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Comments: I have had a very unique experience with a TRV/OBE TIME~Travel Experience to the Yr. 2112. Clothing was constructed of some Biologically, Genetic Engineered process woven into artificial textile fabric. It was some sort of strange "Smart Clothing" and very complex as it seemed to be "Alive" and when it was worn, it carried out some sort of "Symbiotic" relationship with whoever wore it. Smart clothing in the future 0f 2112 performed a variety of complex functions ranging from a total platform of visual global communications, to navigational interface systems, and total biological maintenance, which brings preventative medicine to a whole new level. Smart clothing is both a blessing and a curse.... the downside to these smart clothes, is that they constantly transmitted a signal of your location, and activities to be monitored by the "Trackers" who worked for the Global GVT Society. (Modern Day Police force) You see the eventual outcome is at what price are we willing to sacrifice our rights for security, has no end to what we are willing to give away freely out of fear. Anyhow, I would love to tell you more of my experience in the future, but my visit was cut short as I was soon to be discovered by one of these "Trackers" from the Future. Apparently one of these very same "Trackers" somehow was playing a double role, and was also part of some underground secret resistance movement...I know this sounds like "Earth Final Conflict" Movie but Resistance & underground railroads have been existing in our "Real World" for hundreds of years, so it is nothing new. I was saying, one of These "Trackers" working on both sides, somehow knew who I was & knew that I was a "TIME~Traveler" and did not belong there, he also was aware what may become of my fate, if I were captured, so he gave me a pull over piece of "Smartclothing" wear to throw them off, while I attempted my escape. For all I know perhaps one of these "Trackers" also have the capability of "TIME~Travel" and is on to me, "Hell"... they may even have contracted with other parties within our own GVT to seek & report on anyone who went to the future & try to prevent returning back to the past to warn you! I do not care anymore, I know what I have experienced was as real to me, as to you sitting down to write a letter, or talking to a friend on the telephone. You can believe me, or not I do not care, I am simply telling everyone what I believe I experienced, and what I saw while I was experiencing this journey to the Future, and I am convinced what I saw, was real to me, and that’s all there is to it!
"Everything You Know, Wrong"! [email protected]
let me assure you "It was very real for me albeit there are no ways to exactly explain as to how I can validate this, let alone understand what was taking place which created the "Triggering mechanism within my mind to have initiated this experience.

It took me by suprise, as I was not planning, or prepared for this transport to the future, it was as if something "took me" there. I can at least say that inasmuch I have mentally projected my mind there, perhaps as a direct result of some interconnection of my research, and longed for anticipation to create,"engineer" a device to create this experience some day soon.

So, we all still have this nagging question, if Time~Travel is possible, then where are all of the Time Travelers? One answer might be to conclude the possibility that they never return to their original Time-Line, or dimension they leave at all; Instead, when they travel to the past, and return to what they think was their original point of departure, is in fact an entire different string of events altogether. The end result concludes that they have become absorbed into an “altered” reality, one that resembles the one they left behind, yet they may have no means to detect the difference.

Moreover, is how to prove such a thing as “Time~Travel” to a world controlled by political structures that deal with a system of control, in which the people live in continued fear & ignorance to no end. as to give way for a Time~Traveler to reveal himself/herself with open acceptance, or would you have to hide for fear of your own safety?

But what would such a world, or it's GVT Power do to prevent several Time~Travellers to come forth together to send a message? there is safety in numbers, and with having added the numbers of many people to come together for a common goal, Time~Travel will not only become "Possible" but we will be able to prove to the world, our combined results, and be able to show others how we can do it "Safely"...This is my goal.

I am still engaged in examining various methods to engineer a genuine Time Machine,prior to that I plan to invite others to join me with this project by forming a local Time~Travel rotary club within my location, in addition, I am also planning to begin an online club as well.

The plan is to get as many other people out there in our "On-line" Time~Travel club, to also start their own local chapters, with bringing everyone together with a monthly PC Video Conference meeting.

In addition, we need to create not just one website, but several of them, and have all of them include a link to the club's main webpage.

Let's get started!....
"TIME" is on our side.

Time02112, I know exactly what your talking about. You just put it in words I might have sounded crazy if I did. We will pay the price for relinquishing our rights to the government and for technology like these.

