My wish to travel in time!


Temporal Novice
My Honest Wish...

Written by Paul Martin Thomas Curran

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"I had days of hell and moments of fun"

"This book tells my story about how I struggled to travel back in time and cope with the pain of being bullied"
To all those who have wished to travel in time and want to understand what time is


Thanks to all my friends who have helped me over the years. I had rough times and needed all the help I was given

This book is dedicated to attempts of travelling in time



2:Summer holidays



5:St Mary's



8:My interest in time-travel


10:Plans to time-travel

11:My film

12:My Crime Traveller

13:Time Science



Note: Like a broken time machine my work needs more attention. If you want to know why time-travel has been on my mind since 1993 read on. I have plans to make a trip back in time to 31/October/1983. I believe wormholes will allow me to travel back to that day I was born. Time is cool! HAVING looked at Kip Thorne's research on wormholes I'm very excited about the possibility of time-travel. I'm not going to lie by saying that I have built a time machine already.
But I am serious about trying to do it.

What happened to events that have already happened? Are those days passed lost in the past? If the past no longer exists then no one could go back there? But what would destroy history?
In this exciting book, physicist and writer Paul Curran decides that he might later be able to travel in time. This book reveals why Paul really want to travel in time. It's isn't to change the past.
Curran's Press

Written by Paul Martin Curran


I thank the people that have been of great help to me over the years.

Time( which is what most of the book is about) is introduced. The possibility of time-travel, time dilation and other issues are explained.

I generally describe what my life has been like so far. Briefly the high and low points are mentioned.

Chapter 1:Birth
I reveal when I came INTO this world and some of the things I remember about my childhood. I discuss my primary school.

Chapter 2:Summer holiday's
I recall the summer holidays I loved as a child. I convey my excitement about the free swimming pool, cinema, amusements and much more! I note the weather I had some summers.

Chapter 3:Christmases
I remember the great Christmases I enjoyed throughout childhood. FROM playing with Lego to videos and computer files. I describe the feelings I had on Christmas mornings. I look back on Christmas dinners.

Chapter 4:11+
I EXPLAIN how difficult preparing for the 11+ was for me. I describe the unpleasant tests and long homeworks. I hated and couldn't do a lot of the work.

Chapter 5:St Mary's
I recall the five years I spent in St Mary's. I found the work very hard to learn and remember especially science. There was a huge amount I had to learn. I express how I hated being in a low class.

Chapter 6:Bullied
I recall painful memories of being laughed at. Many other kids treated me differently. I reveal why I couldn't have many friends or stop the bullies ruining my childhood.

Chapter 7:Camp
I remember how I used to hate summer camp but now I love it. I express the fun and pain I had there. I describe the thrilling discos and why I loved them!

Chapter 8:My interest in time-travel
I express that I have become crazy about time and seriously hope to time-travel! I EXPLAIN that I have long been interested in the theme since early childhood.
Chapter 9:NWIFHE
I describe my further education choices and what I think about the NWIFHE.

Chapter 10:Plans to time-travel
I reveal the time I really wish I could travel to telling the reasons. I describe the methods I plan to use to move my awareness freely in time and another plan for my physical body to time-travel! I SHOW the results of sporting and lottery events which would be useful to me if I managed to travel back in time about two decades.

Chapter 11:My film
I SHOW the unproduced fiction movie script I wrote about a teenager who commits suicide because of bullying. After six years of work on temporal physics his best friend uses a wormhole to travel back and meet his friend again. My story is very emotional and conveys a lot of pain!
Chapter 12:My Crime Traveller
I SHOW a script continuing the science fiction BBC series Crime Traveller. I set some of the scenes before the time machine was built. Another character becomes a time
traveller. Due to Holly's amendments to the machine it becomes capable of sending
a person back ten years in time.
Chapter 13:Time Science
I EXPLAIN a lot of science terms which can be difficult to understand such as what a tachyon is.

I wait for my lifetime dreams.


Time…(a very strange thing)
Of course we all move forward in time every second of our lives. Newton thought time was absolute i.e. that it passed at the same rate regardless of anything. This simple common sense idea was believed for centuries…
Until in 1905 Albert Einstein came to the conclusion that time must be relative.

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Paul Curran