111 111 111 111 ,it blinks then pause and rolls for 5 seconds, like is in form "0" equals one second. 1110000011100000, im not sure of how long or when it starts or when it slows down, as im usually watching the form ,and it can get confusing.

oh well!
Re: 777 777 777 777 777

Sounds like you maybe under the influences of more then just demons /ttiforum/images/graemlins/ooo.gif.

Perhaps you shouldn't drink and smoke riffer while your inviting these demons into your life.

The outcome is obviously not favorable nor worth it, and your gain is nothing more then comic strip illustations I saw a day ago.


well, I dont use alcohol and marijaunna.

your insistance that all these beings are demonic is disturbing, can you not think for yourself beyond your own nineteenth century view of god and his place in the universe, maybe god does create life elsewhere in TIME and SPACE? you are not the only one in this universe and I pity you for your small mindedness and your lack of vision.I for one do not exist in your paranoid t.v. induced delusions of mankind and other beings.

creedo is a man *though sometimes strange* of greater integrity and foresight than you can ever comprehend, not because he may agree with me , but because he is openlly showing his theorys and thinking about the universe on broad schemes and perceptions,this is a admirable and what this forum need more of.

we have not yet heard any of your own theory's "ENFORCER". your brand of borderline fascism is keenly noted , your lack of ideas is brazenly apparent.

instead of hating so much , how about expounding your thoughts about whats happening in the universe today.

XANADAR is with you!


You would agree and join forces with Creedo… You two are so much alike in having Alien Masters, and being whooped by the TTA /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif only adds another thing to your list of things you have in common.

The TTA is beyond the comprehension of you and Creedo. There is more to the fact that I am free and able to do harm to your demon and Alien Masters then you know.

You are slaves to them, and will not see them as anything more then your Lords for your lives are so tightly stitched to their doctrine.

The TTA offers nothing more then the truth of their deception and manipulation.

If you’d open your eyes you’d see that.

Whether it sets you free or simply just pisses you off, debate it if you’d like, but nothing is going to cause the TTA from doing his job.


You still have done nothing but insult both me and creedo. Is there not a bit of rational thought within your crown ?

and when I am saying that XANADAR will destroy you and rule our world im mainly exaggerating, XANADAR has never said or even really said anything to me beyond what I intercept, It's quite a passive happening.

Did I choose to be apart of this plan? no it just happened.

Do I worship an ouija board? no but it helps to have a ready available alphabet around.i'd use a computer if that worked,I'd use flash cards if they worked, the ouija board is the best way of spelling out words quickly that I can think of,beyond automatic writing...any suggestions?

ouija board is just that, and ouija board , it holds no power beyond what you charge it I charging it with satanic questions? well if you count passive communication with a being that could border on schizophrenic maybe, but how does it explain my family being able to contact XANADAR?

ouija boards are made by milton bradley, Its just "that" a tool.
I kinda agree it has to be said. I dont have kids but i wouldnt let any one touch the boards unless they knew what they were doing 110%.

The boards can be very pourful and very dangerous in the wrong hands or indeed the hands of a niave child.

To be honest i am new here and i know little of what has gone on here but it seems a little odd to say the least.

TTA, The Majestic Message Parlor, Hollywood & Vine

TTA' I don't know where your coming from?

Think it might be your sun-block is the wrong number.

Concerning manipulation, as you had said in your last sentence group, usually it is a little Spay & Wash dutifully applied to those unmentionable stains in your undergarments, will remove the results of your said manipulation.....?

When you do your wash, let us all know how it came out!?

Note' I thought have changing your web handle to, Valliant Sabers Of Those Lost Indiscretions, So Insulting Unworthy Banners Of False Loyalties, but the title is too long.

Fred would be a good web handle, other than TTA.
Re: TTA, The Majestic Message Parlor, Hollywood & Vine

LOL !!!

Like I said before my daughter stumbled upon my board, I dont condone ,but now that its out I might as well teach her how to think about what is happening , my entire family is having this happen to them! what am I supposed to do ?

