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If you really think about it, the idea of "traveling through time" is probably not what you think. Time is really an abstract idea. The idea of time was invented completely by our society. I have no doubt some little green aliens on Mars do not measure time in seconds, or minutes. Our minds are only capable of three dimensional comprehension, so we only can experience the now, and the past to some extent.

I have come to believe that events in space and time do not occur once then go off into some past never to happen again. The very concept of past, present, and future, is flawed. It is just our way of comprehending, what we call time. All events have already happened, more or less. It is difficult to explain this in three dimensional terms.

When you woke up this morning you knew you would be downstairs eating your cereal or drinking your coffee in about half an hour. So that would be in the future. And in the middle of the night last night you went to get a drink of water from the kitchen, so that would be in the past. When actually that is still happening. Some form of you is getting that glass of water and eating that bowl of cereal an infinite number of times. Nothing ever ceases to exist, and never stops.

Feedback to this would be appreciated
Your theory touches some of what I believe. Time is an illusion. Everything, every possible thing, past present and future has the potential of happening so it exists already. We live at the physical level and function by experiencing things in the moment. Our minds allow us to view existance in this way.
If we could discover the mental mechanism by which we experience "time" we could then determine how to turn off that switch. Hypothetically we would then be able to time travel.
Time travel at the physical level, however, is an impossibility.
I suspect this type of thinking is too hard for this group to consider because it takes away the fun of trying to make a time machine or see a time traveler.

I posted to you several days back but possibly you couldnt understand what on earth I was talking about?

There is a chemical that is produced in the brain. It has to do with our biological clock and light exposure that changes the behavior of the suprachiasmatic nucleus, a gland at the base of the brain which controls the body clock. Over a cycle of 24 hours and 20 minutes it sends signals to the rest of the body, triggering production of hormones which create daily cycles known as circadian rhythms. A certain frequency light can also reset the biological clock! This information is posted under the Dr. David Andersons thread. You might want to check it out?

The artical in this thread can be found in the star chamber web site and it mainly talks about a device that he is working on that funtions with light sensors and electrical charge for people that suffer from jet lag.

There is a danger to all this though. These EM frequencies can cause the brain to create an over abundace of chemical hormones such as Calcium Efflux which can toxify the body.

Anyways, very interesting artical worth reading.

Hey Joanne,

I had the exact same thoughts as yourself. Time travel does not have anything to do with a machine, but inside of our heads. The focus should be on that, not on making a machine to do it.
Hey, at least you are all thinking.

Now while you are at it, think about what an improvement a transportation machine might be over having to walk everywhere.
Are you talking time travel or teleporting, as in beam me up Scotty?
Those are two different things.
I would like a machine that would also teleport away the fat I will gain when I don't need to walk as much any more. Think about that one.

You don't get out much do you? Nooo, I'm not talking about a "teleporter". I'm trying to point out that anything assisted by a machine is easier than by brain or muscle power alone.

When I said transportation machine I meant a class of things like a automobile, a train, ice skates, MOTOTCYCLE, durigible, etc etc. that assist our tired little feet in doing what they do worst; cover(ing) vast distances easily. SOOOOOO a time machine would assist by helping our wee little tired brains do what they do worst; time travel.
Hey Shad,

The vibrations from a Harley can certainly burn the fat away among other things!
Hey hey what a sec, what’s this I hear? Vibrations, burn, great ride on a lean mean muscle machine? What’s all this suppose to mean? Let’s keep it rated “G” around here people
. Kids visit these sites… Not to mention, you’ll make Daniel really anxious.

Hee Hee O O O!

I wasnt thinking that! I was thinking something along the lines of rattling ones brains and catching parkinson's!

But now that you mentioned it?

Oh yes I did! I'm looking for adventure and whatever comes my way!

Its sheer pleasure and not a care in the world!!!

Now that I know what you're talking about, I can appreciate the difference a machine makes. My cross-country trip two years ago would have taken a whole lot longer if I didn't have my little car to travel in.
But trying to make a physica machine travel something that is an illusion (time) isn't possible. The only way to travel time is to eliminate the illusion of segmented moments and experience the "whole". The only place that can happen is with in the human brain. One day you and everyone else will realize this and then our conversations about time will take on a whole new perspective.
Now just suppose that what I am suggesting could be true. Time is an illusion that is created by a mechanism in our brains. We finally find that mechanism and are able to affect how an individual experiences time. How would that appear?? Would every moment exist simultaneously (that would be mind blowing) which the individual would taverse? Would things appear as a void waiting for the individual's own thoughts to bring the experience of a moment and allowing the individual to "travel" via thought intention to a point in time?
How would that individual appear to those observing? Would this person appear to be in a catatonic state while on a mental time travel trip? Or would their body dissappear because it would no longer exist only in the limited moment it shared with those observing?

Your mental time travel idea is driving right into a conceptual road block. Supposing as you say it is the mind-brain that does the traveling; What direction is it going to go and what is going to push or carry it along? This is where the 'machine' part comes into play. Unless you are an accomplished adept you will need some outside electromechanical impulse and direction to set the minds travels in action.

This is the whole idea behind Steven Gibbs'es time machines. Lets say mental time travel is controlled psychosis. And no I haven't tried at least not on purpose.
I read an interview with Steven Gibbs and I have to ask, "Do you really believe this crap?" Come on people stop being so gullible.
I am going to change my screen name and come back at some point in the future to tell everyone I traveled in time and what it was like and I bet you all buy into it!!
Get a life.
About the brain time travel is probably the only theory I believe about time travel. Any othe way just doesn't seem to make sense. Though the quesitons of what would happen to us if there is some magical "switch" in our brains that can be flicked are good ones. I would have to assume that we would be limited to the events that occur in our "past" and "future" lifetimes. Since we wouldn't have any other experiences to go on events out of our lifetime would be inaccesible to us. Though how we would appear to ourselves and others I really could only just begin to guess.

>>>going to change my screen name and come back in the future<<<

Why don't you come back last week? Then you could agree with yourself and we'd all be happy.

You posted above,

<<Cat if your biological clock was out of synch youd end up with cancer.>>

Can you be more clear, what exactly are you talking about?