"The future ain't what it used to be."

My theory about time travel


The problems of, getting crushed by too much matter seemed to be solved. Sending electric signals four times faster than light, gives me some ideas. What if, the signals travelled back in time, due the theory, that anything who travels faster than light will reverse time. But those signals has never been detected in the past. What if, there's a physical law to forbid us to see the signals - or the time travellers. Maybe time travellers are visiting us, but they can't influence the enviroment. Or maybe the signals or the time travellers just got into a parralel univers, created by themselve. And the matter, is no longer a puzzle, because the signals were moving four times faster than light, in the moment they where created - wasn't they?

When you refer to an "electric signal" I'll assume that you really mean an electromagnetic wave.

When you talk about superluminal velocities you have to distinguish whether its the Phase velocity, Group velocity or Signal velocity that is FTL. You also ahve to state whether the transmission is in a vacuum or in a refractive medium...like water, a diamond, cesium vapor, etc.

It's no secret that phase velocity can be measured at FLT. It can be and has been. Wang, Kuzmich & Dogariu in a "Nature" report 310x 'c' phase velocity in cesium vapor. No surprise.

Sommerfield played with superluminal group velocities in 1907.

All of these findings agree with Special Relativity. Signal velocity, which transmits the information, is still at or less than "c"

Here's the original paper submitted by Wang et al before it appeared in "Nature" Original Paper - note their comment in papargaph 2, page 2 regarding Signal Velocity being limited to <= "c" per Sommerfield as expected.