"The future ain't what it used to be."

My extreme interest


My life...
On the thirty first of October 1983 I was born. FROM a very young age I liked things about time-travel. I played with my toys thinking about it...

I seen a lot of popular films about time-travel e.g.Back to the future when I was very young. I enjoyed watching television series like The Girl FROM Tommorrow, TimeCop and Crime Traveller!

Over the years my interest in time-travel became stronger since primary school. It never became boring. The theories about time-machines were amazing. I liked learning about the theoretical physics of time-travel! The time dilation of relativity effect still amazes me.

Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventures was fun to watch. Time was well thought out. In 1997 I got hooked up to the internet. Then I started looking for info on my favourite shows and time-travel. I love the idea of moving backwards in time...

Now I'm a teenager and I really wish I could make even just one trip through time especially to 1983! I hope and think that it's possible in physics? It would be so COOL to see my younger self! It is what I have wanted to do all my life! Is there anyone else out there who feels like I do?

Paul Curran
I share your intrest in time-travel. However, do you have any
memories of visitation by yourself FROM the future? Your vistiting of yourself in the past may be limited.