"The future ain't what it used to be."

My Name Is: hey! answer to me...!

Ok, Ok, Ok, !!!

I'm still cool!!! Go ahead everybody! Tell the thrut! You never wanted me? Why nobody answer my first question, why am I posting the first reply to my post, what's going wrong with you guys....?

But you're still my friends!
mmm... 1 minute have past, nobody gave me an answer, I'm still waiting.

I'm able to wait. I will wait longer as I can (eternity) until somebody answer me, otherwise I don't come back anymore in this forum...
That's right!

You knew I was just kidding? I didn't?! Life is like a bunch of small boot caps running out from no-where. Why did I said that? Who knows?

Hey, I'm still cool, I repeat, would the real Slim Shady, Please Stand Up!

I promess, that's the last post, If you guys don't answer me I quit, forever, you won't have my knoledge anymore (for free - naaa - you'll have to pay for it!)

Last chance!
Euh, I really hate to talk to myself (sad face), please somebody answer me!!!!

Is that a chat room or a forum? Just Kidding.

I'm loosing patience, but I'm still cool (angry face).

See you soon.
This bunch of message (in my style) surprised you? This is for make you understand that 'non-sens' messages (that are going no where) are badly accepted in this forum. You might try somewhere else to establish your invasion. Just kidding, I'm still cool. Make love, not war, in the bed, not in the car. Mop-please don't erase that, it's not obsenity, it's just a phrase that somebody else said, once, and that I'll remember for a while.
Hey, myname (or Celebi...)
It's a forum, not a chat room... so NO-ONE's going to answer you within a minute of your posting. Probably not within hours. Is that so hard to grasp? Just post ONE message, and come back the next day to see responses. PLEASE, for the sake of all us lurkers.

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