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My Theory

The biological clock resides in tiny clusters of neurons behind the eyes,in studys its conclusive that the biological clock is responsible for hormone production at the right times,
there was a test done which pointed towards the possibility the clock works with the sun,a cockroach was given the wrong biological clock and it developed cancer and died everytime,
there is a strong link between the biological clock and cancer,for instance carcinogens in tea,coffee,tobaccoo can interupt hormone production,but if the biological clock is totally messed up it results in chaos,where no signal is sent to stop cell division.

Not conclusive in humans though i might add.

Were did you read or find this info? Its very interesting and I'd like to read furture into it.

I think your on to something here! So in essense what your saying is that without the sun to adjust our biological hormonal clocks (much like a plants and photosynthesis)our cell division would not have the proper signal or direction? So the sun could be be central sourse of some kind of communitable intellegence? "RADIOACTIVE DNA!" and depending how the sun reacts and behaves determines possibly how we evolve as a species?

I know that without the sun the human body can not properly produce vitamin C and other vitamins like magnesium and phosphorus that are directly absorbs by the skin, hair roots and scalp.

Over exsposure to the sun and radiation can also cause bad cell division and cancer. If we were able to physically time travel to a different time or era we would be subjected to different levels of the suns radiation at that given time, or maybe just the act of forces used in maneuvering the transplacement of time.

For Cochroaches to get cancer is pretty rare! Those buggers are usually immune to anything! I was reading an artical that said that if nuclear war were to happen, cochroaches would be the only survivors!

Do you have a web site you could refer me or other links to your information?

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If I might add something unusual,

Did you ever hear of Breatharians?

These are people that have mastered not eating for weeks, months, and years! NO NOT KIDDING!

They have trained there bodys to absord the valuable nutrients of sunlight and air. There is much more in sunlight and air than can be seen by the naked eye or with scientific instruments. The secret is to find the way to absorb that extra cosmic radiation and turn it into food.

They claim the real funtion of the digestive system is the condensation of spiritual energy into physical energy/matter. And that everything you see as physical matter has a digestion system of some kind. When you turn on the light switches in your home at night you do not actually see light until he spiritual/electrical energy from your power company or source is literally absorbed/eaten and digested by the light bulb. In other words, some process of absorption/eating and digestion of spiritual energy create all physical matter. The original intent of the digestion system was to digest, process and convert spiritual energy into physical energy or matter. We are truly spiritual beings sustained by the spiritual component of the breath of life (light). Our bodies are physical beings sustained by the physical component of the breath of life (Air).

EVERYTHING can get cancer,the body NEVER treats cancer as an illness,the body never releases antibodies to kill cancerous growths,thats why people die,cos untill a tumour is a certain size it shows no symptoms of illness,untill of coarse it starts to affect the organ where it is growing.

As to what you say about the sun,that is correct,i read it from a metaphysical book,thing is actual studies have confirmed it,now
in the book the author noted that if cancer drugs are administered at the right times it could help treatment be close to 100% succesful,recently i found an article which talks about exactly that,have a look: http://www.btinternet.com/~basedata/CanYA/issue62f.htm

one of the problems is side effects,there worse than the disease,so its good news to find a connection.

Also look at this: http://www.anl.gov/OPA/frontiers96arch/biohist.html

I read about how nightworkers health is at risk,cos i work nights you see,and i wondered how that was possible,how is it that nightworkers are more at risk of cancer and diabetes,it cant be to do with sleeping different hours surely?
i didnt except that and from what ive read it must be to do with the biological clock and the sun.

Have a look around yourself at www.google.com search engine,key in words biological clock,cancer,biological clock cancer etc,see what comes up.
I don't have to go any where, past or future, I already agree with myself. It's you I don't agree with and I don't think you have a "machine" to fix that.
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Oh, I get it now, all I have to do to time travel is to wish really hard.

"there's no place like home"
"there's no place like home"
"there's no place like home"

Are you agreeing with me yet?

No? I must be wearing the wrong shoes. All I have to do is get Dorthys' soft velvety ruby encrusted slippers (ooh sorry drifted away there for a minute). No, no way, no slippers.

Well hey, wait a minute you wouldn't have any with the long bunny ears would you?
Thanks NAT for the interesting web sites.

I read all sorts of good info in them. I even read the latest on Cancer treatment using the C-Rhythm in administering Chemo. They say that if the Chemo is given at the right times it could have less damage on the body and organs. (and this has been proven fact!) Pretty wild! that falls right into hollistic healing.

So you have the Graveyard shift! Yeah I heard it was bad and can really take a toll on your body. I guess it might be good for a wearwolf in London! Hey that wouldn't happen to be your job ay, going out on the prowl?
I've pulled a couple late nighters!