"The future ain't what it used to be."

My first post


Temporal Novice
This is my first post as this board now stands, I'm researching time travel,
have been for the past 7 years or so. I'm actually writting an essay about
modern day theories of time travel in my english class, it's due in a few days,
maybe I'll get some ideas from this board. I'm not from the future, heheh, that
chrono post is funny, the only comment I have about it is, if your a chronohistorian
a good place you can discuss your ability to time travel without effecting anything
in the future is on a time travel message board. I would also say, the last place
a time traveller would think to go would be a time travel message board.

- Razimus
I never said I was a time traveller, re-read the post buddy, but now that I think about it I do travel in one direction as do you. I posted on the montauk project board til the time they shut it down, I've seen a lot of frauds like you. To see the chances of you telling the truth check the reply I made to your long thread.

do you have any proof?
Silly youngster. You still have not provided real proof (not what you think is proof) that you are. That is the beauty of debunking...all the burden lies with YOU. And so far, you have shown such discontinuity of your story with scientific facts, that you have Popper Falsified your own claims!

Go to school. You'll learn how silly you are acting.
I'm sure it's common knowledge and yet somewhat entertaining, but this chrono dude has way too much time on his hands. The reason chrono doesn't want to post at a serious quantum physics message board such as co-founder of string theory Dr. Michio Kaku's message board, is because he knows they wouldn't pay him one tenth as much attention there. I guess if I didn't have a job, and my dream was to roleplay a time-traveller I would pull future events outa my bum and post here too, it's kinda like watching a dog chase his tail.

I'm almost finished with my essay on time-travel. I'm probably going to post it on my page in a few weeks.

I can't provide proof with a camera because I don't have one.

when my "predictions" come true will that be proof enough?

Razimus-I am only posting here because I am less likely to change the time line. If I posted on another message board then more people might believe in me which may change the time line even more.
I can't provide proof with a camera because I don't have one.

Of course - if I was a time travelling historian, the last thing I would bring would be a means to record any of the information I gather... Chrono, this is your silliest claim yet!!

when my "predictions" come true will that be proof enough?

Chrono, the majority of your 'predictions' revolve around killer bees, the US trading oil with Lizarians because they like to drink it, a mixture of lunarium, francium and water allowing superluminal travel and a plane crashing into Big Ben.

Due to the fact that all but one are to occur after a few centuries, the one that will occur next year, Big Ben, in my mind will not be used as veracity of your claims. If a plane does indeed crash into Big Ben, I will quite promptly alert the appropriate authorites to your existance. Due to your failure to provide any other form of evidence, which should not be such the dilemma you make it out to be, this can naturally be my only course of action!

Have a good day /ttiforum/images/graemlins/smile.gif
Proof? you've proven yourself to be a fraud time after time with your idiotic posts that make no sense (i.e. muscle trees). I'm not sure if its funny or annoying that after the intellectual spanking you've been taking on this site, you still persist in even posting. Everybody on this board has made you look stupid at least once. I find it entirely unlikely that an advanced civilization that can travel the stars of the cosmos as well as through time, would send a traveller back through time to a primitive civilization like ours, who doesn't understand even basic high school english, chemistry or physics. My god Chrono, everyone on this board has a grasp of science that dwarfs yours and you are supposed to be highly educated from the distant future? Basically, your just not smart enough to be what you claim. That alone is all the proof needed Chrono. Prove me wrong, post just one thing that is remotely intelligent, just one.

Although, as I have stated before, maybe it's like Planet Of The Apes, and you are the chimp sent ahead of the real mission to test out time travel?
JamesAnthony-We have pics in the future but we haven't got written reports.
I have also made many more "predictions".

Rhudey I stopped learning science when I was 10 to concentrate on other areas

Is it that you stopped going to school or is that your ill educated kind stop the study of science, of all things science why not domestic science, or literature or arts but science, or is it that you decided at age ten or your very irresponsible parents took you out of school.

Please reply, I am not asking about your quantum signature this time.

Until later becomes now.

About predictions, well, well, well

Something important is going to happen in Israel within five days, tell me what it is or at least send a message to my account in this forum. Probe it to me and I shall believe you.

Until later becomes now.
Rhudey I stopped learning science when I was 10 to concentrate on other areas

If this is the case, then I ask again: Why did they send you back in time? You are a historian who knows nothing of the this era, have no knowledge of science, and cannot speak the most widely used language in the world at your time (arabic). Once again you dodge the questions.

How advanced can a society be if mathematics and science are not required for "advanced scholars" like yourself. You don't put much thought into your responses do you Chrono? Why do you persist in posting here with this charade when it is painfully clear that you lack knowledge from highschool, let alone the future.
Transient001-from the age of 10 we are allowed to pick two or three subjects which we want to study and the rest we don't study again unless you want to go to night classes.

I don't think anything significant happens to israel within the next 5 days but I think more suicide bombing but that isn't really a prediction because it is an almost common event.

Rhudey-I know a lot about history which is why they sent me back.
Why would I need to know about science when they need someone with historical skills?
Not everyone on earth at this time speaks english and not everyone in my time speaks arabic.

Tell me why a historian would need to know about maths or science?
Wouldn't it be wiser to send someone back who actually knows something about history?
Tell me why a historian would need to know about maths or science?
Wouldn't it be wiser to send someone back who actually knows something about history?

Let me explain it to you, when we in our time send explorers into space, we choose the best of the best. They are highly educated, physically fit individuals, because the missions are too important to be completed by anything less.

Are you going to tell me that your government chose someone who can't even speak their langage, write coherently, or know anything about basic science, physiology, etc.? You are the best of the best?
Arabic is not the official language of earth, there are many languages.

I am the best which is why they picked me. They might pick atronauts because they are clever but I am clever in other areas like history which is why they picked me because I aren't going up in a rocket or fighting or exploring a lot so I don't have to be really strong and I aren't bringing you technology or new scientific developments so I don't need to be clever in science or engineering.
Would nasa send a physically fit lawyer up in space to do missions? afterall he is clever in one area and physically fit.

You people are even more stupid than I thought you would be. You are supposed to send people to do a job that they are capable of doing.