It's Time we do something, make a stand. It's here and now where the battle must be fought. It is our future that we must protect from people that insist that there is nothing wrong with Time Travel. For it will be them who will decide "Majority Rules."
And be our undoing.

I'm with the Resistance... I don't care how nice it's made to sound, Time Travel is wrong. Bottom Line. It needs to be baned.

By the way, my last name is Sandoval too, and they say I look just like Von Flores, from Earth Final Conflict. Here's my picture, Told ya. Coincidence? Maybe?

When I was in the year 2050, I was in a facility underground, trying to escape. Some man told me, "Harvey, now that your here, everything can now begin as planed... The resistance will kick their ass."

Just then the guy got shot, by this man wearing all black clothing with a riffle gun. And he said, "The Resistance is over, we've captured their leader." This was my most trippy dream or experience yet, I don't know what to call it. I was held captive for 8 days until I found no other way, but to negotiate (and find a way to get out of there).

Then I woke up all confused. 8 days, all in only 3 hours of sleep. Weird isn't it...?

Well, I'll post more later, I gotta go now. Nice to hear from you again Time02112. It's good to finally get someone who knows what's going on, and who understands that Time Travel is wrong. Take care.

Javier C.

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It is good to hear from you again old friend, although we share many common interests, we still have different views; i.e. your posts indicate that due to the dangers associated with Time~Travel, we should not embark upon this type of expoloration, where as I say "Full rotaiting electromagnetic, warping energy fields ahead!" you see in spite of all of the dangers, it did not stop us from exploring space, so why should it be any different for us to explore Time?
Your right. I guess we may need it to explore as a science. But using it to control the past to what we want it be, that's where the line must be drawn and to band it for those reasons. Regulating it, would be a more acceptable approach though. Don't you think?

-Javier C.

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Nice little chat you're having about time travel, but where's the proof? Give us one shred of verifiable evidence and I'm sure everyone on the board will listen with the utmost intensity. Even if it takes fifty years until the proof finally appears - you will have at last proved it! If you have time travelled, there are thousands of different ways to prove it. I'm sure you'll get lots of ideas, if you ask. In my mind, there's no need to argue for or against time travel unless it exists, so prove it so the rest of us can get in on the discussion.
Just let them have their chat. He already said he doesn't care if anyone believes him or not, why bother asking for proof?

Sounds like a fabricated event to promote useless time travel devices linked to your webpage!!


You have an over active imagination! Maybe you should write a science fiction novel.
The paranormal exists, the unusual exists.
There have been acurate visions and predictions of the future. Now, these were either self fulfilling, or the person in some way 'saw' the future. Now, this requires the transference of information, that is energy from the future to the past, or a being that exists outside of the limits of time and granted the visions. Based upon this, I would say contact with the future has been made, and there is at least one documented 'time window'/rift that existed. So...the question is not is it possible, it is. But rather, how close are we to controling it.
I believe windows in time or to other dimensions open from time to time on this planet and is a natural phenomena. Very few people are willing to speak of these events because there usually is no way of proving anything.
Come on. No way of proving anything? There's always some way. Figure one out. Or, show me, and I'll think of a way, or get all the people who've experienced it together, and figure something out, or whatever. The point is, there's always a way to convince others if something is really happening. So I once again repeat my mantra: Prove it, and I'm all ears.
So let me just get this straight... Everyone here who's posting on a Time Travel message board, don't think that someday Time Travel will exist? In that, that Time Travel to the 21st Century will be impossible...? What are you people smoking? Time Travel means just that. Wait 50 years, nothing. It's going on now. It's the Future where it happened, and now it's the past that you go back into to change. Why is that such a difficult concept for most of you to understand?

Geeesh, you sound just like Scientist.

Proving things are difficult, but if you know a person is sincere, how does that make it any less real? It's not like their asking you to place your life in their hands, or anything truly life threatening. Just to think... But no, not even that.

You guys should really stop thinking so much in 3 dimensional terms and allow your selves to think of other possibilities. It exists, just be patient for the proof, it will come when your ready.

-Javier C.

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"Point well noted Javier."

