"The future ain't what it used to be."

My views on Time Travel



hello to everyone out there.. I just wandered on to this sight recently due to my interest in time travel. ofcourse it's a dream of everyones'
to actually travel in time. As i see it if one were to travel back in time or in to the future then things would be the way they are. Even with all the top scientists and inventors out there I do not think that the key to time travel will be discovered.. that is within the next couple of centuries. Who knows? I say this because of the media. There has been many shows and movies based on time travel that put one's mind to work. A car that could travel in time, an actual machine "Time Machine" a great book by the way, and other shows such as Quantum Leap or what not.. all show time traveling to be an easy task, while on the other hand it is extremely an hard task to carry out.. people say that if time travel was of existance then sooner or later we will discover the truth behind it; also that one could make the impossible possible, because time travel is true. Did you ever think about society in the future.. if time travel is available to us in the future then who, that is in the future, is going to say, "Hey let's go back intot the past and show these people that time travel actual is a real thing!" I don't think so.. that is just an opinion of mine. I believe that anything is possible and time travel to seems possible. But that is for centuries to come and until they accept the past into their present we will never figure out the key to Time Travel.

Good day to all!
I agree !

basicaly , whe know nothing about time and space .
Man , in hes continus arrogance , think that he can master everything but forget that he is limited by is own point of view and perspectiv . To start to understand time and space , Man will need to go out of hes own backyard , and thats not for today !