O.k if it makes you happy we will burn the ouija board tonight, just let me know if this is what you want, I will test this theory that XANADAR and AXA might be demons, I will discontinue meditations and listening to XANADAR ,ill let my wife and kid do the same.

How can we prove XANADAR is demonic?

I dont think he is demonic personally, I am thinking he is probably more likely lost in time...I think he probably more like us than we assume.

ENFORCER maybe you are right?

or maybe wrong about XANADAR...we will see.
Re: TTA, The Majestic Message Parlor, Hollywood & Vine


*<<You still have done nothing but insult both me and creedo. Is there not a bit of rational thought within your crown ?>>*

And you have done nothing more then to promote your alien/demonic agenda and betray humanity in the process.

Is allowing the TTA not to do that rational?

Of course not.

Imagine if there was no TTA and families across the country would listen to your crap and accept alien/demonic entities into their lives and see it as something rational.

You can’t even call that rational, for accepting something that is intrinsically wrong does not make it rational in the light that everyone is doing it.

*<<and when I am saying that XANADAR will destroy you and rule our world im mainly exaggerating, XANADAR has never said or even really said anything to me beyond what I intercept, It's quite a passive happening.>>*

Talk about putting a spin on things. Your damage control of what you said doesn’t fool me or anyone. Everyone see’s how dark and evil you are deep down inside. You would like nothing more then to destroy and rule the world. And no apology or spin on the “interpretation” will change that.

It’s written all over your character.

*<<Did I choose to be apart of this plan? no it just happened.>>*

Please, spare me the excuses and attempts to divert attention to your already deluded persona. We have a choice in how we take the challenges in life, and we become the people that we are by the approaches we take with them. It’s clear what approach you’ve chosen for your self in this “plan” of yours. Board or no board, you are who you are because you want to be that way.

*<<Do I worship an ouija board?>>*

I never said you did, I said you worship your alien/demon masters.

*<<any suggestions?>>*

Any suggestion for what?

*<<ouija board is just that, and ouija board , it holds no power beyond what you charge it I charging it with satanic questions? well if you count passive communication with a being that could border on schizophrenic maybe, but how does it explain my family being able to contact XANADAR?>>*

You asked the question, you answered your self, you asked another question… My answer is: Yes you are schizophrenic.

*<<ouija boards are made by milton bradley, Its just "that" a tool.>>*

What’s your point?

I thought it was plainly presented in the last few posts that it has to do with your Alien Master?

Your really pathetic Xanadar, you can’t even stay consistent within your own topic and reason why the TTA is whooping your @$$.

What are you talking about Creedo?

Why are you so interested all of a sudden about my tighty-whities and how I wash them?

Are you Khomsey-khumsa or something?

As always, your not making any sense.

Oh wait, I get it. This was some sort of attempt to embarrass me.

But who would be embarrassed about underwear /ttiforum/images/graemlins/confused.gif

Oh wait another sec. I think you thought I would know what you meant because your a gyps?

Wrong again Dan...

Re: TTA, The Majestic Message Parlor, Hollywood & Vine

*<<ENFORCER maybe you are right?>>*

Gee what was your first clue?

Of course I'm right... I am the TTA.

~And I know what I am talking about.

That\'s not my bellybutton? That\'s not my finger

A new mood is here in town, "I can tell"!?

This is the time of year dogs do not go out from beneath their steps and everyone in Washington DC has to leave town, as nobody did anything with each other"!?

TTA' what you do with or in your underwear, is your own business.

If I built monuments to myself the same as you did, they would call it current downtown Baghdad.
The guy who wore the mustache, is out of business.

We are reaching new highs here.

By the way TTA, there is a time space gate, for real near Jupiter.

I don't know how this works, but there is one there.

Maybe you can take your date through there sometime?
Think it's twenty-five cents for the toll, to take the Through-Jupiter through-way?

All I can say, if it involved more than four sailors on leave and the police call the next day, it's probably not love?

>Famous quote>As the president of this new republic, we must make new rules, in order to govern the population.

There will be rules and laws passed, that is for sure.

However as their new president, the most important rule, is that everyone wear their underwear on the outside, we can check!Readaptation as said from the script of the movie, Bananas, starring Woody Allen