After all, and i say this in response to the comment made by Janus...What do you think is the point for these discussions in the first place? geez, you rimind me of an inpatient child having a kaniption fit stomping up & down the isles of a store blurting out "But I want it now!" LoL

Don't take it personaly, but I think that this "Proof" that you are in search of, is somthing most of us are also in pursuit of, or I dare say it is perhaps not the lack thereof that we are focused on, as much as the need to figure out a way to duplicate the process as to replicate somthing most of us already believe in, and perhaps, others have already experienced on different platforms.

Read my other posts:] "Brain technology" & "They got it all wrong"

"Everything you know, Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

I know alot of people that have never landed on the moon but still accept the word of others that we have or do some of you believe the lunar landing was shot in a Hollywood studio. I guess sometimes proof is subjective. When an intellegent person says they saw a ghost or a yetti or time traveled, I give them the benefit of the doubt. There are more things between heaven and earth then are dreampt of in your phylosiphy.
Let me address each of the points raised against me.

TTA: First of all, when did anyone say that no-one here thinks time travel may at some time exist? Time travel, at least time dilation, is a proven fact, and allows us to travel one way, into the future. So travel *to* the 21st century is possible. But coming back? That's where the problem comes in. In your vision of time travel, which for the sake of clarity I'll call 'hard time travel', one could travel throughout time, without restriction. But there are other possibilities; in what I'll call the 'soft' case, of which the time-dilated wormholes is the most famous example, one could only travel back to the point of creation of the time-travel device, and no earlier. If time travel ever is developed, I personally think that this is its most likely form. In the soft case, then, the development of time travel some time in the future does not mean that our lives are being tampered with now. It's not that I (we) don't understand your ideas, it's that I don't agree.

Scientist blatantly rejected any new suggestions made on this board, stating some kind of superior knowledge. Personally, I try to at least keep an open mind, and present the problems with a given idea, rather than just denying its validity. If I ask for proof, it's because that's the foundation of all knowledge. Sure it's tough to prove things, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try. Unfortunately, the sincerity of a stranger is not proof enough for weird, exotic phenomena.

Do you even know what a dimension is? If there were more spatial dimensions than three, or more temporal than one, we would be able to detect certain effects. Science would know about it. Heck, we probably would've evolved differently.

Time02112: The 'point' of these discussions is to foster and develop ideas and theories on the topic of time travel. Asking for proof doesn't go against that purpose. Stating 'I time traveled' with no attached ideas or reality checks does. To me, with no shreds of verifiable evidence, your above post could just as well be a science-fiction story. What does it contribute to the topic of time travel? Does it help me form any ideas or moral values on the subject? No. If you want to talk about creating time machines, or 'duplicating' the processes you say you've experienced, then by all means go ahead. But why do you tell stories that lead nowhere, and present no new information? Such idle fancy seems to me a worse violation of the ideals of this board than my plea for proof.

Besides, if 'hard' time travel exists, why not just send the proof back in time? There's no reason to wait, no reason to not want the proof 'right now'. (I can be very patient, so long as I think that what I'm waiting for will eventually come.)

As for your other posts, I've responded to them individually.

BTW: nice spelling job.

mokrie dela: You believe someone who claims to have seen a yeti, even without proof? There's proof that men landed on the moon, in the form of moon rocks brought back to NASA. If I really wanted, I could go to them, and prove that the event did occur. That's an absolute proof. But I don't believe that yetis or ghosts or time travelers from the future exist, because I have seen not one shred of proof for any of these things. Personal experience is only good enough to change one person's mind, but a solid piece of evidence can convince practically everyone.

There are two types of phenomena: those that are proveable, and those which are, by definition, unproveable. The existence of the moon is one of the former, and the existence of a God is one of the latter. Time travel, in the form most people talk about, is an example of a proveable thing. So let's see some proof, or work together to get some. That should be the goal of those who claim they have time traveled, and those who think it's occuring all around us.

Sorry for the overuse of the word 'proof' in that last bit. Couldn't think of enough good synonyms.
Janus, please don’t take me personally when I say that you leave me with the distinct impression that perhaps you might have been born with your “Pituitary” & your “Prostate” glands switched places by some cruel freak of nature. (LoL)I understand what it means to be "Objective" but if you ever hope to see "One single shred of evidence" as you so eloquently keep demanding in most of your replies to others posts, I do not think that your kind of objectiveness, will get you there any sooner, so my advice to you is to "Lighten Up" a little & lower your mental shields, clear your mind, see a meditation guru, or something. You are seemingly quick to judge & throw out anything that comes your way, based upon "Borrowed Ideas" of others just the same, before really testing them out for yourself.

If you really want "Proof" as you say, stay tuned, you just might get what you wish for, good "Time"

"Everything you know, Wrong!
soon we shall all discover the truth."

You think you have it all figured out don't you? Pretty lengthy explanation, struggling to clear your "good" name with everyone who said anything remotely opposing to your views.

Well, let me just say, I may not be a researcher or a scientist, but I do know that Time Travelers exists. And if you haven't seen any proof, well your not going to see any directly for at least another thousand years.

Did you really think that if there were Time Travelers that they would leave big foot prints behind for you to examine? Shha, please... Time Travel is their back yard, there not going to leave something behind for you to analyze.

"But I don't believe that yetis or ghosts or time travelers from the future exist, because I have seen not one shred of proof for any of these things."

Your a pretty small fellow if you think that. Here's what happened, they hid the proof. Got that... Good.

It was once there, but now it's gone. So proving that, is also impossible. For now that is. Understand that now?... Good.

So just because in your opinion Time Travel won't exist for at least sometime, and going back in time before it was created is impossible how you claimed. Then that leaves 1 other possible conclusion. Time Travel existed way back in ancient civilizations.

It may not be direct proof, but it's subtle if you open your mind to it. The Lost City of Atlantis, the Pyramids at Giza, the Mayan Pyramids and Alien landing strip in Peru. Easter Island, Stone Hedge, the Native American Drawings of unexplained objects, and stories of ghost (spirits), etc... And other primitive cultures who's culture seems to have been influenced in some way by unexplained forces.

Put 2 and 2 together. Or did you not consider looking at those places in our History as possible shards of proof left behind by Time Travelers? Now who's being illogical... Dismissing events that really took place, of cultures scattered across the globe, each having their unique encounter with Time Travelers. Tisk tisk, I thought you were smart. Why did you not consider this as proof?

Javier C.

P.S. All this talk about proof and proving things, reminded of an old quote I once heard: "The investigation of supernatural phenomena, lies outside the realm of science. Therefore science can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God."
Janus said:

Do you even know what a dimension is? If there were more spatial dimensions than three, or more temporal than one, we would be able to detect certain effects. Science would know about it. Heck, we probably would've evolved differently.

On this one point I would have to disagree. Physicist are beginning to think that there are about 11 dimensions, maybe more.
Jack D: The dimensions you speak of are involved in string theory, and are practically infinitesimal. I was referring to the type of dimension people think you could travel into - macroscopic dimensions. These definetly do not exist. Our Universe has only three of this type of spatial dimension.

TTA: If I don't address each point, then the ones I miss get brought up as arguments against me. Look at the 'Brain Technology?' thread.

Do you know what 'shred' means? It means a very small bit. Not "big footprints". Even information counts - you claim to have time travelled, did you see something that could be proveable? An event that will occur in the future? Something of that sort? Hard time travel opens up so much room for mistakes, that one must have happened at some point. Someone will have seen/brought back something.

The whole super-intelligent ancient civilization thing can be used to 'prove' just about anything. Maybe they were visited by aliens, or the Atlanteans had technology beyond our wildest dreams, or the Earth was in a harmonious energy vibration, or, for god's sake, maybe frogs briefly developed superhuman powers and caused the coincidences. Anything. There's no specific evidence there that links them to time travel. I've read the books, and it's an interesting idea, but there's not even a 'shred' there yet. Tisk tisk, I thought you would have considered that argument.

And finally, Time02112: I will, as you suggest, refrain from retorting to the infantile teasing you have posted...

But I have yet to see a testable idea come from this board. I try to come to each new idea with a fresh perspective, as you suggest. I try not to pre-judge an idea without giving it a chance. I try to present the problems with an idea, to present where it conflicts with generally accepted theories. But when I encounter a posting like yours above, I search in vain for something to say to me "This is more than just science fiction". No such thing arises. Discuss, don't preach, and I think your experiences may be better recieved. At the very least, they will be by me.